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Bedroom Furniture Placement Ideas

Furniture Placement

The bedroom is important. It is the place that you retreat to at the end of the day to find rest and quiet in the drifting of your dreams. It is also the first place that you will be when you wake up again in the morning. This is particularly important in kid’s rooms, which act as the environments in which they will grow, develop, and learn. Finding the optimal arrangement of furniture pieces in these spaces can help to improve both their form and function, which can have important ramifications for a person’s entire perspective.

Furniture PlacementThe key component of any bedroom is the piece that it is named for, the bed. The placement of this element will determine the layout of the entire space. Generally you want to avoid having the bed facing an open door. Doing so can make the area feel less private, and reduce the personal aspect of the space. This is a principal that you find in Feng Shui, which instead cautions that a centerpiece item such as this should be secured in a corner, or centered on a parallel wall of the environment.

If you have kids sharing a bedroom, then you may want to consider purchasing a bunk bed or a loft bed. These products create room by elevating one sleeping surface above another, allowing for two children to each have their own vertical bedding areas, while freeing up the rest of the floor for playing, crafting, and other activities. Many bunk beds also have clever drawers built into their frames or staircases, increasing their functionality while providing more options for organization.

Once you have the placement of the bed selected, the position of the other furnishings in the space should support that decision while also working to improve the overall functionality of the room. Often a small table or night stand will be placed next to the sleeping area, allowing for personal items to be set or stored at the end of the day. Some people like to have a television in these rooms, which is generally placed on a dresser that is adjacent to the foot of the bed for ease of watching.

Honey Loft twin full 2105When dealing with the furniture placement of storage items in a bedroom, you will often be limited by the constraints of the room itself. Tall pieces should not be positioned so that they block windows, and longer furnishings will have to be fitted so that they don’t block entryways. If you have a mirror, hang it so that it faces perpendicular to the bed in order to create the illusion of having more space.

Decorative items should be the final piece of the bedroom placement puzzle. These can be set, hung, or placed throughout the space, in order to draw visual attention to different features of the area. Often items of contrasting color will be used to create an aesthetic of movement, which can energize an environment. Of course the particulars of taste should prevail in these endeavors, as art and decor tend to be more personal and less functional in their nature.

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