Planning for Success With Kids Bedrooms

Bunk Bed With Desk

A bedroom is an important environment for anyone, and the look and feel of these spaces can have a subtle but profound effect on the way that the people who inhabit them behave. This is particularly true of children, who are far more impressionable, and therefore open to the silent cues that exist within the space. That is why it is important to use strategic thinking when designing a kids bedroom for optimal success.

Kids Bedroom Desks

Discovery World Furniture Honey Desk with Hutch

A desk is an essential item in any success focused child’s bedroom. This is the space where they can sit and do homework, arts and crafts, read, or engage in other projects to stimulate thought and creativity. Beyond that, the existence of one of these furniture pieces in the room is a signal that hard work and education is important, and it is one that they will see every single day.

If you have space, then carving a whole section of the bedroom out into a specialized work area is a great way to emphasize those values. This will give them the freedom to spread out with books, papers, notes, or projects. At the same time, it can be a great way to inspire them towards scholarly or artistic pursuits, as having the room to do something often makes you want to actually do it.

Shelves are particularly good furniture items to use in kid’s bedrooms. The utilitarian nature of these pieces is obvious, however they also have a hidden benefit. By placing books on the shelves, you are essentially decorating the room with knowledge and literature. This effect can be expanded to cover all of the walls, and in larger spaces, you can even create a dividing line using free standing tomes.

Captains BedsHaving a lot of storage furnishings in a child’s bedroom is a good way to teach them about the importance of organization. If you give them plenty of room to put their things, they will be more likely to develop tidy habits. Then if clutter does become an issue, items such as dressers, chests, bins, and nightstands can be coated in wrapping paper or colorfully illustrated construction paper to make them more whimsical and fun to interact with.

Using a little forethought when designing a child’s bedroom will allow you to instill the space with cues and symbols which will have a long-term effect on how they develop and see themselves. At the same time, giving them the tools and space to accomplish their goals can inspire them to reach even farther for their dreams.

Neat and Efficient Children’s Bedrooms

Organizational Furniture

Children are often quite chaotic and messy, and their bedrooms can reflect this. While constant effort can be employed to tidy up these spaces, it is generally better to work smarter, rather than harder, by designing rooms that naturally tend to stay clean and organized. At the same time you can turn the process of tidying up into a game, that will then encourage your children to take on that responsibility themselves.

Organizational bedsThe first thing that you should do is declutter. Take all of their toys, books, and art supplies, and put anything that isn’t used on a daily basis into a giant bin or chest. That will open the space up, while limiting the clutter that can accumulate through use. The kids can still go into the bin to retrieve something, but being out of sight they will often tend to forget it’s there, making it easier to manage the space.

Another thing that you can do to increase the inherent tidiness of your child’s bedroom is to employ furniture pieces that have multiple functions. A good example would be a bunk bed, with drawers built directly into the frame. A captains bed is another sleeping surface that can double as a storage unit. This will help by giving you more options for sorting their possessions, without taking up usable floor space.

Turning cleaning into a game is a great way to alter your children’s perception of the act in order to encourage them to more readily take part in it. Storage bins can be dressed up with wrapping paper to make them look like giant presents. A hoop can turn a laundry basket into a game of basketball. Dressers can also be turned into castles, dollhouses, trucks, or almost anything that you can imagine with a little construction paper and tape.

It’s a good idea to encourage your kids to keep score of all of the “points” they get whenever they successfully “make a basket.” That will give them something to play against, either aiming for a higher score than their siblings, or challenging their own triumphs over the course of subsequent days.

Bedroom Furniture Placement Ideas

Furniture Placement

The bedroom is important. It is the place that you retreat to at the end of the day to find rest and quiet in the drifting of your dreams. It is also the first place that you will be when you wake up again in the morning. This is particularly important in kid’s rooms, which act as the environments in which they will grow, develop, and learn. Finding the optimal arrangement of furniture pieces in these spaces can help to improve both their form and function, which can have important ramifications for a person’s entire perspective.

Furniture PlacementThe key component of any bedroom is the piece that it is named for, the bed. The placement of this element will determine the layout of the entire space. Generally you want to avoid having the bed facing an open door. Doing so can make the area feel less private, and reduce the personal aspect of the space. This is a principal that you find in Feng Shui, which instead cautions that a centerpiece item such as this should be secured in a corner, or centered on a parallel wall of the environment.

If you have kids sharing a bedroom, then you may want to consider purchasing a bunk bed or a loft bed. These products create room by elevating one sleeping surface above another, allowing for two children to each have their own vertical bedding areas, while freeing up the rest of the floor for playing, crafting, and other activities. Many bunk beds also have clever drawers built into their frames or staircases, increasing their functionality while providing more options for organization.

Once you have the placement of the bed selected, the position of the other furnishings in the space should support that decision while also working to improve the overall functionality of the room. Often a small table or night stand will be placed next to the sleeping area, allowing for personal items to be set or stored at the end of the day. Some people like to have a television in these rooms, which is generally placed on a dresser that is adjacent to the foot of the bed for ease of watching.

Honey Loft twin full 2105When dealing with the furniture placement of storage items in a bedroom, you will often be limited by the constraints of the room itself. Tall pieces should not be positioned so that they block windows, and longer furnishings will have to be fitted so that they don’t block entryways. If you have a mirror, hang it so that it faces perpendicular to the bed in order to create the illusion of having more space.

Decorative items should be the final piece of the bedroom placement puzzle. These can be set, hung, or placed throughout the space, in order to draw visual attention to different features of the area. Often items of contrasting color will be used to create an aesthetic of movement, which can energize an environment. Of course the particulars of taste should prevail in these endeavors, as art and decor tend to be more personal and less functional in their nature.

How to Make a Floor Plan

Floor Plans

Home decorating is a creative process. You start with a palette of colors, furniture pieces, decorations and accessories, and then you arrange them all in different patterns based on the function and aesthetic that you are trying to achieve.  Making a floor plan is a shortcut, that can allow you to visualize an interior space, developing a strategy for it before you start the heavy and often semi permanent process of committing to a specific design.

Draw Floor PlansTo start the process of making a floor plan, you first have to determine the outline size and shape of the room. Measure along each wall, rounding to the nearest quarter inch. This will give you an idea of the total square space that you have available. You can then take a sheet of graph paper, and decide on a proper scale that will easily allow you to divide the larger actual numbers into a consistent facsimile that you can sketch.

If the room’s walls contain angles, or non quadrilateral shapes, then it may be useful to employ a protractor in order to get a more accurate representation. Luckily geometry will tend to bear out on paper if you get your math right, and you can always start over if you need to.

Once you have the outline of the space on paper, you then need to measure any other inherent architectural structures that exist in the room. This includes doorways, windows, and other set fixtures that cannot be moved. These need to be drawn out in relation to the walls so that they are placed accurately on the sketch of your floor plan. Marks should also be made for electrical outlets, fuse boxes, phone lines, cable cords, and switches.

FurnitureWhen you are satisfied with the outline of your floor plan you may want to make several copies of it, or scan it into a computer for future editing. That will allow you to try out multiple layouts without having to redraw the entire thing every single time.

You now have an accurate outline sketch of the room which can be used to plan out placement and design of your various decorative and accommodating furniture structures. When working with these, continue to use accurate measurements of each piece so that you will get a true idea of how they will fit into the room. In some cases it may be useful to cut out small pieces of paper to represent couches, armoires, dressers, desks, and other large scale fixtures, that can then be shifted about upon the plan. When committing an element in drawing be sure to use a pencil with a good eraser so that you can change your mind later.

How to Organize a Kids Room When it is Small

Captain Beds

Organizing a kids room can be difficult, especially when you have limited space. Children tend to be chaotic and messy, leaving toys and games and books and clothes lying everywhere without a care. In tiny bedrooms, this can add up to a big mess rather quickly. Luckily there are a number of tricks that you can use to store things in unexpected places, getting the most out of the area that you have, while also naturally encouraging a tidy environment.

Captains Beds

Discovery World Furniture Merlot Twin Captain Day Beds

One of the best ways to organize a kids room when it is small is to make use of beds that are cleverly designed with storage units built directly into them. The most functional of these products are captains beds, which feature drawers that are built directly into the frame of the piece, making use of otherwise wasted under mattress space. Many times these beds will also have backboards with shelving inserts, giving your child another place to both keep and display their possessions.

Another way to get double duty out of your storage furniture is to use products that can also be used as toys. Often you will be able to purchase bins and boxes that are designed to look like castles, animals, dollhouses, or other fun and whimsical items, that can be played with in and of themselves. By adding a little fun into the organizational process you can encourage your kids to be excited about staying tidy.

When trying to keep a kids room organized, it is important to keep things simple. If you have a million tiny cubby holes where each and every possession has to go, they can easily become confused and overwhelmed, leading to them giving up on the process. Rather it is better to divide their items into broad categories that are easy to remember, and employ storage units that are large and obvious.

Bunk Bed

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Honey Mission Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are inherently space saving products that can free up room in a tiny area that is shared by two siblings, by elevating one sleeping surface vertically over the other. These are generally large pieces that rise into the air, and often their frames, steps, and bases will be designed with clever drawers and shelving units, allowing them to double as a dresser. Under frame storage or pull out trundle bed options can also be found in bunk beds.

Even when you employ all of these clever tricks to organize a small kids room, you might still not have enough space for everything. In that case you can try a rotational strategy. This involves dividing their possessions into two or more sections, which will then be rotated in and out of the room periodically throughout the year. Those not in use can be put in a closet elsewhere, and then taken out and replaced with others every once in awhile. This has the added benefit of reinvigorating old toys, games, books, and clothes, which will often seem like new after months of disuse.

Trundle Beds With Storage

Trundle Beds

When considering children’s beds you often think of characteristics such as comfort, and style. However these furniture pieces can also be functional, with both sleeping space trundle beds, and storage built directly into them. This allows you to multiply the use of the bed, giving you a whole extra place for guests to stay, while also optimizing the organizational features of the entire room, all through the use of a single item.

Trundle Beds

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Some of the best trundle beds with storage options are our captains beds, which are designed to be the height of organizational functionality. These pieces are based on the beds that captains at sea originally developed in order to keep their tiny cabins tidy despite long voyages and multiple instruments that had to be stored. Today those innovations are available in a variety of products available from KFS Stores.

Our most popular captains beds with trundles and storage are our premium espresso products. These are manufactured using solid wood materials, which are treated with a premium lacquer color finish in order to protect the surface of the piece while also enhancing the natural grains found in the material. Many of these furnishings have trundles and drawers built directly into the base, along with shelving backboards for both storage and display.

Often children get the smallest bedrooms in the home. That makes it important to optimize the space they have so that they can play, craft, study, and just feel comfortable. A product that includes a trundle bed with storage drawer options allows you to utilize the otherwise wasted area beneath the bed frame, organizing books, games, and toys, while also having a secret second spot where guests, family, and friends can crash for the night.

Trundle Bunk Beds

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Twin Espresso Staircase Bunk Beds

Many of the bunk beds that you will find at KFS Stores have trundle beds with storage as well. With these products the drawers can either be embedded in the frame, or into the staircase leading up to the top. A trundle can then be substituted for storage below, giving you three distinct spots for people to sleep. This is enhanced by the mattress over mattress design which inherently optimizes the space in a bedroom.

All of the trundle beds installed in our kid’s furniture products are manufactured to the highest degrees of quality, and roll out on smooth European gliders to ensure ease of use. The drawers are extra large, allowing for optimal storage, and have recessed handles and stoppers to prevent accidental falling. Highest quality products at low discount prices, only at KFS Stores.

Kids Room Storage Ideas

Storage Ideas

Kids have a lot of stuff, and you have to put all of that stuff somewhere or it will quickly become hazardous clutter. Luckily there are a number of options available that make use of clever designs, space saving features, and even whimsical motifs, ensuring that your child will stay organized. At the same time there are a number of simple tricks you can use to make the space naturally trend towards tidy.

DrawersStandard storage options for kids rooms will include things like shelves, dressers, chests, armoires, and bookcases. These can be purchased on their own, or found and bought in bundled sets, which will have several pieces of matching furniture included. This allows you to outfit an entire bedroom with a single purchase, while also making the task of decorating a breeze. Often these packages will be discounted overall, making each individual item less expensive.

One thing that you need to do is make sure that organization in your kid’s room is as simple as possible. You don’t want to employ a million tiny containers for different categories of toys and personal items, as this can be confusing and overwhelming for the child, who may simply get frustrated and give up. Rather the use of a few, large, well labelled bins will make putting away their possessions so easy that they will barely have to think about it.

Captain Beds

Discovery World Furniture Honey Full Captain Bed

If space is limited in your child’s room, then you will have to get creative about storage. One option is to purchase beds that have drawers, shelves, and other organizational features built directly into the frame. These make use of what is otherwise wasted under and side bed space, giving you plenty of places to put toys, books, games, and school supplies. Captain beds are the best for this, but many bunk beds also have similar designs.

If you find that your child just does not have any interest in keeping their room clean, then you can try turning the process into a game. Storage bins and furniture pieces can be covered in colorful posters, poster board cut out shapes, or dressed in wrapping paper to make them look like giant presents. Employ chalk paint so the child can write what belongs in there on it themselves. Glow in the dark stars can also be a fun and whimsical way to make cleaning less of a chore.

Decorating a Guest Bedroom

Guest Beds

The secret to decorating a great guest bedroom is finding a way to create comfort that will align to the needs and preferences of anyone who might be staying there. It requires you to step outside of the familiar sense of your own decorative preferences and anticipate what will make your guests feel most at home. It’s really more an exercise in empathy than anything else. If you can imagine yourself as a stranger in your own house, for even just a few moments, then you’ll be on the path to creating a great guest space.

Often it is best to begin with functionality, incorporating decorative elements only after you have ensured that the room has everything that a potential visitor will need. You’ll want to start with a bed, choosing a piece that fits reasonably into the room without overwhelming it. At the same time you want your guest to feel comfortable in the mattress, so err towards the middle sizes of full or queen, rather than opting for a king that may swallow them or a twin that may stifle them.

Guest Bed Storage Options

Discovery World Furniture Honey 6 Drawer Dresser

Storage is another important part of any guest room decorating strategy. You need to have places where you can put useful items such a towels, and toiletries, and other needful things that travelers often don’t bring along with them. You’ll also want to leave lots of open spaces, so that they will have room to unpack and store their clothes and personal possessions. That’s especially important for helping to make long term guests feel more at ease.

When adding decorative elements to a guest bedroom, try to be somewhat innocuous. Opt for general items rather than bold or specific statements of taste. Artwork should be simple, and unassuming, with mild colors that don’t overwhelm. The balance is to add just enough visual interest so that the space doesn’t feel barren, while leaving room for your guest to spread out, and make the environment personal to them for the duration of their stay.

In some cases you may want to add elements to a guest bedroom that are specific for children. This can include a chest with old toys, or even a pair of novelty sheats written large with super heroes, cartoon characters, or other whimsical images. Often these will be transitory pieces, things that can be highlighted and set in place when younger guests arrive, but which can be stored away if your visitor is full grown.

Another way to expand the purpose of a guest room is to make it multi functional. A home office can be fitted with a futon that will pull out into a ready made bed. Storage beds can also be used, marrying the convenience of shelves and drawers to the sleeping space needed to accommodate friends and family for the night. In these situations it is important to compartmentalize, making it easy to quickly switch from one purpose to another whenever the need arises.

Fitting Furniture To Your Needs

Functional Furniture

Discovery World Furniture Espresso Twin Captain Day Beds

The world of furniture is vast and wide, with a million billion choices for every situation. However the space in your home is limited, requiring you to strategically choose the best products to serve your needs. Depending on the amount of room that you have, this may require the use of pieces that can serve multiple functions. Even if you have an expansive area to work with, you want to ensure that your choices optimize the efficiency of the overall environment.

In social spaces such living rooms, dens, play areas, and kitchens, you want to take a minimalist approach to furniture. These areas should be open, allowing foot traffic to pass in and out with ease. Often the pieces used will be utilitarian in nature including seating products such as chairs, sofas, and bar stools, as well as tables and counters for surface use. These can be accented with shelves and other storage options, which will often hug the walls.

Bedrooms are a different matter altogether. In these spaces the bed itself will often be the dominant piece, taking a front and center position, with all other furnishings orbiting around it. At the same time, these will also be the most personalized rooms in the entire house, with the personality of the occupant having an indelible effect on the decorative tone which is evoked throughout.

Office FurnitureMore specific rooms will require pieces that have a distinct purpose. For instance a guest bedroom will need both sleeping furniture, such as a bed, futon, or pull out couch, as well as storage options including dressers, shelves, chests, and bins. A home office will require a desk, chair, and shelves for sorting paperwork. Meanwhile a home gym won’t need any of that, and will be primarily concerned with equipment that will allow you to get the most out of your workout.

With children’s spaces you need furniture pieces that are both safe, and fun. That means that the products need to be made extremely well, with a strength and durability that will withstand the greatest rigors of their exuberant play. Items such as bunk beds, captains beds, and multi function storage designs are popular in these rooms, as the clutter of toys will often threaten to overwhelm the environment.

Functional Furniture For Kids

When decorating a child’s bedroom you want to create a sense of open imagination, that draws them to explore and interact with the world, while also providing them with what they need to grow and mature. Finding functional furniture pieces can help to make optimal use of these spaces, through clever designs and integrated features, will give them the tools to succeed scholastically, while also giving them the space to store their toys, treasures, and prized possessions.

Luckily KFS Stores has a wide variety of functional furniture for kids that can be used to infuse their rooms with organization while also adding a sense of style and sophistication to the spaces. Many of these are beds, that have dual purposes with both storage options built into them, and often other features such as desks, or hidden play areas, that can help to make optimal use of the space that is available in even the tiniest areas.

Some of the most functional kids furniture pieces are the loft beds that are designed with an elevated sleeping surface, and room underneath for storage dressers, or work tables. These use vertical space to maximize the effectiveness of the bedroom, giving you the ability to embed items underneath them. That area can be used in a variety of ways, and is especially effective in smaller environments where you have to work to fit everything a young student needs in to contain their possessions and give them room to work and play.

Another concern when deciding on furniture pieces for kids is getting products that all match. Often the furnishings will have bright and crazed colors, which are good for stimulating imagination, but terrible for decorative concerns. Worse, they can also overstimulate the kids, making it hard to get them calmed down when it is time for bed. By choosing products made from natural but simple solid wood and or chrome appeal you can keep these spaces looking great while also pairing them with dressers, chests, and chests that have the same color templates.

tent_bed_with_blue_tent_750tw__bt.283141215_largeWhile inherent function is important you also want to choose furniture pieces that will make your kids happy, and delight them with the playful possibilities implicit in their design. That makes dollhouse beds, racecar beds, and other fun toy like furnishings a great option when trying to instil a sense of whimsical energy in the space. These pieces can often be the centerpiece of a theme that you can use to decorate the entire room.

With school back in session and many kids bustling down with work and assignments, you want to try and help by creating a bedroom environment that gives them all of the tools that they need to succeed. Functional furniture for kids can help, by using innovative designs that integrate work and rest into single pieces, making it easy for them to accomplish all of their tasks while also providing them with the room they need to stretch out and have fun.