Playrooms for Toddlers

Safe Bunk Beds

A playroom for a toddler has to be catered to the specific needs and inclinations of a child that age. You should ensure that everything that can be reached is interactive as that will help stimulate their minds and imaginations. At the same time you have to ensure that it is safe, as toddlers are very vulnerable to injury, especially when they get excited and rambunctious. However it is possible to create a play area that is fun, secure, and which will help your child develop and grow.

The first thing that you should do is empty the playroom completely. By taking all of the items out of there you will ensure that nothing dangerous gets left behind. Once you have a blank slate to work with you can start reintroducing furniture pieces, and then toys, games, and other items that will fill the bulk of the environment.

Playroom FurnitureThere are a number of furniture items that can be useful in a toddler’s playroom. Storage is important, and the use of large bins, dressers, and chests will help to keep the area organized and tidy. Choose organizational products that are easy to use so the child can start helping with cleanup time when they are ready. It may also be useful to have a couch, rocking chair, and other seating options in the space. These can act both as comfort items and fun padded toys that your kids can interact with.

Flooring is often overlooked in a playroom but it can be very important. If possible you want a soft surface that will not hurt if your toddler falls on it. That’s particularly important when they are first learning to walk. Carpet is a great option, as is rubber, and vinyl or linoleum with cork underlayment padding. If you have a harder surface in there already like hardwood, consider using thick rugs to coat the area.

Many parents choose to include a bed or sleeping area in a playroom, as rigorous activity can quickly turn into sleepy exhaustion. Beds are also great as they give the child a place to crawl, fall, bounce, and jump, all on a surface that is soft and springy. If you want to be whimsical you can purchase a novelty bed that is designed to look like a dollhouse, a race car, or an explorer’s tent.

A toddlers playroom can be an excellent space to let your kids be excited, energetic, and just have fun. Because it is an environment you can control you have the ability to eliminate elements that might otherwise be dangerous to them. You can also instill the space with toys that will stimulate their minds and motivate them to learn, create, and grow.

Student Bedroom Furnishings and Decor

Students Bedroom Furniture

The environment that that children work, play, learn, and grow in, is very important to their nature of their development over time. The presence of certain furnishings, decorations, and functional accessories can affect the natural use of the space. When you have a young student that is working to expand their mental capacities, you want to try and create an environment that reinforces that, both in decorative and functional terms.

Captains BedsThe centerpiece of any child’s bedroom is going to be the bed. This is generally the largest and most pervasive furniture item that you will find in the space. While the sleeping area doesn’t have much to lend to studious matters, there are a number of beds that come built with desks directly designed under the loft or to the side of the bunk.

By choosing a bed that is integrated with a desk you can create a form of mental symbiosis. This will reinforce the importance of study while keeping it primary in the mind of your young student. The added benefit is that these features also serve to increase the efficiency of the space, with integrated furnishings acting as space saving solutions in what are often cramped kids rooms.

Kids are going to have toys and games, however where you choose to store them can create different types of focus and motivation. If the room has a giant television screen with lots of video games everywhere, then walking into the space will motivate them to play. Reduce this by hiding the screen behind cabinet doors, and instead using bookshelves to display tomes of knowledge which will entice your budding student at every turn.

The use of solid wood furnishings is a good way to ensure that your child’s room matches with the style of the rest of the home. This material has a timeless quality that has allowed it to be used in nearly any interior decorative scheme ever developed. It’s also available in a variety of color stain finishes giving you lots of options to customize the look.

Novelty Bunk Beds For Boys

Toddler Beds for Boys

Bunk beds are a great and practical way to make optimal use of space, especially in a boys bedroom. However these pieces can be even more than that. When you open yourself up to the world of novelty bunk beds you will find that furnishings can actually be giant toys, that can delight your kids and make them excited about bed time each night.

Dollhouse Beds
At KFS Stores you can find a variety of fun novelty bunk beds for boys and girls rooms. One of our most popular is the dollhouse loft, which features a raised sleeping surface design, and MDF wood composite materials which are painted to replicate the look of a giant house that your kids can sleep in. At the same time the area underneath can be used for a second sleeping surface, a desk, storage, play, or anything that you can think of.

One of the great things about bunk beds and loft beds is that they naturally lend themselves to a sense of novelty. Even if you purchase one of our standard solid wood pieces, you can dress it up with stickers, pictures, or posters lining the walls and beams. You can also drape a blanket from the top to create a cozy enclosed space that can be used as a fort or castle, while the upper sleeping area can be dressed with pillows to make it like a soaring watch tower.

Tent Loft Beds
Another great novelty bunk bed that we have which is very popular with boys is our tent loft with attached slides. These make use of the raised sleeping surface by enclosing the area below in a canvas coat that instantly transforms the area into a place for imagination and play. Meanwhile the slide affixed to the structure provides a safe and exciting way for your kids to slip down into the world and into their day.

In addition to our bunk beds we also have a variety of novelty twin and captains beds that can be purchased. Our race car beds are painted to looking like zipping speedsters ready to shoot down the road. We also have low loft beds that allow you to get the convenience of a raised sleeping surface without putting your child too far into the air.

KFS Stores Kids Furniture Options

Maintenance of Kids Furniture

KFS Stores has an amazing selection of kids furniture products that can help you to create an incredible room for them to enjoy. Not only do these furnishings feature various functional elements that you can choose from, but many can also be customized to give you exactly what you need. That ensures that whatever you are looking for, you will find it at KFS Stores.

Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds

We have a ton of great bunk beds that you can choose from to help maximize your space. These are available in a number of different sizes including twin over twin, and full over full. We also have twin over full beds that are perfect for kids of different sizes and ages who might be sharing a room. These beds come in various different solid wood finish colors including merlot, honey, and premium espresso. In addition, we have several novelty bunk beds that are painted to look like whimsical toys.

Most of the bunk beds that we offer have customizable options that can be chosen to suit your particular needs. One of the advantages of our products is that they are designed with useful features that are crafted under the mattress, making use of wasted space. This area can instead be filled with between three and six drawers, or a pull out trundle bed that gives you a third sleeping surface.

Captain Beds

Captains Beds

Our captains beds are luxurious, high quality items that work great in kids bedrooms and playrooms, as well as guest bedrooms, and even in spare rooms dens, and social spaces. These are all designed with storage features which are built directly into the frames, featuring three drawer, six drawer, or a drawer and trundle combination that can improve the functionality of the piece. Many of our captains beds also have additional shelving areas built into the backboard.

Upgrade Options

Our wooden bunk beds, captain beds, and daybeds all have the option to purchase a metal beam upgrade which will help to make the structure of the piece even more strong, sound, and safe. We also offer mattresses which are perfectly sized to fit the sleeping area provided. These options allow you to complete your shopping all in one place and get everything that you need with the click of a single button.

Science Themed Bedrooms


Getting your kids interested in science at an early age is important for helping them develop a healthy appreciation for learning and observation. One fun way that you can do this is by implementing a science themed bedroom design that will immerse them in knowledge and discovery every single day. This can be a simple undertaking, or a long term project, depending on how advanced you want to get.

With science you have a number of different areas that you can concentrate on, from space exploration, to marine biology, to famous doctors and pioneers of discovery. If possible, try to get a feel for which area will most engage the child. This can be done by giving them books or toys based on different areas of interest, and then observing what they tend to be most drawn towards.

Depending on the particulars of the theme, you will then be able to replicate exciting environments in the bedroom, using toys, posters, and other decorative knick knacks which can be made or purchased. It’s often a good idea to engage the child in this process, enlisting their help with the procurement or construction of any props that will be placed throughout the space.

If one of the biological sciences is your decorative theme, then you can make use of toys and displays to simulate exotic environments, such as the jungle, the mountains, or even the bottom of the oceans. Stuffed toys mixed with animal action figures will give a 3d feel to the space, while wall paintings, stick ons, and decals can create the backdrop.

The bed will generally be the centerpiece of a kids bedroom, taking up more visual space than any other piece. Use this to the theme’s advantage by purchasing matched bedding that coordinates with the rest of the environment. An alternative is to think of this furniture piece as a vehicle of exploration by dressing it up as a spaceship, a submarine, or an aircraft traveling to exotic destinations.

Construction paper can be a great assistant in your efforts. Create a forest by coating dressers and desks in green sheets, or tape jagged triangles of gray and brown to the walls to create towering mountain peaks. You can even roll larger pieces into tubes and create makeshift plants and trees. And of course everything can be drawn on without worrying about lasting damage.

Throughout the process include factual information alongside the decorative and fun elements. If creating a glow in the dark star display, make tiny replicas of actual astrological bodies, and have a poster nearby showing the actual images. With plants and animals include little info sheets as if their room were a museum. As long as you find the right balance of learning and entertainment you will be able to create a great science themed bedroom for your kids.

Sturdy Bed Frames With Storage

Students Desk

The design and quality of a child’s bed is important. This is a piece of furniture that will be cradling them when they sleep, so it has to be safe and reliable. That is also important for ensuring that the bed is able to last through years of use, even by rambunctious kids, allowing it to be reused by subsequent generations, friends, and family members when the need arises. Functionality is another concern, making options with storage features particularly practical.

Having a sturdy product is very important when purchasing loft and bunk beds, as safety is paramount when choosing elevated sleeping surfaces for your kids. Luckily KFS Stores only sells high quality furnishings that are so strong, safe, and reliable that they actually exceed the ASTM’s standards. This is accomplished with real wood materials, metal on metal connectors, rounded edges, and preventative drawer stops.

Another great thing about the bunk beds that we offer at KFS Stores is that they are designed with a number of handy storage features built directly into the bed frame. These pieces are generally large, and often the bulk of the structure contains areas that go unused, such as the space behind steps, or underneath the bottom bed. However our Discovery World Furniture bunk beds have drawers and shelves built in making use of those areas.

Our sturdy bed frames with storage are available in a number of different configurations including both twin and full sizes, as well as bunk beds, captains beds, daybeds, and convertible sofas. In addition you can choose from honey, merlot, cappuccino, and painted white finishes, and can even purchase them in bundled sets with other matched furnishings such as dressers, desks, and mirrors.

When purchasing bed frames from KFS Stores you will have the option to add a number of additional upgrades and items to your order. This will often include one, two, or three mattresses depending on the spaces available, as well as extra strong support beams, and under bed drawer and trundle configurations.

Using White Beds With Storage Options to Improve a Child’s Room

Kids Captains Beds

White beds are often used in kid’s bedrooms when a more classic style is preferred. This can be the rustic shabby chic, or something a little more upscale, giving a sense of maturity to the area that will in turn affect the child as their personality develops. Often these products will have handy storage features built into them, including drawers, shelves, and nooks for holding and organizing, giving them an inherent functionality that amplifies the useful nature of their presence.

KFS Stores offers a number of high quality painted white beds, that come in a variety of configurations. Some of our most popular products include our white bunk beds for kids, which are available in both twin and full sizes. Built using real MDF composite materials, painted with a striking white bright finish, and secured using real metal on metal connectors, these are some of the most durable, safe, and stylish kids furniture options you can find anywhere.

We also have an excellent collection of white captains beds with storage options that can be used to improve a child’s room. These are clever designs that were originally built for seafaring skippers who were forced to live in cramped cabins for long periods of time. In order to keep their many tools and possessions organized they had beds built with drawers and storage devices crafted right into the bed frame, allowing them to make use of what would otherwise be wasted space.

In a kids room, a white captains bed can be an elegant piece that can bring a sense of luminous energy to the space. This can also help you to tie your child’s bedroom style into the design of the rest of the house, matching the more mature furnishings of your home without removing the whimsy of their play spaces.

Our fine collection of white and solid wood stained bunk beds, captains beds, day beds, and home furnishings are all available at low discounted prices. You can also purchase furniture in bundled sets of matched pieces, allowing you to outfit rooms or even multiple spaces, all with stylistically paired pieces, and all while saving money.

5 Clever Ways to use Captains Beds

Kids Captains Beds

Captains beds are excellent furniture items because they are incredibly versatile and can be used in a number of different ways. This functional nature allows them to extend beyond their first purpose, so that they can be used and reused multiple times over the course of their effective life. The only limit to this process is your own creativity in the repurposing of these dynamic home furnishings.

Captain BedOften captain’s beds are employed in children’s bedroom settings because they are particularly suited to small spaces. The drawers, shelves, and organizational units that are built directly into the frame can all eliminate the need for additional storage items, freeing up a larger area for play. These beds also have a storied history, being originally conceived by ship’s captains living in cramped quarters, and that can add an extra layer of fun and whimsy to their presence.

Another great use for captains beds is in a guest bedroom. The fact that they have built in storage means that you do not have to purchase as many additional dressers and chests, reducing the cost of setting up the area. At KFS Stores you can also find captain bed furniture bundles, which include several matched furnishings, allowing you to completely outfit a room while saving money.

Kids Bunk BedsAnother use for a captains bed isn’t as a bed at all, but as a couch. These pieces tend to have smaller frames, and will often include a backboard that runs along the long edge of the piece. Simply moving a few pillows around can let you switch the cushioned mattress into a plush seating area that can be enjoyed in offices, dens, and even living rooms.

Even after you are done using a captain’s bed for its named purpose, you can still repurpose these pieces by turning them into storage units. Since the frame has drawers built into it, these are essentially low dressers, that will have a hard top once the mattress is removed. These can be placed inside of storage rooms or large closets. You can also leave them freestanding and stack shelves or drawers on top of them to create your own custom organizational item.

Of course, all of the ideas mentioned above are interchangeable, both throughout the life of the bed and on a daily basis. A den can quickly turn into a guest bedroom by moving the pillows and adding some sheets and covers. You can also use them as storage in a home office, which can quickly be converted into a sitting or sleeping surface as the need arises.

Planning for Success With Kids Bedrooms

Bunk Bed With Desk

A bedroom is an important environment for anyone, and the look and feel of these spaces can have a subtle but profound effect on the way that the people who inhabit them behave. This is particularly true of children, who are far more impressionable, and therefore open to the silent cues that exist within the space. That is why it is important to use strategic thinking when designing a kids bedroom for optimal success.

Kids Bedroom Desks

Discovery World Furniture Honey Desk with Hutch

A desk is an essential item in any success focused child’s bedroom. This is the space where they can sit and do homework, arts and crafts, read, or engage in other projects to stimulate thought and creativity. Beyond that, the existence of one of these furniture pieces in the room is a signal that hard work and education is important, and it is one that they will see every single day.

If you have space, then carving a whole section of the bedroom out into a specialized work area is a great way to emphasize those values. This will give them the freedom to spread out with books, papers, notes, or projects. At the same time, it can be a great way to inspire them towards scholarly or artistic pursuits, as having the room to do something often makes you want to actually do it.

Shelves are particularly good furniture items to use in kid’s bedrooms. The utilitarian nature of these pieces is obvious, however they also have a hidden benefit. By placing books on the shelves, you are essentially decorating the room with knowledge and literature. This effect can be expanded to cover all of the walls, and in larger spaces, you can even create a dividing line using free standing tomes.

Captains BedsHaving a lot of storage furnishings in a child’s bedroom is a good way to teach them about the importance of organization. If you give them plenty of room to put their things, they will be more likely to develop tidy habits. Then if clutter does become an issue, items such as dressers, chests, bins, and nightstands can be coated in wrapping paper or colorfully illustrated construction paper to make them more whimsical and fun to interact with.

Using a little forethought when designing a child’s bedroom will allow you to instill the space with cues and symbols which will have a long-term effect on how they develop and see themselves. At the same time, giving them the tools and space to accomplish their goals can inspire them to reach even farther for their dreams.

The Effect of Color on a Developing Child

Kids Bed Care

Color is everywhere, written on every surface, shading every object, every shape and every form. For a child, the colors that they are exposed to can have a subtle yet profound effect on them as they grow, learn, and develop. While this may be somewhat understated, over time the power of various hues can be accumulative, especially when they are present in a space such as the bedroom. That’s why it is important to understand the effects of the colors in your child’s room so that you can influence this pervasive element.

Novelty BedsWhile color psychology has been studied, it is not an exact science, and the perceptions of different people will vary widely. This is particularly true in kids, as the way that they see the world can change from day to day as they grow and develop into their more mature selves. However there are certain trends in reactions that people have to colors which tend to run true.

One basic example of this is red. This color tends to have an exciting effect on people, making them more aggressive, increasing their metabolism, and even making them hungrier. One way this can be relevant in a child’s bedroom is if they are having trouble sleeping at night. Crimson hues in toys, furnishings, and even architectural features may be causing a subconscious problem.

teen-bedroom-setsThe answer to this would be to remove as much of the red as possible. A good replacement would be the use of blue decorative objects, which can have the opposite effect, causing a calming and soothing feeling to pervade the atmosphere of spaces where they are used. However this might not be the right color for a child who has trouble staying focused, or waking up in the morning.

One of the best ways to balance colors is with furniture items and accessories that blend several hues together. Wooden pieces are particularly good at that, as the grains tend to mottle into a wash of tones that can downplay the dominance of any single one. The use of different colored lacquers such as honey, espresso, and merlot can then amplify this effect.