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Creative Kids Study Desks

College bed and Desk

Having a good, comfortable, quality study desk in a kids room is an excellent way to promote learning, study, and education in your child’s life. This can be a place where they do homework, read, and engage in arts and crafts projects, while also being a great surface for toys and play. Depending on the desk it can also have a variety of functional features for the space.

There are a variety of different desk types that you can purchase, from corner pieces to floating models. One popular child’s room desk option is to purchase a desk bed. This is a loft style bunk bed that hovers over a work surface, which is situated below. It’s one of the best space saving options for creating a homeschool workspace in a bedroom that’s a little bit tiny.

When it comes to style, you have the option of going for something that has an elementary feel to it. However there are many more traditional and adult style desks that can be chosen. You want to make sure that the piece doesn’t clash with the rest of the room, and achieves a sense of harmony. At the same time this should only be one piece in one room that is a part of the home as a whole. It will be up to you to compose the symphony of design that flows throughout your living spaces.

Fun With Desks

While a desk is a great way to encourage hard work and scholarly pursuits, you also want to associate it with fun. That’s why it should also be used as a platform for toys, dolls, and acts of imagination. Encourage them to see the desk as a great mountain in their room, or a fortress, that all of their play things can interact with.

Decorating the area around a kids study desk is also important. You want to make sure there are plenty of posters, works of art, or wall hangings to keep them mentally stimulated. These can be changed up seasonally, or as they move into different areas of study. An easy way to add a spark to desk spaces is to use Christmas lights, or neon string lights to add some dancing illumination to the area.

In this time of home schooling and remote learning, creating a space for your child to learn can help to keep them focused and enthusiastic about school. A desk can be the basic building block of such an environment, giving you a framework from which you can develop a space where your kids will be excited to learn, whether doing homework, Zoom classes, or just studying.

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