Bedroom Decorating Pictures

When it comes to decorating a picture is worth a thousand words. Images can take abstract concepts of organization, balance, and color, and present them in vivid view for you to peruse as you try to decide on strategies to implement in your own spaces. They can also be used as hue based palettes, giving you a guide that you can employ to pick the perfect tones for the environment you are trying to evoke.

Bedroom Pictures
In the picture above we see a traditional boys bedroom decor. The lovely golden hue, solid wood captains bed is complemented with football style covers to create the whimsical illusion of sleeping in a giant toy. This effect is enhanced through the use of unique pattern features, such as the wavering green rug, and dark matched green walls. Red accent pillows then pop, adding energy and excitement to this fun kids space.

Bedroom Decor
This image depicts a bedroom that has a more distinct color scheme. The subtle crimson hues of the merlot tinted solid wood daybed are enhanced by the bright pink rug, and bedding accessories, to create a sense of excitement that is subdued only by the beauty of the mint green backdrop. In this picture the bed’s storage features are also used to decorative effect, with colorful pieces appearing throughout the product’s facade.

Discovery World Furniture Merlot Twin Captain Day Beds

Discovery World Furniture Merlot Twin Captain Day Beds

In this bedroom decorating picture we see a patriotic theme played out, with the colors of red, white, and blue playing a prominent role in nearly every feature. The twin bed shown is a merlot hued product, which has been complemented with deep blue features such as pillows and covers to create a dichotomy of dancing colors. A deep brown floor rug then settles the scene, providing a solid backdrop against which the palette can play out.

Discovery World Furniture Twin Doll House Loft Beds with Stairs

Discovery World Furniture Twin Doll House Loft Beds with Stairs

Here we see a lovely novelty themed bedroom with a dollhouse loft bed acting as the featured focal point. This delightful piece is painted to look like a giant, life sized toy, which your kids can sleep in every night. This effect can then be amplified through strategic use of dolls, stuffed animals, and cleverly placed wall decals.

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Merlot Loft Bunk Bed Bedroom Sets with 5 drawer chest and Nightstand

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Merlot Loft Bunk Bed Bedroom Sets with 5 drawer chest and Nightstand

This image shows a bedroom furniture set that is decorated in a matched color scheme featuring deep magenta hues and bright green neons accents. Pastel wall art and a multi colored floor rug serve to bind this decorative endeavor together, giving a context to the bright array of patterns used in the various features that have been employed.

Teenage Bedroom Furniture

It can be difficult to find bedroom furniture for teenagers. These volatile youngsters are often capricious in their tastes, changing their minds time and again as they grow and develop into young adults. At the same time you have to balance a need to support their burgeoning maturity against the functional realities of the environment they inhabit. Doing this can be frustrating, but at the same time it is an exercise in personality which can help you to gain insight into the people they are becoming.

One thing that is common in all teenagers is that they are changing; growing from childhood into a stage that hovers on the edge of adulthood without yet reaching it. The bedroom furniture that you choose should therefore reflect this, maintaining an equilibrium between the fanciful freedom of youth and the emerging austerity of age. The best way to handle that is to choose pieces which have a timeless quality, built with a style that can work easily in a variety of environments.

Solid wood teenage bedroom furniture pieces are particularly good at striding the scope of ages. The natural materials used have a unique grain effect that is distinct and personal, while also maintaining a subdued style that can match nearly any decorative design. That allows them to flow easily with a childish themed environment, while also having the dignity and grace to match the more mature look that will be preferred by teens and young adults.

The bed is of course going to be the centerpiece of any teenager’s bedroom, and should be chosen with particular care. The use of a captains bed in these environments is often a good option, as it has numerous storage drawers and features built directly into the frame itself. In these pictures you can see the stylish hardwood surface that is available, and which can be stained in a number of different tinted hues to match whatever color palette is desired.

In some cases space will be at a premium, requiring you to find teenage bedroom furniture that is able to make particularly effective use of the room available. Loft beds can be a good option in those situations, as they elevate the sleeping surface vertically, allowing the area underneath to be used for storage, a desk, or even a second bed. Finding a piece that has efficient built in drawers can also be useful, eliminating the need for extra organizational furnishings.

If you’re looking to save time and money when shopping for teenage bedroom furnituremerlot_twin_twin_convertible_bunk_bed_2816_bunk then purchasing matched sets is a great option. These will often consist of a bed, along with dressers, mirrors, desks, chairs, and other essential items, all bundled together at a discounted price. Best of all, they will have already been pre-matched in color and design, which means that they will integrate perfectly into the environment hassle free.

Children’s Bedroom Decor Ideas

There are a wide variety of fun and whimsical children’s bedroom decor products that are available, which can help you to achieve different decorative styles. The pieces that you choose will contribute not only to the aesthetic appeal of the space, but also the function of the environment, and the way the child interacts with it. Choosing items that collaborate to create an overall effect can have a dramatic impact on the area, giving you the ability to create magical worlds, impossible realms, and inspiring scapes.

The first thing that you should do when choosing decorative pieces for a child’s bedroom is define the layout of the space. This is naturally done to some extent with architectural elements like walls, doors, windows, and built in features such as shelves and ledges. You can further outline the area through the choice and arrangement of furniture pieces such as beds, dressers, and drawers, which can be used to set up the floor plan of the environment.

2122_with_6_drawersOnce you have the large pieces placed, you can start to add personality and character to the room with specific children’s decor pieces. One idea that you can use is to dress the more pervasive elements in decorative attire. Beds can be matched with unique sheets, pillows, and blankets. Windows can be laced with curtains or shades, and dressers can be coated in stickers, covers, and other lighthearted treatments.

Children tend to be very tactile, so you may want to introduce interactive elements into the room. This can involve decor pieces like statues which will stand out dimensionally in the environment, creating a pervasive aesthetic effect. Another idea for the bedroom is to use their favorite toys, placed around fixtures such as dollhouses, castles, or fortresses built to stand on desks and shelves.

Personalized elements can be another great children’s bedroom decor idea. Stencilling their names along walls in patterns, or into the sides of large furniture pieces such as beds and dressers can help to evoke a sense of ownership in the area. You can also incorporate their own works of art into the space, using drawings and school projects as decor elements on walls, and even hanging from the ceiling.

When choosing decor pieces for a child’s bedroom it’s important not to overlook the floor. In rooms with hardwood surfaces, carpets and throw rugs can be used to create tactile comfort, while infusing color and pattern into the space. These pieces can also help to support any decorative styles or themes that you are trying to infuse throughout the environment.

One of the best ways to choose children’s bedroom decor products is to work with your kids in order to find pieces that inspire them. That ensures that the space plays to their unique personality, helping to support them as they grow and mature. At the same time this can be a wonderful learning process that brings you both closer together, exploring common interests and dreams.

Kids Decor For Bedrooms

When decorating a child’s room you have the ability to stretch the mundane shackles of normative style, and tip toe into flights of fancy, creating whimsical designs and explosive aesthetic features in order to develop an environment that will help them grow into young adults. Finding the right kids decor for bedrooms is a process of understanding the child’s personality, and then matching their aspirations and inclinations to inspirational pieces that will encourage them to reach their full potential.

Kids Home Decor

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Twin Espresso Staircase Bunk Beds 2914

When decorating any space you need to start with the larger pieces in order to give the room structure, and then work your way down to smaller, more personalized effects. In a child’s bedroom the main furniture item is going to be the bed, which will shape the layout of the rest of the space. Some fun options for kids include novelty pieces such as bunk beds, or captains beds, which can add both function and form to the environment.

Some of the best kids decor pieces for bedrooms are wall accents and decorative features. Stencils allow you to create beautiful, personalized patterns and images that can trail the lines in the room. More elaborate murals can also be attempted, but only by those with an artistic talent. Another option is to create a continuously shifting wall of images, by using chalkboard paint in discrete areas, or trailing it beneath a line of wainscotting to let your children create their own decor.

One fun way to make a kids bedroom interactive is to incorporate their favorite toys into the design. If they like soldiers then you can align their ranks in front of construction paper tanks, or have cardboard helicopters hanging from the sky with kite string. If they prefer their stuffed plush friends then you can create a tea party space where the bears and bunnies can engage in a perpetual celebration. This will help to inspire their imaginations and get them to think creatively.

Kids love personalized decor, and featuring their art work, and papers with good grades throughout the environment can reinforce positive self esteem. Cork board can be purchased in tiles or strips which are self adhesive backed, creating an easy pin place for display anywhere you like along walls and furniture pieces. Child friendly frames and digital albums can also be purchased for walls and furniture tops, to display a constantly updated stream of drawings.

kids bedroom decor ideas

Discovery World Furniture Twin Doll House Loft Beds with Stairs 0300

Many kids bedroom decorating endeavors employ a theme in order to draw different elements together. This can help to turn the space into a living story, that is constantly being retold in the child’s mind. A dollhouse bunk bed can be the centerpiece of a giant toy decor. There are also a number of educationally beneficial topics such as outer space, animals, underwater adventures, and famous literary subjects which can be followed, in order to encourage learning and exploration.

The important thing is to try and match the environment that you are creating to the particular personality of the child that will be living there. Professionals should conduct a brief interview in order to get an idea of his or her interests before starting to make plans. If it’s your own kids bedroom then you can use this opportunity to get to know more about them.

Unique Playroom Decorating Ideas

A playroom is a magical space that is designed to be fun, exciting, unique, and functional. When decorating such an environment it’s important to to try and instill a sense of wonder, and inspiration into the atmosphere. At the same time you should also work closely with the child themselves, choosing elements and accessories that encourage their curiosity while also supporting their burgeoning interests.

The age of the child is going to be the first determining factor as to the decorating ideas you will want to explore. Young toddlers need their environments to have very general colors, shapes, and forms, in order to help them slowly grow into their cognitive ability to perceive the world around them. With older children you will be able to make use of more elaborate and unique playroom decorating ideas in order to build a more personalized space.

playroom bedsWhen exploring different playroom decorating ideas you should try to keep the function of the space in mind. Usually this will be an extra room dedicated to toys, games, and books for your kids. However simple additions such as a captains bed, can turn the space into an occasional guest room. These functional pieces feature multiple storage drawers built right into the frame which can be used to help organize the space during the rest of the year.

In some cases you may want to implement a theme into the area. There are a number of unique playroom decorating theme ideas that can be used, including different stories, movies, series, or even video games. If you’re looking for something a little more educational than you can explore your child’s interests, building a decorative scheme based around space, the ocean, animals, or various literary backgrounds.

playroom decorating ideas 3When creating themes in a child’s playroom it is often useful to implement playable decor. This can involve taking toys and sets, and strategically placing them to create an interactive environment. There are also unique items such as wall decals that can be pulled and moved across the room to create low maintenance living tapestries in the area. This can be supplemented by cardboard and construction paper 3D decor such as plants and fixtures made out of temporary materials.

Another unique playroom decorating idea that has functional benefits is to place a bunk bed into these spaces. These double decker furnishings are an all in one solution for when guests want to spend the night. However the rest of the year they can double as playroom toys, which your kids can use to build forts, castles, club houses, and space ships with nothing more than a draped blanket lying over the edge.