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3 Things to Look for Before Purchasing a Bunk Bed with Stairs

With so many different kinds of bunk beds with stairs out on the market, knowing what to look for can be a daunting task. That is why I put together this list of 3 simple things to look for before you purchase a Staircase Bunk Bed for your kids’ bedroom.

1)    Built-In Dresser Drawer Location: Most of the bunk beds with stairs on the market are sold with built-in dresser drawers that optimize the space below the staircase ladder. However, not all of these designs are created equal.  Some designs feature drawers that pull out directly under each step of the staircase ladder. These types of designs are not recommended since an open drawer under the step creates a potentially harmful tripping hazard. A safer option is to find a stair stepper bunk bed with the storage chest built into the side of the unit; by separating the storage area and the climbing path this design eliminates the tripping threat all together.

Merlot Twin over Twin bunk bed with stairs

Merlot Twin Bunk Bed with Stairs

2)    Number of steps: It might seem logical that a 4-step staircase ladder would be a better option than a 3-step ladder. Isn’t more always better? Well, not exactly. In the case of staircase bunk beds, the 4th step is typically placed above the landing reducing the size of the landing platform making it somewhat difficult to navigate and turn into the top bunk. The added step also elevates the climber beyond the height of the guardrails. The reduced guardrail height, relative to this step, may create an unsafe situation should you or your child trip or fall at this location. The guardrail is simply not tall enough at this point to sufficiently capture your child and prevent them from falling over the railing. Because the 3-step staircase ladder features a slightly larger final step into the top bunk it is the preferred and safest option. With the relatively taller guardrail and wider landing area you and your child are safely captured here, preventing a potentially hazardous fall.

Honey Full Size Bunk bed with stairs

Honey twin over full bunk bed with stairs

3)    Quality Construction: When it comes to kids bedroom furniture, like most other furniture, you cannot beat the durability and quality of solid wood construction. Though other building materials are available for constructing stair stepper bunk beds, nothing is going to stand up to the demands of a kid’s bedroom like solid wood. While browsing the wide variety of solid wood staircase bunk beds on the market it is important to check how the solid wood components of the bunk bed are fastened together. Metal on metal connection points in all weight baring areas is a great feature to look for. The use of metal on metal connections prevents the weakening and widening of drill holes that can occur at these wood joints as the wood naturally ages and wears due to use. These metal on metal connections reinforce the holes, joints, and connections to help to ensure the sturdiness and safety of your bunk bed for years to come.

Bunk bed metal on metal connection

Bunk bed metal on metal connection

I hope these 3 three tips for purchasing a bunk bed with stairs will help you in making an informed decision and select the right staircase bunk bed for your needs.

Please comment if you have any question on this topic or if you would like more information on one of our many other kids bedroom furniture products.


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