How to Polish Wood Furniture

How to Polish Wood Furniture

Caring for your wood furniture is not an everyday task, and generally products made from this material will stand up well to the weathering of years. However, every once in awhile you will want to revitalize the look and glamour of your surfaces using a little bit of polish. This can consist of any of a number of substances that get wiped onto the wood, in order to reinvigorate it and restore some of the vitamins and essential oils that may have dried out over time.

How To Polish Wood Beds

Discovery World Furniture Honey Day Beds

The products that you will be using during this process will contain harsh chemicals that can cause health problems if you inhale them. Make sure that you undertake this task in a very well ventilated area. The ideal is to polish your wood furniture outdoors during temperate weather. If you are stuck in an interior space make sure that you have all of the windows and doors open, and you may want to consider the use of a fan.

Start by stripping the wood of any lingering wax or buildup that may have accumulated over time. Wood stripper can be purchased from any major hardware store or grocery. However it is important to test out the product that you choose on a small, out of the way section of the piece first, in order to make sure that there is no discoloration or damage that occurs. Once you are sure it is safe it can be applied using a clean cloth.

Polish Wood FurnitureAfter you are done removing any excess gunk that has built up over the years you are ready to start polishing your wood furniture. You will want to apply the cleansing agent using another clean, dry cloth. Wipe it on the surface sparingly, coating everything, but not leaving any excess that will cause drip marks. When you are done let the piece sit for about 20 minutes to dry.

The final step is to buff your wax polish. Use a third clean, dry cloth, and go over the surface of your wood furniture, wiping away any excess polish. This should leave the item looking new and invigorated, with a slight glow that is luminous and beautiful. This can be done again every year or so, ensuring that your furnishings always look like they were just purchased.

The Best Beds For Kids

Children's Beds

What are some of the best beds for kids? That depends on your space, needs, and the function it will serve. If you have kids sharing a room then a bunk bed might be a great idea. For children who have particularly small bedrooms you might want to find a bed that serves many uses. At the same time there is a certain sense of style that should be adhered to and the durability, quality, and dependability of the product is also important.

Best Beds For KidsIf you have kids that are sharing a room then purchasing a bunk bed is one of the best choices you can make. These are inherently space saving devices that allow you to include two sleeping areas while only taking up the floor area of one. They can also include drawers, shelves and other options that can allow them to double as great storage and organizational pieces.

KFS Stores has an excellent collection of kids bunk beds that are built to be so durable that they exceed the ASTM’s requirements for product safety. They are also built from either solid wood or high quality MDF composite, and they have real metal on metal connectors, so they will be able to last through years of use. You can also find twin over twin, full over full, and twin over full sizes to match your requirements.

Captains beds are some of the best beds for kids. These clever pieces are designed with numerous storage options including both shelves and drawers, and sometimes even trundle pull outs, all built directly into their frame. That allows them to do double duty as giant dressers that your kids can sleep on.

Beds For KidsThe solid wood design of our KFS Stores is one of the best features of our kids beds. This all natural material has a timeless quality, that will allow pieces made from it to be used in nearly any decorative setting. That means that you can literally get years of use out of our products, despite the changes that will tend to occur in your kids style and tastes. It is also very strong and durable, and will withstand the rigors of even energetic play.

At KFS Stores we have a wide variety of beds for kids, including loft beds, daybeds, and novelty products. The best choice for your kids will be the piece that fits the needs of their room, while bringing them the most joy and comfort. Shop our wide selection to find the perfect pick, and don’t forget to check out our bedroom bundle sets where you can purchase multiple items and save money.

Novelty Kids Beds

Dollhouse Beds

Sometimes a bed can be more than just a bed. It can be a portal to imagination, providing a child with the prepping point for a thousand spectacular adventures played out in their mind and dreams. Novelty kids beds are like giant life sized toys which can add a touch of whimsy to a room, while also making the dreaded hour of bedtime a little less onerous.

Tent Loft BedsKFS Stores offers a number of novelty kids beds that are manufactured with solid MDF materials, and painted to have a vibrant visage of color and amusement making them look like toys. The dollhouse loft bed is a particularly popular item which is designed to look like a home for massive dolls, immersing your child in a world of wonder. At the same time the raised sleeping surface allows for a second mattress or a storage unit to be positioned below.

Our novelty tent loft beds also feature a raised sleeping surface, however the space below is cloaked in canvas, creating a secret clubhouse that can be used for countless adventures by your kids. Available in several different colors to match the style of the room, these furnishings are designed with real metal on metal connectors to ensure that they are durable and safe.

Race Car BedsOur novelty twin race car beds are great transition items that can make the move from crib to “big kid bed” much easier. Painted to look like a zipping speedster which can shoot down a road of dreams at top speeds, these are fun accessories for any child’s bedroom. Your children might even start looking forward to nap time.

One of the great things about novelty beds is that they can be given as gifts for kids birthdays, christmas, holidays, and other special events. They are fun, exciting, whimsical items, which means that kids will love them. At the same time they serve a practical purpose. Novelty loft beds are particularly functional, opening the space up to new and varied uses.

KFS Stores Captain Bed Featured In Broadway’s “Dear Evan Hansen”

Dear Evan Hansen Bed

The Discovery World Furniture Honey Twin Captain Bed, which is offered at KFS Stores, is being featured in the Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen a tale of teen angst and sorrow which is being hailed as the next “Hamilton” by critics and audiences alike. The furniture piece, a solid wood, golden lacquer hued bed with ample storage and a natural utility of design, is a pivotal prop in the production making appearances in several key scenes.

This week, Dear Evan Hansen was featured on the Today Show, where the hosts discussed several aspects of the play. During the segment they aired a few snippets of the production, including a pivotal moment in which the two star crossed love interests sing a touching duet in the actual bed.

The choice of this particular captains bed is interesting because the light honey hue of the finish accents the youthful tone of the main characters, while the solid wood grain material adds a hint of maturity and depth that belies the process of development from child to adult. That makes it a profound choice for this particular story which deals with so many of those deep seated issues in such a meaningful way.

One of the main concerns that Prop Masters have to deal with when choosing accessories for live production, is the understanding that these products will be used vigorously over the course of several weeks, months, or even years. Companies often rehearse plays multiple times a day in the time leading up to production, and then the show may air multiple times a night. In Dear Evan Hansen this fact is complicated by the use of adult actors that need to be seen as kids using furnishings designed for smaller people.

The fact that KFS Stores captain beds and kids furniture are manufactured using solid wood with real metal on metal connectors was as much of a factor in this prop choice as the stylish and timeless look of the piece. That quality craftsmanship is especially important in a live production, where mishaps due to product failure can result in embarrassing scenarios that may tarnish the reputation of the show.

The Discovery World Furniture Honey Twin Captain Bed from KFS Stores can currently be seen on Broadway, or in a child’s bedroom near you. Check it out along with our wide variety of live production quality captains beds, daybeds, novelty beds, and bunk beds which are so safe that they exceed the ASTM’s standards, and so stylish that they can be used for multiple ages, purposes, and spaces throughout your home, or even in your next big production.

Neat and Efficient Children’s Bedrooms

Organizational Furniture

Children are often quite chaotic and messy, and their bedrooms can reflect this. While constant effort can be employed to tidy up these spaces, it is generally better to work smarter, rather than harder, by designing rooms that naturally tend to stay clean and organized. At the same time you can turn the process of tidying up into a game, that will then encourage your children to take on that responsibility themselves.

Organizational bedsThe first thing that you should do is declutter. Take all of their toys, books, and art supplies, and put anything that isn’t used on a daily basis into a giant bin or chest. That will open the space up, while limiting the clutter that can accumulate through use. The kids can still go into the bin to retrieve something, but being out of sight they will often tend to forget it’s there, making it easier to manage the space.

Another thing that you can do to increase the inherent tidiness of your child’s bedroom is to employ furniture pieces that have multiple functions. A good example would be a bunk bed, with drawers built directly into the frame. A captains bed is another sleeping surface that can double as a storage unit. This will help by giving you more options for sorting their possessions, without taking up usable floor space.

Turning cleaning into a game is a great way to alter your children’s perception of the act in order to encourage them to more readily take part in it. Storage bins can be dressed up with wrapping paper to make them look like giant presents. A hoop can turn a laundry basket into a game of basketball. Dressers can also be turned into castles, dollhouses, trucks, or almost anything that you can imagine with a little construction paper and tape.

It’s a good idea to encourage your kids to keep score of all of the “points” they get whenever they successfully “make a basket.” That will give them something to play against, either aiming for a higher score than their siblings, or challenging their own triumphs over the course of subsequent days.

Protecting Wood Furniture

Wood Furniture

Natural wood furniture can be a beautiful addition to the home, adding character and warmth to the space it inhabits. When manufactured well, products made from wood can last through decades of use. However there are certain steps that should be taken in order to protect and preserve the surface of these furnishings from possible damage due to dents, scratches, chips, and cracks.

Wood BedsThe first thing you should do is assess the environment that the wood furniture piece will be used in. These products are generally not rated to handle outdoor use or exposure to the elements. You may also want to keep them away from basements, as those rooms often have flooding or high humidity problems. Wood pieces are best employed in interior spaces that are moderate in temperature.

Wood furniture should be cleaned on a regular basis, however it is important to avoid getting the surface too wet, or allowing moisture to linger after you are done. The best method will be to apply special wood cleaner to a cloth or paper towel, and then rub it into the wood thoroughly. Afterwards a clean cloth can be used to wipe down the piece in order to remove any lingering liquids.

Bunk BedsFurniture legs are particularly vulnerable to damage, as they have to support the weight of the entire piece. Place these furnishings strategically, along walls but outside of the path of any entryways to avoid unnecessary collisions. You should also employ particular care whenever the object is moved from one space to another, lifting rather than dragging to avoid friction strain.

In some cases sunlight can cause fading, and may give the finish of the piece a washed out, vague look. To avoid this, employ curtains at times of the day when the sun is particularly bright in the specific room. Furniture can also be moved to avoid direct line of sight with large windows. If fading does occur, it can be fixed by applying a fresh coat of varnish.

Solid wood is a beautiful, natural material, and furniture that is crafted from it has the potential to last for generations. This is particularly true because wood can be employed in nearly any decorative style past or present. A few simple precautions can help to protect the surface of these pieces, while also keeping them looking great for years to come.

Teen Bedroom Furniture Sets

Teen Beds

As your children age you are going to periodically have to replace their furniture to match their size, as well as their style choices over time. First they will have to move from a crib to a regular bed, although a novelty option can be chosen. Then they will move on to a twin sized sleeping surface, and when they hit their teens they will probably be ready for a full sized mattress.

teen-bedroom-setsEach of those transitions can be expensive, requiring you to replace not just the bed, but the surrounding furniture as well so that everything matches appropriately. One way to save money is by purchasing teen bedroom furniture sets, which consist of several matched items, all complementing one another in appearance, color, and functionality, and offered at a net discount price.

KFS Stores offers a number of great teen bedroom furniture sets that can help you to completely outfit your growing child’s room with everything they will need to succeed. These are package deals including beds, with matched hue accessories such as dressers, desks, chairs, armoires, and chests, available in honey, merlot or stunning espresso finishes. And all of this is available at a steep discount over what the already low priced individual items would cost.

One of the great things about KFS Stores bedroom furniture products is that they are manufactured using real, solid wood materials. There is a timeless quality to natural wood, with its unique grains and flowing features. This allows it to match with nearly any style, and can even evolve with the changing tastes of teens and children. Our products are also built to last and can withstand the rigors of years of constant use.

Bedroom Set SaleAnother option you can explore is bunk bed teen bedroom furniture sets. Conventional models which are twin over twin, twin over full, and full over full can be employed to make better use of limited space, and is often an interior choice in dorm rooms and university housing. There are also teen loft beds that consist of a single raised sleeping surface, leaving room below for a second bed, a desk, a dresser, or anything that might be needed.

There are a number of advantages to purchasing KFS Store’s teen bedroom furniture sets. Buying in bundles saves you money over purchasing individual items, and it also takes less time and hassle to shop and pick complimentary products. Finally, the products that you get from KFS Stores are always top notch, highly durable, and the best quality possible, making them a great investment in your child’s living space.

Furniture Shopping Online

Online Bunks

Buy FurnitureShopping for furniture can be a difficult experience. You have to decide on an item that will be used and interacted with by your family for what may be years to come. The internet has removed some of the immediacy of this decision by allowing you to peruse various products from the comfort of your home, assessing your needs and wants at your leisure and then ordering with a click.

At KFS Stores we strive to make furniture shopping online an easy and even fun experience. Our product pages all have big, beautiful pictures that you can look at, showing you exactly what you are going to get. We also reinforce this by meticulously listing the details of each item in text. That allows you to make the best decision possible when searching for kids bedroom furniture pieces.

The furniture that you find at KFS Stores is all highly durable, manufactured from solid wood with a quality lacquer finish to protect the surface and enhance the material. The pieces are connected using real metal parts, and the corners are rounded to prevent unnecessary injury. Our bunk beds are so safe that they actually exceed the ASTM’s standards.

Novelty BedsAnother advantage of shopping for furniture online at KFS Stores is that our products are produced in sets of matched finish hues. That means that you can buy a daybed, and easily purchase a matching dresser, desk, chest, or armoire that has been finished with the same lacquer finish. The colors available include honey, merlot, and the premium dark espresso. Many of these items are also bundled in group purchases at an overall discount.

In addition to our natural wood products, we also have a variety of novelty beds online that you can purchase. Our dollhouse loft bed is painted to look like a giant living home for toys, while our race car beds and toddler beds are built to keep your kips zipping through their dreams at top speed. We also have great slide and tent bunk beds with secret forts below and a fun slide to use when exiting the sleeping area each morning.

When furniture shopping online it is important to go to a name you trust, that is why you should choose KFS Stores. We work with the finest manufacturers and offer only the highest quality beds at low and discount prices. Check out our ongoing and rotating sales and find out how easy it can be to purchase home furnishing with just the click of a button.

College Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a great choice for college students rooms. They allow for maximum possible usage of the space available, which can be important in small apartments and dorm rooms. They also have the ability to give each of the occupants a separate space, divided by vertical inclination. While this may be a virtual division, any sense of privacy can be important to late teens and early adults as they embark on the first steps towards their adult futures.

Loft Beds

Discovery World Furniture Honey Full over Full Bunk Bed

Colleges and Universities often purchase bunk beds in bulk in order to furnish the many dorm rooms that they host on campus. This requires products that have a timeless quality, so that they do not pigeonhole the occupant into a single style, while also having a durability that will allow them to survive through years of active use.

At KFS Stores our college bunk beds are manufactured to be strong and durable, with real solid wood materials used, and metal on metal connectors employed to ensure that these pieces exceed the ASTM’s standards for product safety. These products are available in a number of wood lacquer colors, as well as different configurations, and many can be de-stacked to create two different sleeping areas. We are also happy to offer wholesale bunk bed prices to institutions that need to order in bulk.

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Desk Merlot Convertible Bunk Bed

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Desk Merlot Convertible Bunk Bed

Our bunk beds are great for loft apartments, and small rental spaces that college students may need to share with others in order to cover monthly costs. Another option is to purchase a loft bed that features a raised sleeping surface with no second mattress underneath. These allow for a desk, a dresser, and or other furniture pieces to be placed below so that you can extend the functionality of the entire area.

One of the best features of our college bunk beds and loft beds is that they have an efficiency of design that is second to none. Most pieces come equipped with drawers that pull out from under the frame, or in the staircase structure. Others have optional slide out trundles, and shelving units built into the headboard.

If you are looking for the perfect all in one solution for a dorm, loft, or college apartment, then check out the wide selection of bunk beds and loft beds that are available at KFS Stores. Our products are strong, durable, stylish, and efficient, making them the perfect solution to all of your furniture needs.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Kids Furniture Sale

Furniture Sale

Furniture SaleThe season of savings is upon us, and that means it is the perfect time to purchase new kids bedroom furniture and accessories from KFS Stores. Starting on Black Friday 2016 and running through Cyber Monday, our entire selection of bunks beds, storage beds, loft beds, dressers, desks, and furniture sets will be available at incredibly low, discount prices, allowing you to completely redesign a kids room for pennies on the dollars and with just the click of a button.

Look at this lovely full size wooden captain bed. It has an incredible design featuring solid wood materials, and a durable metal on metal construction that will allow it to last through the ages. It is also a highly functional piece that makes efficient use of all available space, with a shelf design built directly into the backboard, as well as your choice of up to 12 drawers and or a trundle bed pull out underneath the frame.

This is a great bed for a child that is growing up and ready to move from a twin to a full size sleeping area. It has an elegant golden honey finish that is mature enough for a teen or young adult, while maintaining a flexible style that can match nearly any decor. And this weekend only, from Black Friday through to Cyber Monday you can get this exquisite furniture piece at a remarkably low price.

Loft Bed Sales

Discovery World Furniture Twin Doll House Loft Beds with Stairs

With the Dollhouse Loft Bed, you have a piece of furniture that can also double as a giant life sized toy, making it the perfect present for Christmas and the holiday season. Imagine your child waking up one day to find a real life sized dollhouse in their room that they can play with and sleep in. At the same time the raised sleeping surface gives you space underneath for a second bed, a desk, dresser, or whatever the room needs.

KFS Stores Black Friday and Cyber Monday furniture sale is your chance to get all of the high quality KFS Stores, Discovery World Furniture, and Donco products that you love, at incredibly low prices. If you’ve been looking for bunk beds, loft beds, day beds, captains beds, dressers, desks, or anything for a kids, teens, or young adults room, now is the time to buy. But this is a once a year event so hurry up because it will be ending soon!