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Beat the Quarantine Blues With These 5 Ways to Make Your Kids Bedroom Brand New

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If you kids have been stuck at home for a while looking at the same four walls for days on end then they might be going a little stir crazy. Or a lot stir crazy. One way to help is to give their bedroom a makeover and make the same boring space something new and exciting.

Toys to the Rescue
From stuffed bears to toy soldiers, your children’s toys are almost living things in the eye of their imaginations. While they are fun to play with, they can also be a part of the decorative nature of the space. Use them to set up little scenes, on top of dressers, or in rarely used corners on the floor. Top their desk with a scene of battle, or set their dolls around a table for a tea party. Have animals soaring through the air or dinosaurs lurking in the shadows. This creates a kind of interactive decor.

Furniture Renewal
Pieces of furniture such as dressers, shelves, and beds are the largest and most formidable items that a child owns. That means that replacing them with fancy new furniture pieces is a dramatic way to transform their bedrooms. You can change the color palette, the style, and the feel of the space completely with just a few purchases.

Don’t Forget the Walls
The walls of a room are your canvases. Using posters, they can easily be decorated around nearly any theme, and with them being fairly inexpensive they can be replaced periodically. You can also introduce your child to finer art with actual paintings, or even their own drawings and creations. With chalkboard paint you can even literally turn the walls into a canvas.

Concentrate on the Bed
The eponymous bed is by its very nature the focal point of the bedroom. Getting a new bed, especially a bigger one for a growing child, is a great way to make a big change in a simple way. If you have bunk beds in the room, check to see if they can be debunked so that both are placed on the ground. You can also do something as easy as change the color or style of the bedding.

Think Outside the Box
Is that a sofa or a submarine plumbing the depths of the ocean? Is that loft bed really a fortress with pillow walls defending against the oncoming warriors? A chest of toys might contain gold doubloons. A lamp could really be a dancing fairy beneath the shade. When redecorating a kids room it helps to think like a child. Open your eyes to the wonder of the world, and don’t be afraid to see things differently, and magically.

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