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Wooden Kids Daybed with Storage – ASH Twin Day Bed



Wooden Kids Daybed with Storage – ASH Twin Day Bed

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This wooden kids daybed has 6, extra large storage drawers built into either side of the frame, making optimal use of every inch in a child’s bedroom for organization, while leaving more floor room for them to play and engage with school activities. This is combined with a design that is understated and yet elegant enough that it can fit in with and even enhance any palette or decor in the kids’ surrounding bedroom.

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Storage space is one of the most common problems faced by families with small homes. There are usually not enough cabinets or drawers to contain all the things inside the house without resulting in a rather cluttered look. Fortunately, there are some excellent furniture pieces that can be used to solve the storage problem, such as this wooden kids’ daybed with storage.

When space is at a premium, you need to make use of all the available options and turn them into storage solutions. This wooden kids’ daybed with storage does just that. At first glance, it looks just like a regular twin bed with a nice ash finish. But when you take a closer look, you can quickly see that it also has not one, not two but six spacious drawers underneath the bed.

The drawers are positioned in two rows along one side of the bed, with three drawers on each row. Each drawer has dimensions of 21 3/8 x 15 x 4, which is certainly large enough to store just about anything. In a child’s room, these drawers are more than enough to contain their clothes and other personal belongings. One drawer can be assigned to clothes, another to beddings and towels, another to toys, and so on. Not only will these drawers be able to keep everything out of sight but they can also help keep the things neatly organized in their own separate quarters.

A usual issue with bed drawers is that they tend to get harder to pull out over time. It might be because it has gotten heavy with all the contents or perhaps the wood might have swollen up with humidity. In any case, this is not a problem with the drawers on our wooden kids’ daybeds with storage because they are all fitted with highly efficient European gliders for easy movement. No matter how old your bed gets or how heavy the contents of the drawer are, you will be able to pull them out with barely any effort.

Another issue is that drawers sometimes get pulled entirely out of the frame. This can be dangerous especially for young children as it can fall and hit their feet or cause other kinds of injuries. The makers of this daybed have made sure that it will not happen by installing stoppers on each drawer.

Besides the generous storage space, this daybed also boasts of many other attractive features. The material itself is quite remarkable. Only pure pine hardwood is used in its construction, joined together by metal on metal connectors for guaranteed security and stability. The subdued but very attractive ash color on the wood comes from a completely toxic-free finish that complies with all industry regulations and is perfectly safe for kids.

The design of the daybed is extremely versatile. Although it was made for kids, it is also suitable for adult use. They are highly popular for guest rooms because of their compactness and plentiful storage. For the same reasons, these daybeds are also great choices for college boarding rooms where both space and storage are usually limited.

For their quality and design, these wonderful daybeds are indeed worthwhile investments. They can grow with your child from their toddler years until they become teenagers or even adults. The size can accommodate a growing kid through the years and the classic ash finish on the wood is also a timeless color that transcends all ages.

5 reviews for Wooden Kids Daybed with Storage – ASH Twin Day Bed

  1. Dominic (verified owner)

    Good quality

  2. Twan (verified owner)

    My kid loves having their books right at their fingertips with the built-in bookcase. A win-win

  3. Julian (verified owner)

    The bed arrived earlier than expected, which was a pleasant surprise

  4. Dominic (verified owner)

    The bed feels very solid and well-made. Definitely worth the investment

  5. Woody (verified owner)

    Had a questions about delivery, was able to quickly call and speak to Andrew who answered all my questions. incredible service.

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