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Girls Furnishings

Every little girl is special in her own particular way. In order to match this trait you want to find furniture pieces that are also unique and distinct. These will stand out in a child’s room, defining it and giving it a personality that will inspire your kids to dream, explore, and grow. At the same time they will also have an indelible effect on their burgeoning personality, adding hints of subtle context to their subconscious minds as they grow through the years.

Unique Furniture

Discovery World Furniture Merlot Full Captain Day Beds

The most important piece in any child’s bedroom is the bed itself. Not only is it a large and prominent object that necessarily defines the function of the space, but it is also a tactile interactive element, that your kids will be in physical contact with every night. That gives it an aesthetic presence that can be quite potent. That is why it is necessary to choose a unique product that has its own distinct style and ambiance.

Unique Bunk Beds

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Merlot Staircase Bunk Bed


In some cases, the function of a furniture piece can lend unique characteristics to it. In the case of captains beds, you have both a story, and a purpose. The tale is one that is hinted at in the name, as this style was pioneered by the captains of ships, who generally had limited space in relatively small private cabins. Then the many drawers and organizational options built into the design allow for personalization and utility.

Bunk beds can also be unique girls furniture pieces. These mattress over mattress products save room by elevating one sleeping area above another, giving you a place for two resting munchkins while only taking up the floor space of one. The hidden benefit of this is that each child gets their own vertical level in the room, giving them a sense of independence and autonomy which they can then further personalize as they like.

Unique Girls Furnishings

White Tent Bunk Bed with Slide

There are a number of novelty furniture pieces that you can purchase for girls. These include things like dollhouse beds, that are painted to look like a giant toy, adding whimsy and wonder to the entire room. There are also tent bunk beds, that make use of hanging covers to wrap the walls of the lower space in an enclosed cloak of possibility. Either of these unique products can infuse a room with immediate fun and inspiration.

Beds For Girls Rooms

Girls Bedroom Sets

There are a lot of different options available to you when you start looking for beds for girls rooms. You have to consider the functionality that you need in the space, as well as the style of the child herself when making a decision. That will help guide you as you browse through the wide variety of products that are out there.

If you have two kids that are forced to share the same room, then a bunk bed can be a great option for you. It helps to free up floor space by elevating one of the necessary sleeping surfaces into the air. At the same time it also creates a separate, defined space for each child. The top bunk is raised high in the air, like a tower that hovers above the world, while the lower is like a secret den, a cave that can be built of blankets and pillows.

Bunk BedsThe material of the bed will set the tone for the piece, and the entire surrounding room. When choosing something for a girl, many people prefer wooden frames, as they have hints of both natural, and elegant appeal, that can flow with almost any style choice she makes as she grows up. There are a number of great metal products out there too, that will create a very modern feel in the environment.

If you are looking for something a little more whimsical, you could choose this delightful girls doll house loft bed. It features the standard raised surface design that optimizes space by giving you an open area below where a second mattress or a desk can be placed. At the same time it is painted to have the look of a real life sized doll house, allowing your child’s imagination to soar every time they head to sleep.

Doll house beds for girlsAnother great and functional option is to purchase a girls captain bed. These are elegant pieces that are most often made of wood, stained to a lovely shade of hue. However they are noted for their functionality, because these pieces are designed to be storage machines, with multiple drawers built into the frame of each. Many also often have shelves that act as both back boards and further areas where items can be stored. 

One important consideration when choosing a bed for a girl’s room is the size of the piece. You want to make sure that the bed is small enough so that it feels cozy. However you also want your child to have the room she needs to be comfortable. You also have to remember that they will grow each year, making larger products a better long term option. Generally you will be looking for twin or full size pieces.

Cute Bunk Beds For Girls

There are a number of cute bunk beds for girls that can turn otherwise cramped spaces into wide open areas that can be used for a variety of functions. These are most often employed in childrens bedrooms, however they are also perfect for teenagers, dorms, and loft apartments where you have limited room, and need to make the most of what you have. At the same time they can still be stylish, attractive, and create a sense of distinct decorative beauty within the room.

Some of the most cute bunk beds for girls will be novelty pieces that can help to ignite the imagination of a child. Pieces such as our doll house loft beds can become more than just sleeping surfaces. They can actually take on a life of their own, becoming interactive toys within the environment. It will make your child feel like they are a toy themselves, living in a magical wonderland of adventure and play.

More standard options include wooden or metal loft pieces. These can be cute bunk beds for girls that will also grow and remain elegant over time, making them perfect for small children, but appropriate for young teens and tweens as they age through the years. That versatility also allows them to be used in guest bedrooms, or dorms, where you want something that is both stylish, and functional to help invigorate the area.

One of the cutest furniture pieces that we offer for girls are the tent bunk beds with built in slides. These make use of a draped tarp design that turns the space beneath the sleeping area into a secret garden that can be used for tea parties, meetings with stuffed friends, and even as a work area that is isolated from the rest of the environment. The bonus is that the attached slide makes waking up for school each morning an adventure where they can slip into the day with a sudden, swift, and sloping excitement.

When looking for a cute bunk bed for your daughter you should work with her. Look at the full selection of wooden, metal, low loft and novelty furniture pieces that we offer at KFS Stores together, and then decide on what would be right for her as an individual. This can be a fun process, and may even help you to get to know one another better.

Decorating a Tween Girls Room

It can be particularly challenging to decorate a tween girls bedroom. This age is a transition point that marks the uncertain flux between childhood, and the more adult state of being a teenager. That means that the child will be a mixture of complex developmental processes, that can change over time. Trying to create a space that accommodates them will require you to match their personality, choosing elements and colors that flow with the unique nature of who they are as a person. That will help to give them a greater sense of identity, which can be important in such uncertain times.

Tween Room Decorating

Discovery World Furniture Merlot Day Beds 2835

When choosing furnishings and accessories for a tween girls bedroom, you want to try and find items that have a timeless quality to them. At that age kids will often change their minds and their whole world view on a day to day basis. By selecting beds, furniture, and other pieces which work for both young, and older kids, you can avoid having them go obsolete. Often solid wood products are a good choice for this as they tend to work in almost any style or decorative setting.

You generally want to avoid childish themes when decorating a tweens room. A bright pink princess style may be desirable to them, but as they grow older and more mature it can end up being an embarrassment as they start making more complex forays into social interactions. Worse, it has the potential to stunt their psychological development, wrapping them in a swaddle of youthful expression that can hold them back from reaching their full potential.

At the same time, every tween girl is different, and it is important to choose decorative elements that match their distinct personality. The easiest way to do that is to get their feedback, and possibly even their help in the endeavor. Talk to them, brainstorm, plan, and come up with ideas that help to mark their individuality, supporting the burgeoning personality that they are developing. This can also be a great bonding experience where you get to learn a lot more about your daughter.

Tween Girls Decorating

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Twin Merlot Staircase Bunk Beds 2814

If you have a tween girl who has to share her room with a sibling, then you will have to balance the needs of the two kids against one another. One thing you can do to save floor space, while also giving each child their own distinct area is to make use of bunk beds. These dimensional pieces of furniture elevate one sleeping surface over the other. That allows the bottom bunk to be a separate, almost private space, that can even be walled off with hanging cloth. The top is also a semi private area, like a tower rising into the sky above everything.

One thing that is important when decorating a tween girls bedroom is to leave at least one big open space for them. This can be used for play, crafting, reading, or just hanging out with friends and family. You can wall the area off with chairs, or delineate it through the use of a central rug. It’s an important aspect of the room because it gives them a place of potential, which they can then use for any activity they like, even if their favorite past times change as they get older.

Decorating a Girls Room On a Budget

There are a number of clever tricks that you can employ to help decorate a girls room on a budget. These involve simple but creative ways to achieve different visual effects, without simply purchasing ready made pieces. At the same time this is a process that focuses more on who the child is herself, rather than trying to simply fit her into a cookie cutter box that can be bought at the local store.

budget decorating ideas

Belize BZ 100 Red #109 Rug BZ100RD

The first thing that you want to do when you set out to decorate a girls room on a budget is to clarify your purpose and goals. This is a space that will have to have specific functions. At the same time you should have a clear idea of the palette that you want to employ, and the style you want to try and achieve. That will help guide your decisions as you begin purchasing and acquiring the different elements that will be used in the process.

Before heading to any store, it’s often a good idea to take stock of items that you might already have in your home. You can raid the basement or the attic for old forgotten treasures that may now have a cool vintage look. The garage can also be a great place to find supplies to use in small decorative renovation projects such as painting the walls. It may even be possible to repair slightly damaged items using methods that give them a funky crafted look.

budget decorating ideas

Discovery World Furniture Twin All In One Espresso Loft Bed 2903

There are some furniture pieces that are going to be essential when decorating a girls room. One budget friendly way to save money when shopping for these items is to look for products that do double duty. Often you can find captain beds that provide both a sleeping area, and an array of storage options that are built directly into the frame of the piece itself. You can also use loft beds and bunk beds to make optimal use of the floor area in the environment.

If you are looking to give a room a fresh feel then simply rearranging the furniture pieces is a budget friendly way to change both the form and the function of the environment. You can place the bed in the center of the room to create a greater sense of flow, or build little work stations and play areas, that segment the space into functional zones.

One important thing to remember when trying to decorate a girls room on a budget is that quality furnishings and furniture pieces will last much longer than shoddy, bargain basement items. These products may cost slightly more to purchase, but the long term savings associated with not having to replace them will offset that expense over time.

Decorating a Girls Room On a Budget

When decorating a young girls bedroom, you often have to consider budgetary restraints. While it might be tempting to throw a bunch of money at fancy furnishings and extravagant pieces, these will often be lost on a child, and won’t be appreciated nearly as much as personalized pieces that have meaning to them. At the same time, there are a number of money saving tricks that you can employ to create a great looking girls room, without having to break the bank.

Budget Girls Beds

Discovery World Furniture Twin Doll House Loft Beds with Stairs 0300

A bed is an essential piece when designing the look and function of a girl’s bedroom. One way to save money on decorative treatments is to choose a bed which can do double, or even triple duty. By purchasing pieces such as this girls’ dollhouse loft bed with stairs you get a furnishing that is stylistic and distinct, while also providing the essential sleeping space that defines the environment. This also has a further use, acting as a giant life sized toy which can become the centerpiece of a playful bedroom decorative theme.

If you have multiple children sharing the same bedroom then the purchase of a bunk bed can save you money, allowing you to buy a single bedding piece rather than two separate items. Loft beds have a similar function, with a raised design that makes optimal use of floor space, while also allowing a second furniture piece or bed to fit underneath. Some lofts are even designed with built in desks or storage options, giving you an all in one solution for a girls’ bedroom, without forcing you to make a lot of different purchases.

Girls Bunk Bed Decorating

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Merlot Loft Beds 2805

Another way to decorate a girl’s bedroom on a budget is to look for furniture bundles which are offered at discount prices. Often these will include a bed, as well as several furnishings that are matched in color, style, and design, allowing you to completely outfit a space with all of the storage and functional furniture that your child needs. At the same time these furniture sets are generally offered at discounted prices, costing less than purchasing each of the individual pieces would on their own.

Budget Decorating

Discovery World Furniture Merlot Full Captain Bed with Media Chest & Nightstand 2821-2871-2860

As far as decorative touches, it’s not always necessary to spend a lot of money on posters and art pieces. Instead, use your child’s prized possessions, dolls, and toys, displayed throughout the room in order to decorate the environment. This can be done with shelves, as well as pieces such as captains beds which are often constructed with special display nooks for storage and presentation. These personal and play items will be more meaningful to your little girl, while the process will make it natural to keep the space neat, tidy, and organized.

If you have to decorate a girl’s room on a budget, then it is important to work directly with the child to figure out what is important to her. Expensive pieces generally won’t mean much to kids when compared to fun features, meaningful mementos, and items that they choose themselves. However you also don’t want to skimp on quality just to save a few pennies now, as durable, solid furnishings will last much longer, and be stylishly relevant for many more years than shoddy bargain basement purchases that will quickly fall apart.