Playrooms for Toddlers

Safe Bunk Beds

A playroom for a toddler has to be catered to the specific needs and inclinations of a child that age. You should ensure that everything that can be reached is interactive as that will help stimulate their minds and imaginations. At the same time you have to ensure that it is safe, as toddlers are very vulnerable to injury, especially when they get excited and rambunctious. However it is possible to create a play area that is fun, secure, and which will help your child develop and grow.

The first thing that you should do is empty the playroom completely. By taking all of the items out of there you will ensure that nothing dangerous gets left behind. Once you have a blank slate to work with you can start reintroducing furniture pieces, and then toys, games, and other items that will fill the bulk of the environment.

Playroom FurnitureThere are a number of furniture items that can be useful in a toddler’s playroom. Storage is important, and the use of large bins, dressers, and chests will help to keep the area organized and tidy. Choose organizational products that are easy to use so the child can start helping with cleanup time when they are ready. It may also be useful to have a couch, rocking chair, and other seating options in the space. These can act both as comfort items and fun padded toys that your kids can interact with.

Flooring is often overlooked in a playroom but it can be very important. If possible you want a soft surface that will not hurt if your toddler falls on it. That’s particularly important when they are first learning to walk. Carpet is a great option, as is rubber, and vinyl or linoleum with cork underlayment padding. If you have a harder surface in there already like hardwood, consider using thick rugs to coat the area.

Many parents choose to include a bed or sleeping area in a playroom, as rigorous activity can quickly turn into sleepy exhaustion. Beds are also great as they give the child a place to crawl, fall, bounce, and jump, all on a surface that is soft and springy. If you want to be whimsical you can purchase a novelty bed that is designed to look like a dollhouse, a race car, or an explorer’s tent.

A toddlers playroom can be an excellent space to let your kids be excited, energetic, and just have fun. Because it is an environment you can control you have the ability to eliminate elements that might otherwise be dangerous to them. You can also instill the space with toys that will stimulate their minds and motivate them to learn, create, and grow.

Student Bedroom Furnishings and Decor

Students Bedroom Furniture

The environment that that children work, play, learn, and grow in, is very important to their nature of their development over time. The presence of certain furnishings, decorations, and functional accessories can affect the natural use of the space. When you have a young student that is working to expand their mental capacities, you want to try and create an environment that reinforces that, both in decorative and functional terms.

Captains BedsThe centerpiece of any child’s bedroom is going to be the bed. This is generally the largest and most pervasive furniture item that you will find in the space. While the sleeping area doesn’t have much to lend to studious matters, there are a number of beds that come built with desks directly designed under the loft or to the side of the bunk.

By choosing a bed that is integrated with a desk you can create a form of mental symbiosis. This will reinforce the importance of study while keeping it primary in the mind of your young student. The added benefit is that these features also serve to increase the efficiency of the space, with integrated furnishings acting as space saving solutions in what are often cramped kids rooms.

Kids are going to have toys and games, however where you choose to store them can create different types of focus and motivation. If the room has a giant television screen with lots of video games everywhere, then walking into the space will motivate them to play. Reduce this by hiding the screen behind cabinet doors, and instead using bookshelves to display tomes of knowledge which will entice your budding student at every turn.

The use of solid wood furnishings is a good way to ensure that your child’s room matches with the style of the rest of the home. This material has a timeless quality that has allowed it to be used in nearly any interior decorative scheme ever developed. It’s also available in a variety of color stain finishes giving you lots of options to customize the look.

Novelty Bunk Beds For Boys

Toddler Beds for Boys

Bunk beds are a great and practical way to make optimal use of space, especially in a boys bedroom. However these pieces can be even more than that. When you open yourself up to the world of novelty bunk beds you will find that furnishings can actually be giant toys, that can delight your kids and make them excited about bed time each night.

Dollhouse Beds
At KFS Stores you can find a variety of fun novelty bunk beds for boys and girls rooms. One of our most popular is the dollhouse loft, which features a raised sleeping surface design, and MDF wood composite materials which are painted to replicate the look of a giant house that your kids can sleep in. At the same time the area underneath can be used for a second sleeping surface, a desk, storage, play, or anything that you can think of.

One of the great things about bunk beds and loft beds is that they naturally lend themselves to a sense of novelty. Even if you purchase one of our standard solid wood pieces, you can dress it up with stickers, pictures, or posters lining the walls and beams. You can also drape a blanket from the top to create a cozy enclosed space that can be used as a fort or castle, while the upper sleeping area can be dressed with pillows to make it like a soaring watch tower.

Tent Loft Beds
Another great novelty bunk bed that we have which is very popular with boys is our tent loft with attached slides. These make use of the raised sleeping surface by enclosing the area below in a canvas coat that instantly transforms the area into a place for imagination and play. Meanwhile the slide affixed to the structure provides a safe and exciting way for your kids to slip down into the world and into their day.

In addition to our bunk beds we also have a variety of novelty twin and captains beds that can be purchased. Our race car beds are painted to looking like zipping speedsters ready to shoot down the road. We also have low loft beds that allow you to get the convenience of a raised sleeping surface without putting your child too far into the air.

Science Themed Bedrooms


Getting your kids interested in science at an early age is important for helping them develop a healthy appreciation for learning and observation. One fun way that you can do this is by implementing a science themed bedroom design that will immerse them in knowledge and discovery every single day. This can be a simple undertaking, or a long term project, depending on how advanced you want to get.

With science you have a number of different areas that you can concentrate on, from space exploration, to marine biology, to famous doctors and pioneers of discovery. If possible, try to get a feel for which area will most engage the child. This can be done by giving them books or toys based on different areas of interest, and then observing what they tend to be most drawn towards.

Depending on the particulars of the theme, you will then be able to replicate exciting environments in the bedroom, using toys, posters, and other decorative knick knacks which can be made or purchased. It’s often a good idea to engage the child in this process, enlisting their help with the procurement or construction of any props that will be placed throughout the space.

If one of the biological sciences is your decorative theme, then you can make use of toys and displays to simulate exotic environments, such as the jungle, the mountains, or even the bottom of the oceans. Stuffed toys mixed with animal action figures will give a 3d feel to the space, while wall paintings, stick ons, and decals can create the backdrop.

The bed will generally be the centerpiece of a kids bedroom, taking up more visual space than any other piece. Use this to the theme’s advantage by purchasing matched bedding that coordinates with the rest of the environment. An alternative is to think of this furniture piece as a vehicle of exploration by dressing it up as a spaceship, a submarine, or an aircraft traveling to exotic destinations.

Construction paper can be a great assistant in your efforts. Create a forest by coating dressers and desks in green sheets, or tape jagged triangles of gray and brown to the walls to create towering mountain peaks. You can even roll larger pieces into tubes and create makeshift plants and trees. And of course everything can be drawn on without worrying about lasting damage.

Throughout the process include factual information alongside the decorative and fun elements. If creating a glow in the dark star display, make tiny replicas of actual astrological bodies, and have a poster nearby showing the actual images. With plants and animals include little info sheets as if their room were a museum. As long as you find the right balance of learning and entertainment you will be able to create a great science themed bedroom for your kids.

The Effect of Color on a Developing Child

Kids Bed Care

Color is everywhere, written on every surface, shading every object, every shape and every form. For a child, the colors that they are exposed to can have a subtle yet profound effect on them as they grow, learn, and develop. While this may be somewhat understated, over time the power of various hues can be accumulative, especially when they are present in a space such as the bedroom. That’s why it is important to understand the effects of the colors in your child’s room so that you can influence this pervasive element.

Novelty BedsWhile color psychology has been studied, it is not an exact science, and the perceptions of different people will vary widely. This is particularly true in kids, as the way that they see the world can change from day to day as they grow and develop into their more mature selves. However there are certain trends in reactions that people have to colors which tend to run true.

One basic example of this is red. This color tends to have an exciting effect on people, making them more aggressive, increasing their metabolism, and even making them hungrier. One way this can be relevant in a child’s bedroom is if they are having trouble sleeping at night. Crimson hues in toys, furnishings, and even architectural features may be causing a subconscious problem.

teen-bedroom-setsThe answer to this would be to remove as much of the red as possible. A good replacement would be the use of blue decorative objects, which can have the opposite effect, causing a calming and soothing feeling to pervade the atmosphere of spaces where they are used. However this might not be the right color for a child who has trouble staying focused, or waking up in the morning.

One of the best ways to balance colors is with furniture items and accessories that blend several hues together. Wooden pieces are particularly good at that, as the grains tend to mottle into a wash of tones that can downplay the dominance of any single one. The use of different colored lacquers such as honey, espresso, and merlot can then amplify this effect.

Tax Rebate Redecorating

Teen Beds

Tax season is here, and while some dread the coming of this time, others are eager to receive their hard earned tax rebates. One great use for this sudden landfall of money is to invest in your home, purchasing new furniture pieces to spruce up the various rooms, while replacing old items that might be falling apart. This can enhance the look and function of your spaces, leading to a more productive frame of mind for you and your family.

If you’d like your tax rebate redecorating effort to be an investment, then you need to purchase high-quality furniture pieces that will not only last for years of use, but which can also match a variety of styles. That will allow them to be relevant in your home no matter what particular style might inspire you at any given time. One of the best ways to do this is to buy quality solid wood furniture. These pieces can last through years of use, while the material has a timeless quality to it.

Another way to add to the function of your home is by using your rebate to purchase furniture which can add an extra use to extra rooms you may have. Beds are great as they can turn wasted space into a spare bedroom. You can also purchase storage items such as dressers and chests, and build yourself a lavish walk-in closet. Kid based furnishings are another option for turning that area into a playroom for them to enjoy.

Boys Bedrooms

Discovery World Furniture Merlot Day Beds

Multi-functional pieces are another great option. Captains beds are particularly useful, as they give you the comfort of a sleeping space, which can also be converted into a couch with the right throw pillows. In addition, these products have handy storage options such as shelves and drawers designed directly into their frames, giving them an organizational characteristic as well.

If you truly want to invest in the future then purchasing kids furniture and children’s bedroom furniture pieces with your rebate money is the best option. Having nice things can lead to a child developing a sense of pride in themselves, which can shine through in their learning and ongoing development. You also want to ensure that their furniture is strong, stable, and up to date, as these pieces often double as toys that are jumped, climbed, and crawled upon.

Decorating a Student’s Bedroom

Students Bedroom Furniture

When setting up a space for a student you have to make sure that there is an underlying level of organization that works for the particular person who will be using the area. This can include a variety of amenities, placed in easy to access area, that will assist them in their scholastic pursuits. Of course the best strategy for any specific student will be based on their own individual quirks, preferences, and requirements.

Students DeskOne thing to consider is the age of the student who will be occupying the bedroom. With younger children it may be necessary to dress up the work area with colorful cartoon designs that will better engage them in the idea of working, studying, and learning. With older kids the technology available will often be very important, with computers and electronic devices being necessary tools for success.

Having a desk is a basic and essential part to any student’s bedroom. This is the place where they will be able to concentrate on their work. It should be sized so that they are comfortable sitting there, and so that they can reach everything without having to stretch. While some whimsical elements can be a good idea, allowing too many distracting items can be detrimental to their ability to focus on what they need to do.

Students Desks

Discovery World Furniture Espresso Desk with Hutch

Storage is another essential part of any student’s bedroom. They will need to have places to put books, writing utensils, and arts and crafts supplies. This can include shelves, dressers, chests, and even closets, depending on how many materials they have to store. The focus here should be on ease of organization, so that they will always be able to lay their hand on the specific item that they need without getting distracted by a long term search.

If the student in question only has a small space available, then the use of a loft bed may be a clever way to free up more room. These are sleeping surfaces that are elevated vertically into the air, allowing a desk, storage unit, or even a second bed to be placed underneath. These are great options for kids, but are also often used by teens and young adults as they go through high school, college, and move into their first loft apartments.

The Best Beds For Kids

Children's Beds

What are some of the best beds for kids? That depends on your space, needs, and the function it will serve. If you have kids sharing a room then a bunk bed might be a great idea. For children who have particularly small bedrooms you might want to find a bed that serves many uses. At the same time there is a certain sense of style that should be adhered to and the durability, quality, and dependability of the product is also important.

Best Beds For KidsIf you have kids that are sharing a room then purchasing a bunk bed is one of the best choices you can make. These are inherently space saving devices that allow you to include two sleeping areas while only taking up the floor area of one. They can also include drawers, shelves and other options that can allow them to double as great storage and organizational pieces.

KFS Stores has an excellent collection of kids bunk beds that are built to be so durable that they exceed the ASTM’s requirements for product safety. They are also built from either solid wood or high quality MDF composite, and they have real metal on metal connectors, so they will be able to last through years of use. You can also find twin over twin, full over full, and twin over full sizes to match your requirements.

Captains beds are some of the best beds for kids. These clever pieces are designed with numerous storage options including both shelves and drawers, and sometimes even trundle pull outs, all built directly into their frame. That allows them to do double duty as giant dressers that your kids can sleep on.

Beds For KidsThe solid wood design of our KFS Stores is one of the best features of our kids beds. This all natural material has a timeless quality, that will allow pieces made from it to be used in nearly any decorative setting. That means that you can literally get years of use out of our products, despite the changes that will tend to occur in your kids style and tastes. It is also very strong and durable, and will withstand the rigors of even energetic play.

At KFS Stores we have a wide variety of beds for kids, including loft beds, daybeds, and novelty products. The best choice for your kids will be the piece that fits the needs of their room, while bringing them the most joy and comfort. Shop our wide selection to find the perfect pick, and don’t forget to check out our bedroom bundle sets where you can purchase multiple items and save money.

Kids Room Color Psychology

Merlot Kid Beds

When decorating a child’s room, it is important to understand how color will affect their mood, behavior, and development. We all react to the world that our senses describe to us. With color, the impact may be subtle, but over time it can be accumulative. Understanding the effect of different hues on the psychology of your kids, can help you to design a better and healthier environment for them to live in.

Red Colors
These colors are very exciting, and can increase a person’s metabolism, and make them more energetic. Restaurants often use the color red as it can make people feel subtly hungrier. For kids rooms, these tones are great if you have a child that is sluggish, or has problems getting up in the morning. However it is important to temper them with deeper, and lighter colors, so that the effect does not turn into aggression.

Kids Beds

Brown Earth Tones
These warm, rich colors are very comforting, and soothing. They often evoke thoughts of hearth and home. That makes them great for children’s rooms, as it can make them feel safe and cared for, and help to build a subtle self assurance within them over time. However earth tones should generally be mixed with at least a few brighter features in a child’s bedroom, as you don’t want them trending too much towards hermitage in their comfy cove.

Blue Hues
Blue is a very subdued color, that can promote a sense of peace, calm, and relaxation. This can be great if you have a very energetic child, as it will make bedtime much easier to handle. With kids who are less motivated you may want to avoid this in lieu of more energetic options.

Bright Yellow Colors
These are happy tones that can automatically elevate the mood and atmosphere of a space. While brighter versions can be irritating, subdued hues allow you to bring to glowing warmth of the sun into a child’s room, subtly elevating their psychological being. This is often best mixed with bold accent colors that can contrast the gold, making it even more effective in these spaces.

Yellow Bed Furniture

Discovery World Furniture Honey Day Beds

Back to School Kids Room Makeovers

Back to School Decor

Back to school is a time of transition that can often be trying for children, as they have to say goodbye to the carefree days of summer in lieu of the more rigid rules of scholastic pursuit. One way to ease the process, while also getting them in the right mind set, is to re-organize and decorate their rooms in order to better function and reflect their responsibilities. If you make proper use of creativity and strategy you might even be able to get them excited about the prospect.
Bunk Bed DeskOne of the first things that you should do is make room for all of the books and supplies that they will need throughout the school year. Often old storage options from the previous year will have fallen into disrepair, being used as temporary holders for other things or simply disbanded altogether. In some cases you will simply need to upgrade to a larger size to accommodate more papers and reading materials as your child matriculates to a more difficult grade.

While thinking about storage, don’t forget to be creative, and make sure to put the fun in functional. You want your child to be able to find and organize everything, but you also want them to be inspired. Cover bookcases in posters of their favorite band, or wrap them in package paper to make them look like presents. Stickers can be used to personalize a piece, and glow in the dark or chalk paint can make each item a canvas for imagination.

One way to inspire your little student is to infuse a room with imagination through the use of a scholastic based theme. This can include science subjects such as the exploration of space, the depths of the ocean, or wild jungle animals. You can also draw from history, literature, or any subject that your child is particularly drawn to. If you can find out what they’ll be studying ahead of time you can even jump the gun a bit and start them on the path to learning success early.