Tax Rebate Redecorating

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Tax season is here, and while some dread the coming of this time, others are eager to receive their hard earned tax rebates. One great use for this sudden landfall of money is to invest in your home, purchasing new furniture pieces to spruce up the various rooms, while replacing old items that might be falling apart. This can enhance the look and function of your spaces, leading to a more productive frame of mind for you and your family.

If you’d like your tax rebate redecorating effort to be an investment, then you need to purchase high-quality furniture pieces that will not only last for years of use, but which can also match a variety of styles. That will allow them to be relevant in your home no matter what particular style might inspire you at any given time. One of the best ways to do this is to buy quality solid wood furniture. These pieces can last through years of use, while the material has a timeless quality to it.

Another way to add to the function of your home is by using your rebate to purchase furniture which can add an extra use to extra rooms you may have. Beds are great as they can turn wasted space into a spare bedroom. You can also purchase storage items such as dressers and chests, and build yourself a lavish walk-in closet. Kid based furnishings are another option for turning that area into a playroom for them to enjoy.

Boys Bedrooms

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Multi-functional pieces are another great option. Captains beds are particularly useful, as they give you the comfort of a sleeping space, which can also be converted into a couch with the right throw pillows. In addition, these products have handy storage options such as shelves and drawers designed directly into their frames, giving them an organizational characteristic as well.

If you truly want to invest in the future then purchasing kids furniture and children’s bedroom furniture pieces with your rebate money is the best option. Having nice things can lead to a child developing a sense of pride in themselves, which can shine through in their learning and ongoing development. You also want to ensure that their furniture is strong, stable, and up to date, as these pieces often double as toys that are jumped, climbed, and crawled upon.

Care and Maintenance of Kids Bunk Beds

Maintenance of Kids Furniture

A bunk bed can be a significant investment, but it is one that can pay off long term, if it is properly cared for and maintained. This will involve a few basic steps, however the effect can be a much more versatile item, that is also safer, and more effective at its intended purpose.

White Bunk BedsBefore purchasing a kids bunk bed you need to find a vendor that offers high quality products. These are items that elevate your children into the air so you want them to be strong, sturdy, and reliable. At KFS Stores our bunk and loft beds are so well made that they actually exceed the ASTM’s standards for safety, making them some of the most reliable options on the market.

It’s also important to instill a sense of respect in your children for their own possessions. Try to help them understand that this is their bed, and so they want to keep it as nice as possible. That will encourage good habits and will make it easier to maintain the piece over time.

If you can make the bunk bed a little more fun that might help your kids to see it as a toy rather than a piece of furniture. Encourage them to build forts by draping blankets and arranging pillows. “Walls” can also be formed using construction paper or cardboard that is colored to achieve whatever effect you like.

Bunk Beds

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Bunk beds should only be cleaned using appropriate products. With wooden bunk beds this will generally either be a polish, or possibly a damp, clean cloth with warm water. Be careful not to inundate any material with liquid as it will generally have a derogatory effect, and make sure that you follow all included manufacturer’s instructions.

One of the advantages of wooden bunk beds is that they can be periodically refinished. That includes stripping down the outer layer of color which also has the effect of removing any defects in the wood.The piece can then be lacquered with a fresh coat, making it look like new. Alternatively some people enjoy the aged look of hardwood materials and opt to forgo refinishing treatments.

Is Your Kids Bedroom Safe? 5 Ways to Make it Better

Bunk Beds

Safety is a parent’s number one concern, and anything you can do to make your kids bedroom safer is an important precautionary step to take. However it doesn’t always take a major renovation, and often there are simple things that you can do to help ensure that your children are protected whenever they are home.

Safe / Quality Bed

When purchasing a child’s bed it is important that you choose a piece that will be strong, sturdy, and able to last through even rambunctious play over the years. Make sure that you match the size of the bed to the age of the child, with toddlers getting special consideration and older teens getting more room to stretch. If you are purchasing a bunk bed then you should consider one of KFS Stores excellent products which are actually rated to exceed the ASTM’s standards.

Bunk Safety

Keep It In Reach

This is especially important for smaller kids. If they feel like they have to climb on things or erect elaborate piles of toys and furnishings to get at the things they want then you have a problem. Try installing lower shelving that will make books and other items more accessible. Bins can also be used and stored under the bed for easy access.

Hide The Wires

Electrical wires are dangerous for a number of different reasons and need to be carefully controlled in a child’s bedroom. Try to reduce the number of electronic devices that are used in these spaces, and instead encourage games and television screens to be enjoyed in public places like the living room. What wires remain can then be ushed behiden furniture legs, hidden under rugs, and coordinated so as not to be a tripping hazard.

Secure the Furniture

Look at everything in your child’s bedroom with a critical eye and evaluate whether it might possibly get knocked over. Kids like to climb on furniture, and often won’t have the foresight to avoid pulling it down on them. Any furniture pieces that are even slightly unsteady should be removed or attached securely to the floor.

Guard the Stairs

If your kids bedroom is on the top floor then you will probably want to have a gate in place to stop them from accidentally falling. Make sure this is an appropriate height so they can’t climb over it, and encourage them to be respectful of the danger of stairs, and not to run in any hallways even if the stairs are gated.

Captains Beds With Storage Drawers For Boys

Captains Beds With Storage

Captains beds with storage drawers are great options for kids bedrooms because they have an inherent versatility that allows them to serve a number of different purposes. While they are comfortable places to rest, they are also designed with organizational pull out containers which are built right into the frame, letting them do double duty as a backup dresser or chest. They also have an inherent dignity and style that makes them the perfect accessories for guest bedrooms, dens, playrooms, and home offices.

Captains BedsOften children will be given the smallest bedrooms in the home, or they will have to share the space with a sibling. Captains beds allow you to optimize the area, removing superfluous storage items in order to create more places to play. They also make it easier to keep the room tidy, by ensuring that your kids always have plenty of space to put their toys.

The style versatility of captains beds means that they can grow with your children, lasting through ages and fads while aligning stalwartly with every phase they grow through. Wooden captain’s beds are especially good for this purpose, as they will take on a type of personality over the years, becoming more endearing by the personal wear of their one of a kind charm.

Captain Beds

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Captains beds also have an inherent story built directly into the name that can capture the imagination of young boys and girls. These were the space saving beds that were used by mariners of old, who had only tiny cabins and many different seafaring items that had to be kept organized. This adds a tale, an adventure to the bed, that can lift their dreams and inspire their minds, while also instilling them with a sense of wonder for the waves.

There are a number of great captains beds with storage for boys which you can purchase from KFS Stores, including items finished in lovely honey, glowing merlot, and premium espresso. Many of our kids beds not only have pull-out drawers but are also equipped with under frame trundles that can instantly double your sleeping spaces when friends want to stay for sleepovers.

Decorating a Student’s Bedroom

Students Bedroom Furniture

When setting up a space for a student you have to make sure that there is an underlying level of organization that works for the particular person who will be using the area. This can include a variety of amenities, placed in easy to access area, that will assist them in their scholastic pursuits. Of course the best strategy for any specific student will be based on their own individual quirks, preferences, and requirements.

Students DeskOne thing to consider is the age of the student who will be occupying the bedroom. With younger children it may be necessary to dress up the work area with colorful cartoon designs that will better engage them in the idea of working, studying, and learning. With older kids the technology available will often be very important, with computers and electronic devices being necessary tools for success.

Having a desk is a basic and essential part to any student’s bedroom. This is the place where they will be able to concentrate on their work. It should be sized so that they are comfortable sitting there, and so that they can reach everything without having to stretch. While some whimsical elements can be a good idea, allowing too many distracting items can be detrimental to their ability to focus on what they need to do.

Students Desks

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Storage is another essential part of any student’s bedroom. They will need to have places to put books, writing utensils, and arts and crafts supplies. This can include shelves, dressers, chests, and even closets, depending on how many materials they have to store. The focus here should be on ease of organization, so that they will always be able to lay their hand on the specific item that they need without getting distracted by a long term search.

If the student in question only has a small space available, then the use of a loft bed may be a clever way to free up more room. These are sleeping surfaces that are elevated vertically into the air, allowing a desk, storage unit, or even a second bed to be placed underneath. These are great options for kids, but are also often used by teens and young adults as they go through high school, college, and move into their first loft apartments.

Cool Boys Bedroom Ideas

Cool Boys Bedrooms

While characteristics such as functionality and organization may be important in a child’s bedroom, the key thing to the kid that lives in it will be how cool it is. This is a personal space, the first that they will ever have possession of, and as such it should inspire a sense of excitement and inspiration. This can of course be balanced with more practical features, but it is important to maintain a creative sense of open wonder when coming up with ideas for a cool boys bedroom.

Boys Beds

Discovery World Furniture Honey Full Captain Bed

The bed is of course the centerpiece of every child’s bedroom. While this furnishing does have certain required characteristics, there is actually a lot more room for creativity here than you might imagine. There are a variety of cool novelty kids beds that are designed to look like race cars, forts, and dollhouses. These are like giant toys that can be inserted into a space, delighting your kids imaginations while also making bedtime more fun.

Another cool boys bedroom idea is to decorate based on a theme. This can be a specific topic that your child is interested in such as a cartoon or movie, or you can use a more science or learning based template in order to help instill an appreciation for learning in them. While themed products can be expensive to purchase directly, you can also make your own decorations by covering surfaces with construction paper and drawing on it or printing out images and posting them throughout the area.

Boys Bedrooms

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One of the fundamental truths about children as they age is that their personalities will develop, form, and change, necessitating regular updates to the look of their bedroom. It can be quite expensive completely outfitting a space with new furnishings every few years. However there are certain products, such as wooden beds, dressers, desks, and chairs, which have a timeless quality that will match nearly any style decor that your kids may start to prefer.

While there are many great ways to make a boys bedroom more cool, these are all subjective, and will be preferred or rejected based on the personality of the individual child or children living in the space. That is why it is important to involve them in the decorative process, getting their feedback and incorporating their ideas into everything that you do. That will ensure that the child thinks the room is cool, which is of course the most important thing of all.

6 Tips For Longer Lasting Kids Furniture

Kids Bed Care

Buying furniture is an investment in the look, quality, and function of your home. However kids often don’t understand that concept, and the furnishings placed in their room can be damaged through rough play and careless measures. That is why it is important to take some simple precautions in order to ensure that your kids furniture pieces will last through years and even generations of use.

Wipe Up Spills Immediately
Liquids are some of the most insidiously dangerous substances to furniture, especially when it is made of wood. When spills occur, it is important to wipe them up immediately and dry the surface as completely as possible to avoid any moisture penetrating into the piece.

Regularly Clean Surfaces
Over time dirt, dust, and debris will naturally accumulate on the surface of kids furniture pieces. Removing this on a regular basis by using a wood or appropriate cleaning agent, or a polish, can help to prevent these marring substance from getting too thick or ground in to easily wipe away.

Block Direct Sunlight
Sunlight, especially when direct and prolonged, can cause discoloration in a number of materials. If you have a kids furniture piece in front of an open window you can use curtains or blinds to offset the rays and protect your possessions.

Captains Beds

Lift Whenever Moving
Furniture legs are often the most vulnerable elements of a child’s furnishing product. Whenever these pieces are moved from one place to another they should be lifted directly, rather than sliding them across the floor. This prevents damage to the piece as well as scratches in the surface it rests on.

Instill Good Manners
Teaching your kids to value their possessions and take care of them is a good habit to instill in general. It can also lead to them treating their furniture including beds, dressers, and storage units, with more care, which can help to prolong the functional life of these pieces.

Refinishing Options
If a piece of kids furniture gets to a point where it has a discolored or shabby outer appearance, but is still structurally sound, then it can often be refinished. This involves stripping down any lacquer that was originally applied to the wood, and then replacing it with a fresh coat. An even easier option is to simply paint over the entire piece, giving it a completely revitalized appearance.

How to Polish Wood Furniture

How to Polish Wood Furniture

Caring for your wood furniture is not an everyday task, and generally products made from this material will stand up well to the weathering of years. However, every once in awhile you will want to revitalize the look and glamour of your surfaces using a little bit of polish. This can consist of any of a number of substances that get wiped onto the wood, in order to reinvigorate it and restore some of the vitamins and essential oils that may have dried out over time.

How To Polish Wood Beds

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The products that you will be using during this process will contain harsh chemicals that can cause health problems if you inhale them. Make sure that you undertake this task in a very well ventilated area. The ideal is to polish your wood furniture outdoors during temperate weather. If you are stuck in an interior space make sure that you have all of the windows and doors open, and you may want to consider the use of a fan.

Start by stripping the wood of any lingering wax or buildup that may have accumulated over time. Wood stripper can be purchased from any major hardware store or grocery. However it is important to test out the product that you choose on a small, out of the way section of the piece first, in order to make sure that there is no discoloration or damage that occurs. Once you are sure it is safe it can be applied using a clean cloth.

Polish Wood FurnitureAfter you are done removing any excess gunk that has built up over the years you are ready to start polishing your wood furniture. You will want to apply the cleansing agent using another clean, dry cloth. Wipe it on the surface sparingly, coating everything, but not leaving any excess that will cause drip marks. When you are done let the piece sit for about 20 minutes to dry.

The final step is to buff your wax polish. Use a third clean, dry cloth, and go over the surface of your wood furniture, wiping away any excess polish. This should leave the item looking new and invigorated, with a slight glow that is luminous and beautiful. This can be done again every year or so, ensuring that your furnishings always look like they were just purchased.

The Best Beds For Kids

Children's Beds

What are some of the best beds for kids? That depends on your space, needs, and the function it will serve. If you have kids sharing a room then a bunk bed might be a great idea. For children who have particularly small bedrooms you might want to find a bed that serves many uses. At the same time there is a certain sense of style that should be adhered to and the durability, quality, and dependability of the product is also important.

Best Beds For KidsIf you have kids that are sharing a room then purchasing a bunk bed is one of the best choices you can make. These are inherently space saving devices that allow you to include two sleeping areas while only taking up the floor area of one. They can also include drawers, shelves and other options that can allow them to double as great storage and organizational pieces.

KFS Stores has an excellent collection of kids bunk beds that are built to be so durable that they exceed the ASTM’s requirements for product safety. They are also built from either solid wood or high quality MDF composite, and they have real metal on metal connectors, so they will be able to last through years of use. You can also find twin over twin, full over full, and twin over full sizes to match your requirements.

Captains beds are some of the best beds for kids. These clever pieces are designed with numerous storage options including both shelves and drawers, and sometimes even trundle pull outs, all built directly into their frame. That allows them to do double duty as giant dressers that your kids can sleep on.

Beds For KidsThe solid wood design of our KFS Stores is one of the best features of our kids beds. This all natural material has a timeless quality, that will allow pieces made from it to be used in nearly any decorative setting. That means that you can literally get years of use out of our products, despite the changes that will tend to occur in your kids style and tastes. It is also very strong and durable, and will withstand the rigors of even energetic play.

At KFS Stores we have a wide variety of beds for kids, including loft beds, daybeds, and novelty products. The best choice for your kids will be the piece that fits the needs of their room, while bringing them the most joy and comfort. Shop our wide selection to find the perfect pick, and don’t forget to check out our bedroom bundle sets where you can purchase multiple items and save money.

Novelty Kids Beds

Dollhouse Beds

Sometimes a bed can be more than just a bed. It can be a portal to imagination, providing a child with the prepping point for a thousand spectacular adventures played out in their mind and dreams. Novelty kids beds are like giant life sized toys which can add a touch of whimsy to a room, while also making the dreaded hour of bedtime a little less onerous.

Tent Loft BedsKFS Stores offers a number of novelty kids beds that are manufactured with solid MDF materials, and painted to have a vibrant visage of color and amusement making them look like toys. The dollhouse loft bed is a particularly popular item which is designed to look like a home for massive dolls, immersing your child in a world of wonder. At the same time the raised sleeping surface allows for a second mattress or a storage unit to be positioned below.

Our novelty tent loft beds also feature a raised sleeping surface, however the space below is cloaked in canvas, creating a secret clubhouse that can be used for countless adventures by your kids. Available in several different colors to match the style of the room, these furnishings are designed with real metal on metal connectors to ensure that they are durable and safe.

Race Car BedsOur novelty twin race car beds are great transition items that can make the move from crib to “big kid bed” much easier. Painted to look like a zipping speedster which can shoot down a road of dreams at top speeds, these are fun accessories for any child’s bedroom. Your children might even start looking forward to nap time.

One of the great things about novelty beds is that they can be given as gifts for kids birthdays, christmas, holidays, and other special events. They are fun, exciting, whimsical items, which means that kids will love them. At the same time they serve a practical purpose. Novelty loft beds are particularly functional, opening the space up to new and varied uses.