Captains Beds With Storage Drawers For Boys

Captains Beds With Storage

Captains beds with storage drawers are great options for kids bedrooms because they have an inherent versatility that allows them to serve a number of different purposes. While they are comfortable places to rest, they are also designed with organizational pull out containers which are built right into the frame, letting them do double duty as a backup dresser or chest. They also have an inherent dignity and style that makes them the perfect accessories for guest bedrooms, dens, playrooms, and home offices.

Captains BedsOften children will be given the smallest bedrooms in the home, or they will have to share the space with a sibling. Captains beds allow you to optimize the area, removing superfluous storage items in order to create more places to play. They also make it easier to keep the room tidy, by ensuring that your kids always have plenty of space to put their toys.

The style versatility of captains beds means that they can grow with your children, lasting through ages and fads while aligning stalwartly with every phase they grow through. Wooden captain’s beds are especially good for this purpose, as they will take on a type of personality over the years, becoming more endearing by the personal wear of their one of a kind charm.

Captain Beds

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Captains beds also have an inherent story built directly into the name that can capture the imagination of young boys and girls. These were the space saving beds that were used by mariners of old, who had only tiny cabins and many different seafaring items that had to be kept organized. This adds a tale, an adventure to the bed, that can lift their dreams and inspire their minds, while also instilling them with a sense of wonder for the waves.

There are a number of great captains beds with storage for boys which you can purchase from KFS Stores, including items finished in lovely honey, glowing merlot, and premium espresso. Many of our kids beds not only have pull-out drawers but are also equipped with under frame trundles that can instantly double your sleeping spaces when friends want to stay for sleepovers.

Cool Boys Bedroom Ideas

Cool Boys Bedrooms

While characteristics such as functionality and organization may be important in a child’s bedroom, the key thing to the kid that lives in it will be how cool it is. This is a personal space, the first that they will ever have possession of, and as such it should inspire a sense of excitement and inspiration. This can of course be balanced with more practical features, but it is important to maintain a creative sense of open wonder when coming up with ideas for a cool boys bedroom.

Boys Beds

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The bed is of course the centerpiece of every child’s bedroom. While this furnishing does have certain required characteristics, there is actually a lot more room for creativity here than you might imagine. There are a variety of cool novelty kids beds that are designed to look like race cars, forts, and dollhouses. These are like giant toys that can be inserted into a space, delighting your kids imaginations while also making bedtime more fun.

Another cool boys bedroom idea is to decorate based on a theme. This can be a specific topic that your child is interested in such as a cartoon or movie, or you can use a more science or learning based template in order to help instill an appreciation for learning in them. While themed products can be expensive to purchase directly, you can also make your own decorations by covering surfaces with construction paper and drawing on it or printing out images and posting them throughout the area.

Boys Bedrooms

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One of the fundamental truths about children as they age is that their personalities will develop, form, and change, necessitating regular updates to the look of their bedroom. It can be quite expensive completely outfitting a space with new furnishings every few years. However there are certain products, such as wooden beds, dressers, desks, and chairs, which have a timeless quality that will match nearly any style decor that your kids may start to prefer.

While there are many great ways to make a boys bedroom more cool, these are all subjective, and will be preferred or rejected based on the personality of the individual child or children living in the space. That is why it is important to involve them in the decorative process, getting their feedback and incorporating their ideas into everything that you do. That will ensure that the child thinks the room is cool, which is of course the most important thing of all.

The Best Beds for Boys

Best Boys Beds

Boys are energetic, rambunctious, and they love to play. That means that they need a bed that can stand the spirited actions of their enthusiastic endeavors. However it also has to be comfortable, safe, and if possible have organizational features that make the entire space more efficient. It also has to be age appropriate, and cater to the particular tastes of the child it will be used by.

Beds For BoysOne of the best beds for boys rooms are captains beds. These pieces are cleverly designed to have drawers inserted directly into the frame, giving you a wealth of additional storage options for books, toys, clothes, and crafting supplies. At the same time they are nautical in nature, allowing your child to imagine soaring the seas or searching for treasures as they float amidst an imaginary world of watery waves.

When choosing a boys bed, you should think about their current needs as well as the developing requirements they will have as they grow and get bigger. When they are young a twin sized bed will be great, as it will perfectly match the size of their bodies, but as they get older you will eventually have to transition to a full sized piece or larger in order to ensure that they are comfortable in their sleeping area.

Beds For Kids
If you have boys who are sharing a bedroom then a bunk bed is a great space saving option. By placing a sleeping surface vertically above another, you can free up a lot of floor area, giving them more room to play and work. Often these products will also have organizational features, similar to those found in captains beds, making them even more functional.

One of the things you should look for when trying to find the best boys bed is safety and structure. Some products are shoddy, and will fall apart if jumped on, or used in rambunctious play. Luckily KFS Stores has a wide variety of top quality pieces that can be bought, all of which actually exceed the ASTM’s standards for safety and stability.

A great option for boys who don’t particularly like bed time is to make use of a novelty bed. Products that are painted to look like race cars, tents, doll houses, castles, and other fun things can all make it a lot more exciting to head to sleep each night. This engages their imaginations, giving them something to think about with quiet glee as they drift to slumber and quiet dreams.

Toddler Beds For Boys

Toddler Beds for Boys

When choosing a toddler bed for a boy you have to be aware of the psychology that is involved in a child transitioning from a crib, to a “big kid” bed. A crib is a safe, enclosing space, with walls that rise up, literally cradling and protecting them from the outside world as they sleep each night. With a toddler bed those walls are gone, exposing them to the open dark room all through the night. That’s why it is important to choose a piece that can help make this transition as easy as possible.

Great Toddler BedsOne fun option, that also has a functional component, can be captain beds. These unique children’s furniture pieces are named because they were designed originally for the captains of ships, who had to live in cramped quarters while also keeping all of their personal and professional items stored and organized. By telling your child that his toddler bed is actually a boat sailing across the ocean, you can engage his imagination and make the transition fun rather than frightening.

The great thing about captains beds for boys is that they are built with a variety of drawers which are embedded in the structure of the piece. That makes use of the often wasted space beneath the bed’s frame. It also makes it easy to keep your child’s room organized, because the storage features don’t take up extra room, allowing you to easily sort toys, clothes, games, and art supplies. You can even tell your kids that they are sleeping on a giant toy box!

Toddler Car BedsA toddler bed for boys will generally be a twin sized piece. You want a smaller frame so that they feel snuggly settled into the mattress, without a giant sea of foam floating around them each night. This will also help to maximize the floor space that they have to play in, since children’s rooms are often the smallest bedrooms in the house. In some cases a full sized option can be used if you want to try and give them a bed that they can grow into as they age.

One clever way to make the switch to a toddler bed easy for your kids is to purchase a novelty piece. At KFS Stores you will find beds that are cut and painted to look like exciting race cars, dollhouses, and tented fortresses. By making their sleeping space a giant toy, you can completely eliminate any transition anxiety, replacing it with imaginative adventures and creative stories that can flit through their dreams as they rest through the eve.

Decorating a Teenage Boys Room

Boys Beds

When young boys grow into teenagers, often they will undergo a shift in personality that alters their interests and tastes. This can necessitate the redecoration of their bedroom in order to better reflect the person that they are evolving into. This can be a somewhat touchy task, that can cause clashes of style and choice to arise between a child and parent. That is why the best policy is to actually use the process of decorating a teenage boys room as a bonding experience, where you can grow closer through mutual respect and empathy.

Storage Furnishings

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Often you will not only want to consult with your teenager before making changes to his room, you will actually want to let them take the lead. Ask them questions, delve into their interests, and even pry into their dreams. Generally such a process would be difficult for closed off kids going through puberty, but with a purpose in mind you can mask your curiosity behind a desire to find the right art, design, or statement that will make the environment perfect for them.

Throughout this process, you should keep your eyes set on inherent functionality. While the look of the room can be led by your son, the way it works should be designed by you. That involves strategically placing storage units throughout the space, to make it easier for your teenager to naturally stay organized. You can also anticipate the necessity of things like desks where school work can be done, and adequate lighting so that their eyes don’t get strained.

Bunk Beds

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Honey Mission Bunk Bed

When decorating a teenage boys room it is important to balance their immediate interests against the long term goals of the room. They may be in love with a particular band, but permanently painting their logo on the wall can lead to regret when the band breaks up or your child’s interests wane. With “of the moment” subjects such as that, stick to temporary decor pieces like posters which can be bought inexpensively and easily replaced. The idea is to leave enough room for them to grow and evolve as they change over the years.

One thing to consider when buying a bed for a teenager is that they will tend to grow, often quite quickly, sprouting up faster than you can imagine as they mature into their bodies. Therefore it is a good idea to purchase a piece that is slightly larger than needed. Rather than going for a twin, buy a full sized bed so that you don’t have to go out and replace it a few years later. There are also bunk beds that have twin sized tops and full sized bottoms, letting you transition siblings from one to the other as needed.

Colors For Boys Room Ideas

The colors that you choose to use in a child’s bedroom can have a subtle but profound effect on both the environment, and the experiences they have within them. This comes from a combination of architectural features such as walls and floors, as well as large furniture pieces such as beds, dressers, area rugs, and desks. Both of these are then accentuated by the artistic stylings and choices of decor, accent, and placement items.

The walls are the backdrop of a boy’s bedroom environment. The colors that you choose for these surfaces will be like a canvas, against which you can create any theme, effect, or look that you desire. In general you will want to avoid the instinct to choose bright, blaring colors for these areas. It is a much better idea to choose a more subdued hue that will then allow you to accentuate the space with whatever elements you select later on.

When choosing large furniture pieces you need to be careful. These items are expensive, so they have to fit both the form, and the function of the space. Often, choosing solid wood beds and dressers, or items made from chrome and or metal can give a boys room a timeless quality that can grow with them over time. That will allow these pieces to transition with them as they develop and age from children to teenagers.

With smaller accents you can afford to be a lot more imaginative. A child’s toys are already going to be multicolored and variegated, which means that the space will be a natural cacophony of colors. That gives you more freedom with less focal features such as clocks, lamps, and linens, where you can choose colors that are bright, emphatic, rowdy, or boisterous. Just remember that the more energy you put into the room, the harder it will be to get your little ones to quiet down when it’s time for sleep.

A common idea that parents employ when decorating a boys room is to make use of themes. These can be branded options such as those based on movies, books, and other media, though those styles will be more fleeting and less malleable to the weathering of time. However more general applications such as ocean, or desert, can become a common canvas against which many different specific fads can be played out. You can even purchase furniture in matched sets that will do the work for you, integrating every piece with one another before they even enter your home.

One of the best color changing ideas for a boys room is to use rugs to seasonally spice up the area. These underfoot accessories are great for catching dirt and dust, while engulfing an environment in a specific set of hues. These can then be rotated regularly, allowing you a chance to thoroughly clean the floor while also keeping the area exciting and different with the passing of month to month.

Kids Bedroom Sets For Boys

Purchasing kids bedroom sets is a great way to completely outfit a child’s environment, while saving both time and money. When choosing furniture for a boy’s room you need to find pieces that will be able to withstand the rigorous rate of their play, while also lending a sense of inspiration and excitement to the area. Here at KFS Stores we have a variety of bedroom sets that are specifically designed to be durable, reliable, and perfect for a number of different spaces inhabited by boys of nearly any age.

In the featured image above you see the twin over twin honey stained mission staircase bunk bed set. This is one of the most efficient options you can choose, as it doubles the sleeping area available while only taking up half of the space. The collection comes with a desk, hutch, chair, and bookcase, all lacquered with the same golden honey color to create an integrated look. The bed is also equipped with several handy storage drawers built directly into the frame for extra functionality.

Another great kids bedroom set for boys that we offer is this twin over desk honey convertible bunk bed, which comes bundled with a chair, bookcase, double dresser, and mirror. This is a great option for a child with limited space, where it is difficult to fit all of the necessary furniture without taking up the entire room. The raised loft design allows the area below to be used for study and crafts, while the matched accessories give you everything you need to design a fully functional environment.

All of the boys bedroom sets that we offer are manufactured to be extremely durable and resistant to the ravages of age and use. We employ solid wood materials, which are coated in a protective lacquer to enhance the natural grain of the surface while protecting it from dents and scratches. Our pieces are also built using metal on metal connectors to ensure that the forms and lines are all solid and secure. When it comes to our bunk and loft beds they are so strong that they actually exceed the ASTM’s standards for safety and reliability.

Our captains bed furniture sets combine style and sophistication with a versatile array of storage functions. The centerpiece itself is manufactured with several drawers built directly into the frame. This is then paired with a desk, hutch, chair, and 5 drawer chest to provide all of the organizational options that a young boy could possibly need. These pieces are also matched in color to create a sense of integrated design that will give the room a finished feel.


The all in one twin espresso loft bed is a unique kids bedroom furniture set for boys, because it has all of the features needed for a functional room built into a single versatile piece. The raised sleeping surface creates a sense of elevated majesty, while also providing space below for a handy desk equipped with drawers and storage for study, crafting, and play. There is even an optional pull out trundle which can be embedded into the base of the product to provide a second sleeping area when guests decide to spend the night.

Our kids bedroom furniture sets are an affordable option for parents looking to decorate a bedroom where space is limited. Many of the product sets we sell are integrated, with clever storage features built directly into wasted frame space. They are also provided at a bundle discount, and are built using matched lacquer colors, which makes it easy to get the design right without having to worry about hue, tone, and contrasting looks.