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Cleaning Wood Furniture With Vinegar

Vinegar Cleaning Furniture

Quality pieces of wood furniture can last for decades if properly cared for, and can even be passed down generationally, creating linear connections between the past and future. However, over time you will have to undertake some maintenance routines in order to keep these furnishings looking their best. Luckily, vinegar is a safe, natural, mild yet effective agent that can help with most of your cleaning problems.

Note: Vinegar is an effective cleaner for MOST wood furniture. However you should always test it out on a small, hidden portion of the piece before committing it to the entire surface. With antiques and high value items it may be best to contact a professional to ensure that damage does not occur.

Begin by clearing the surface of any decorative or functional objects that might be resting on it like a shelf. You should also vacuum, or wipe the furniture piece with a dry cloth, to remove any small dust or dirt particles that may have accumulated. This will ensure that the process of cleaning the wood is unimpeded.

For the removal of dirt and grime, and to restore the luster of the piece, mix one half cup of white vinegar with one half gallon of warm water. Then the solution should be applied using a clean cloth which is squeezed as dry as possible. Make sure to only damper the wood slightly, and don’t let small puddle or wet spots accumulate. Afterwards a dry sponge or towel should be run along the furnishing to remove any excess moisture.

If your wood needs a polish as well as the benefits of cleaning and disinfectant, then you can use a different take on that same solution. Just mix a quarter of a cup of your preferred oil, with a quarter cup of vinegar. This can then be applied in the same way, moving the cloth in small circular motions until the oil soaks into the wood. If necessary, use a dry towel or sponge to remove excess liquids that accumulate.

With proper cleaning and care, your wood furniture can stay beautiful and functional for years to come. That allows you to forgo the effort and expense of buying new furniture, while also allowing you to pass treasured furnishings down through the generations. This is especially true of childrens furniture, as these pieces tend to be small and easy to store, until the original owners have grown and have kids of their own.

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