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Where do twin mummies like to sleep?

In a bunk bed, of course!

Ok, so we may have to keep working on our punch lines, but our SCARY low prices are no joke!  Save now during our Halloween Sales Event until Monday, November 4th.  TREAT your family to a space-saving loft bed or bunk bed and optimize your living space.  There always seems to be too much stuff and not enough storage space.  Talk about SCARY!  Here at KFSStores we love helping you discover the perfect bunk bed and captain bed with built in storage that alleviates your worries.  Check out our stunning Honey Twin Captain Bed with its optional 6-drawer storage unit and standard bookcase headboard and under bed footboard storage access, the Honey Twin Captain Bed makes any kid’s bedroom a parent’s TREAT.

halloween _KFSstores

Thank you, as always, for checking out our blog and visiting our website!  Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service with questions or concerns!  Kids’ Furniture Solutions Stores is here to meet your bunk bed and space-saving needs, no matter how SCARY the mess.  –KFSStores

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