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Are Bunk Beds Safe?

The question of whether bunk beds are safe for kids is a complex issue, that involves a number of factors. This includes the type of bed, the quality of its manufacture, the way the child uses it, the position of the piece, and the amount of instruction given before one is purchased. While some injuries do occur while using these pieces each year, most of those are due to shoddy craftsmanship and improper horse play with an item that is meant primarily to be a sleeping surface.

Ensuring the strength and durability of a bunk bed is the most important thing that a parent can do to protect their child from injuries and accidents. You need to purchase from a reputable retailer offering pieces manufactured by a quality design and production company. At KFS Stores all of our bunk beds are built with real metal on metal connectors, using solid wood materials, to ensure the greatest strength possible. This allows our products to exceed the ASTM’s requirements for loft safety.

Another vital factor when purchasing a bunk bed is the tensile strength of the rail that will hold the child in place on the upper surface. If possible, this should be a reinforced rod, that is solid, sturdy, and embedded strong within the frame of the overall piece. That can help to prevent falls while sleeping.

Staircase Bunk Safety

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Merlot Staircase Bunk Bed 2814FULL

You should also consider the difference between stair case and ladder bunk beds. With steps, your children will have a much safer, easier way to ascend and descend from the top bunk when desired. A ladder is a little more precarious for younger kids, although if sturdy and strong enough should be acceptable for normal use.

The basic positioning of a bunk bed can affect its level of safety. In general you want to try and position these pieces in the corner of a room, so that there are two full walls surrounding it. Those will act as barriers, shielding the child from falling, while giving them a surface other than the bed rail to lean against when sitting up and watching television or reading.

Education is another vital factor when it comes to kids bunk bed safety. Before you even purchase the piece you have to be sure that the children are mature enough to handle the responsibility of a raised bedding solution. Talk to them about it, and impress the importance of safety when climbing and ascending from the bunk. Make it clear that they should never just jump down, and enforce strict rules against horse play.

Bunk beds can be safe, if you purchase them from a quality retailer such as KFS Stores, which features a lovely collection of durable Discovery World Furniture pieces. You also have to reinforce bunk safety education, while taking precautions against horseplay, and accidents.

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