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Twin Over Full Loft Beds With Storage



Twin Over Full Loft Beds With Storage


Versatility is the essence of these lovely white, twin over full loft beds. Featuring solid wood and MDF construction, as well as real metal on metal connectors, these beds are durable, reliable, and able to last through years of even rigorous use. At the same time these beds also have numerous useful storage features built directly into the design, giving them the ability to optimize any bedroom space they are used in.

SKU: 0205

Our white twin over full loft beds are the perfect option for two children of different ages who are sharing a bedroom. The small twin loft bed is perfect for younger kids, who will feel cozier in the smaller sleeping setting, while also finding a sense of wonder at being fixed in the sky, towering above all, with a view of the entire room. At the same time the larger full size bed on bottom can give an older child or teen their own space, grounded, and better suited to their growing bodies.

This twin over full loft bed is manufactured using real solid wood, with MDF used for cosmetic details. All of the pieces are connected with real, metal on metal joints, making them super strong and durable against even the most energetic of children. The white painted surface is also treated with a special chemical free substance that will help prevent scratches, dings, and other adamge.

This twin over full white loft bed is cleverly designed to maximize the efficiency of any space it is placed in. Not only do you save the room from having two separate floor beds, but it also has some great storage features built right into the frame. On the side you will find six extra large dors, adorned with beautiful brass knobs, and which pull out on smooth European Gliders. In addition you have a bookcase built into the bed as well, allowing for even more storage as well as display.

All drawers are 15” x 18” x 5” in size, larger than the industry standard.

We pride ourselves on offering not only the highest quality furniture products, but also the safest. That is why every single loft bed sold by KFS Stores is built to exceed ASTM standards for safety. In addition to the solid materials and the metal connectors the corners are all rounded to help prevent bruises from kids running around. The drawers are also equipped with automatic stoppers to prevent them from accidentally falling out.


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