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Twin Over Full Wooden Bunk Beds for Kids in Ash



Twin Over Full Wooden Bunk Beds for Kids in Ash

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If you are looking for versatility in your children’s furniture then this twin over full wooden bunk bed is the perfect solution for you. Featuring a lovely Ash finish that will elevate the color palette of the space, it has a smaller twin sized bunk on top for younger kids, and a larger bottom bunk for older children and teens. That gives your kids plenty of room to grow and a perfect sized sleeping space no matter the age.

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These twin over full wooden bunk beds for kids in ash is the perfect bedroom solution for siblings that need to share a single bedroom. It makes very smart use of the limited space in the bedroom without making the area look cramped. It also allows the occupants of the room to have their own private space despite having to share the same room.

Made of 100% natural pine hardwood, this bunk bed is preferred by many parents because of its durability and practicality of design. The top bunk can accommodate a twin-size mattress and is perfect not just for children but even for a teenager or an adult. The full-sized lower bunk is much more spacious, and it can comfortably accommodate a bigger child or two. Thus if you have three children having to share the same bedroom, these twin over full wooden bunk beds definitely are  a very good solution.

The strength of the wood makes this bed ideal for active children. Of course, playing on the bed and excessive climbing up and down the ladder must be discouraged but kids will be kids. In case they get too rambunctious, the hardwood is guaranteed to be strong enough to survive any kind of impact. Furthermore, all the individual pieces of the bed are assembled using very strong and completely secure metal on metal connectors. No matter how much rattling or shaking happens on the bed, it is sure to withstand anything and will last for many years to come.

One of the common concerns that parents have about buying bunk beds for children is the risk of rolling off the bed, particularly for the occupant of the top bunk. We have made sure that this will not happen through our tested guardrail with a pre-mounted block in the middle. Our guardrails feature the Discovery World Furniture’s Self-Aligning Connector (patent pending) single bracket for further security. This bracket uses the same kind of metal and metal connectors that are applied to the rest of our furniture, guaranteeing easy assembly and a much safer finished product.

In addition to the two bunk layers, you also have the option of availing a pullout trundle at the bottom layer of the bed. This will give you even more sleeping space, which is perfect for families with three or more kids. It’s also great if you plan to use the bed in a small vacation house where the entire family might have to share a single room.

However, if you do not need further bed space, you can skip the trundle feature and go for the triple drawer instead. In this option, the bed will come with three sizeable drawers at the bottom layer. This is the perfect place to store beddings, clothes, toys, or just about anything that needs to be put away. These drawers are larger than average and can accommodate a load of things and they also have safety stoppers. They also slide out on smooth European gliders so they are easy to pull out even when they are heavy and fully loaded. These drawers are really great if you want to keep the room looking orderly and neat at all times.

The ash finish gives these twin over full wooden bunk beds for kids a very classic look that will work well with the existing furniture in the room and complement any decorative style. But if you are looking to purchase a complete set of new furniture for your child’s bedroom, you might want to check out our ash furniture collection that features this bunk bed, along with other furniture in the same attractive ash finish.

This bunk bed is designed to accommodate 8-inch mattresses and comes with a ready slat kit. Assembly is required.

7 reviews for Twin Over Full Wooden Bunk Beds for Kids in Ash

  1. Pat (verified owner)

    Gorgeous piece of furniture.

  2. Jonathan (verified owner)

    This piece is sturdy and perfect for my Airbnb that I manage! I highly recommend this piece of furniture if you are hosting multiple guests or need more room for children who need to share.

  3. jacks (verified owner)

    The owner was very helpful and answered all of my questions.

  4. taty (verified owner)

    A christmas miracle. Thank you!

  5. Chanel (verified owner)

    Great for the spare room!!!!

  6. Lesl (verified owner)

    The best thing about this product is that it is safe and. beautiful

  7. Leha (verified owner)

    Very sturdy My kids love it

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