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Boys’ Bunk Beds

KFS is now featuring a complete line of Boys’ Bunk Beds.  These great Discovery World Furniture Bunk Beds are not only durable enough for your boys’ bedroom but they are also practical and functional.  Bunk beds are a great way to maximize floor space in a room, optimize space for activities and playing, and provide locations for additional storage dressers or desks.   With the addition of a pull out trundle bed the traditional boys’ bunk bed easily transforms into a triple bunk bed; the perfect solution for multi kid rooms, sleepovers, guests, or bunk-rooms.

While looking for the perfect boys’ bunk bed you need to be sure to view both the traditional ladder bunk beds as well as the bunk bed with stairs options. Although the traditional bunk bed features the familiar classic styling this bunk bed may be best for older boys’ who can safely navigate the angled or vertical ladder.  The stair stepper bunk bed is a great option for younger boys’ (6 years of age and older) and parents alike due to the easy access it affords to the top bunk.

The last thing to consider while buying a boys’ bunk bed is the beds color or finish.  All water based lacquer finishes are recommended due to their ability to protect of the wood and enhance the woods natural beauty.  Be sure to explore the lighter Honey finish as well as the darker Merlot, and Espresso finishes to find the perfect fit for your boys’ bedroom.

Be sure to check back with us soon as we explore more great Boys’ and Girls’ Bedroom Furniture Ideas.

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