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Donco Low White Loft Bed with Desk and Drawers


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Donco Low White Loft Bed with Desk and Drawers


The Donco Kids White Wood Loft Beds with desk and drawers are great, space saving, all in one bunk beds that provide a twin sized sleeping area, storage, and a work space!

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These White Wood Loft beds with desk and storage elements are the perfect bedroom sleeping option for younger children. The all in one bed design of these kids loft beds makes them a great functional piece for smaller bedrooms where floor space is limited. The elevated sleeping surface allows the otherwise wasted area beneath the bunk bed to be optimized with a built in 3 drawer storage dresser, a bookcase, and a roll out desk. That gives you maximum functionality in a clever and efficient way.

Our white wood loft beds and their accompanying desks are made of solid pine wood construction, and have a kid friendly white finish that makes these low loft beds durable and functional furniture pieces. The built in drawers of these low loft white wood beds provides excellent storage for clothes or toys, and they slide with ease on simple yet sophisticated European gliders. The built in work desk can be neatly stored under the loft bed’s frame in order to optimize floor space, and can then be easily pulled out whenever extra workspace is needed.

The large flat surface of the desk is a great feature where your kids can complete their homework or work on arts and crafts.

The solid, durable construction of these products is second to none, with real metal on metal connectors, rounded corners, and drawer stops to prevent elements from accidentally becoming falling hazards. The quality of each white wood loft bed we sell is so high that these furniture pieces will last for years to come, and can even be employed decades down the line when your kids have children. They are also incredibly safe, and exceed the ASTM’s standards for children’s bunk beds.

These white wood beds are a great transition from a regular bed or crib, to a taller loft design. They give you enough elevation so that you can maximize your space efficiency, while not rising to full height, so that your kids can safely and comfortably ascend and descend each night and morn.

The White Wood loft bed with desk comes completely mattress ready with a slat kit mattress support system. Desk chair as pictured is not included.

White Loft Bed with Desk Dimensions: 79″ X 42″ X 42″

Note: This loft bed is designed for kids only.

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Weight 187 lbs
Dimensions 79 × 43 × 41 in


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