KFS Stores 2015 Back To School Sale

The back to school season is an exciting time when children transition from the lazy days of summer, to the scholastic pursuits that will help them one day achieve their dreams. That makes this the perfect opportunity to reorganize your kids rooms, in order to make them more efficient, while outfitting them with the furniture pieces they need to study, do homework, and complete crafts and projects. That’s why KFS Stores is having a huge back to school sale, where we are discounting a wide variety of desks, organizational beds, and functional furnishings that will help your little scholars shine as they learn.

One of the most popular items for sale in our back to school event is the Donco Short Kids Bunk Bed With Desk. This is a clever piece that employs a raised sleeping surface that elevates the mattress, without pushing it up to the full height of a standard loft design. That creates enough room underneath for both storage features, and a desk which can be paired with a chair to create an instant work space. Now available at a discounted price for a limited time.

The great thing about the space saving kids furniture pieces that we have on sale, is that they allow you to optimize a child’s bedroom, embedding as much function as possible into every inch of the area. At the same time these are all high quality products, that are built to last through years of rugged use, while also maintaining a level of safety that will give you peace of mind.

A great example of the functional designs that we have available in our back to school furniture sale is the Donco Twin Bookcase Trundle Bed. This product features two rows of drawers for a total of six pull out organizational features that are embedded directly into the frame of the item. This is then reinforced by a shelving unit that acts as the headboard of the piece, giving you a place where you can both store and display additional keepsakes.

Another great product that is on sale in our massive store wide back to school event is the Espresso All In One Loft Bed. This is a masterpiece of conservative design, that features a raised twin sized sleeping surface, which is built over an embedded desk unit, with drawers and even a pull out trundle inserted into every inch of inner frame that is not used as a support structure. That gives you everything you need to outfit a young student’s room in a single piece that won’t take up much space.

The KFS Stores back to school sale includes numerous furniture pieces and furnishings, including bunk beds, captain beds, trundle beds, desks, chairs, dressers, chests, and drawers. These pieces can be used in children’s bedrooms, teen spaces, playrooms, guest rooms, and even home offices, depending on exactly what you need. And best of all they are on sale right now, so if you hurry you can nab them at a steeply discounted price.

Back To School Kids Desk Furniture

It’s that time of year, the lazy days of summer are fading and as a cool breeze cuts the warmth that has suffused the past few months, kids and parents turn to the necessities of school, and work. That makes this the perfect occasion to start shopping for functional back to school desk furniture pieces, that can help to get children excited about returning to their studies, while also giving them a place to complete homework, research, reading, and assignments.

Unfortunately children’s bedrooms are often small, and have limited space for desks and chairs where they can stretch out and do all of their work. That’s why KFS Stores has a great selection of cleverly built beds that incorporate study friendly features directly into the design. Many of these use elevated sleeping surfaces, which leave room down below for a scholastic cove, where your kids can handle schoolwork without filling the entire area with large furniture pieces.

Our All In One Espresso Loft Bed is a great example of this. A single, solid piece of natural wood construction, it is designed with a sleeping surface which is risen high above the room. Then built directly into the frame beneath is a great desk, including a number of storage drawers that can be used to holds books, writing materials, reference pieces, and notes. That creates a perfect little office for your child, that also leaves the rest of the room open for play when their homework is done.

One of the great things about back to school furniture shopping is that it is a chance to get your children enthusiastic about the season. Many kids dread the end of summer freedom, and groan at the thought of teachers and classes.However by remaking their room with a large piece that is designed to help them study, you can invigorate them with a sense of energy that will carry through as they begin the toil of study once more.

If you’re looking for something sleek and sophisticated for an older teenager heading back to school then you may want to consider our Donco Silver Metal Bunk Beds With Desks built into them. These feature sleek metallic lines that are powerful, yet subtle, providing the room with an elegance that is perfect for kids of any age. This modern look also carries through to the under sleeping surface area, where you find a desk and chair set up to look like the most sophisticated of grown up office environments.

Many of our back to school kids desk furniture products are currently on sale at discounted prices, allowing even budget conscious parents to acquire new pieces for their children’s bedrooms. We also offer matched sets, that come with several different items including beds, desks, drawers, and dressers, all built from the same material with the same color lacquer gracing their face, allowing you to completely outfit a room for even less.

If you have younger kids who are heading back to school for the first time, then a low loft bed may be the best option for you. These have sleeping surfaces that are elevated, but not as much as a standard bunk, to help allay any height fears that may be present. At the same time the design allows for a desk to be fitted in the space below, and drawers to be embedded in the frame throughout.

Back to school time doesn’t have to be a drag. With our great collection of children’s desk furniture pieces you can help to invigorate your kids with a sense of excitement for the coming year. At the same time you can save money with our great discounts and bundles, while also saving space with the clever and functional integrated designs offered in many of our products.

Kids Storage Furniture

Often children have small bedrooms, or have to share a single space with one or more siblings. That makes the storage furniture that you buy for these environments particularly important. Pieces such as dressers, chests, and shelves have to be functional and conserve the area available. At the same time they are also going to be large dominant pieces, so you can’t ignore the style and quality of the products. In many cases the best bet will be to try and find items that can do double duty, such as beds that have storage built directly into them.

One great piece of kids storage furniture that you can find is called a captains bed. Named for the masters of sail who lived in tiny cabins for years at a time, these pieces have been designed with storage built directly into the frame, allowing you to save room while optimizing the entire area. Several of the models we have available also include pull out trundle beds that can give you extra sleeping space when necessary.

Bunk Beds

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Espresso Staircase Bunk Beds 2914 Full

If you really need to optimize the space in a teen or child’s bedroom then you should think vertical, with one of our beautiful bunk bed options. These place one sleeping space above the other to create two fully functional beds. At the same time many of them include built in organizational features such as under frame drawers and storage which are inserted into the staircase leading up to the top bunk.

Finding the right piece is important for any room, and with children you have to consider a long term perspective. They might love pastels and super heroes when they are young, but as they mature products with those features can become outdated, prompting replacement if they were not chosen carefully. Our line of solid wood night stands and dressers are great because they have a timeless quality that works for an infant, but can last all the way through college dorm room years.

Storage Furniture

Discovery World Furniture Merlot Media chest 2871

One of the tricks to finding kids storage furniture that looks good and is also price effective is to purchase sets. On the KFS Store you will find a number of bundled products that include things like beds, dressers, chests, desks, and more, all built from the same natural wood and stained in matched colors that flow evenly with one another. These are all offered at a bulk discount rate allowing you to easily outfit a child’s bedroom without breaking the bank or spending all of your time trying to coordinate different colors.

Kids Sets

Cute Bunk Beds For Girls

There are a number of cute bunk beds for girls that can turn otherwise cramped spaces into wide open areas that can be used for a variety of functions. These are most often employed in childrens bedrooms, however they are also perfect for teenagers, dorms, and loft apartments where you have limited room, and need to make the most of what you have. At the same time they can still be stylish, attractive, and create a sense of distinct decorative beauty within the room.

Some of the most cute bunk beds for girls will be novelty pieces that can help to ignite the imagination of a child. Pieces such as our doll house loft beds can become more than just sleeping surfaces. They can actually take on a life of their own, becoming interactive toys within the environment. It will make your child feel like they are a toy themselves, living in a magical wonderland of adventure and play.

More standard options include wooden or metal loft pieces. These can be cute bunk beds for girls that will also grow and remain elegant over time, making them perfect for small children, but appropriate for young teens and tweens as they age through the years. That versatility also allows them to be used in guest bedrooms, or dorms, where you want something that is both stylish, and functional to help invigorate the area.

One of the cutest furniture pieces that we offer for girls are the tent bunk beds with built in slides. These make use of a draped tarp design that turns the space beneath the sleeping area into a secret garden that can be used for tea parties, meetings with stuffed friends, and even as a work area that is isolated from the rest of the environment. The bonus is that the attached slide makes waking up for school each morning an adventure where they can slip into the day with a sudden, swift, and sloping excitement.

When looking for a cute bunk bed for your daughter you should work with her. Look at the full selection of wooden, metal, low loft and novelty furniture pieces that we offer at KFS Stores together, and then decide on what would be right for her as an individual. This can be a fun process, and may even help you to get to know one another better.

Bunk Beds For Small Rooms

Space can often be limited in a home or apartment, requiring children to share a single room. This area may be tiny itself, which makes it important to be as efficient as possible with what you have to work with. Bunk beds for small rooms can help with this, giving you the ability to multiply the sleeping areas that are available for your kids by stacking them vertically. At the same time you give each child their own distinct area that they can claim and maintain as their own.

There are a lot of different options when you start shopping for bunk beds for small rooms. Wooden pieces are a good choice, because they are durable, versatile, and have a timeless elegance that can grow with your children as they age and mature. Available in a number of different color finishes, you can choose merlot, honey, white, or premium espresso hues, that will let you match them to the design of the space you are creating.

At KFS Stores we have a variety of wooden bunk beds that are perfect for small rooms of almost any shape and size. Our pieces are sturdy, durable, and even exceed ASTM standards for safety, so you know that they will be reliable for years to come. We also have options such as twin over twin, twin over full, and full over full pieces so that you can get the right size for the children that will be using them.

One of the problems you may face when forced to have two kids share the same area is that it can feel cramped, and they may even have problems with a loss of identity and individuality, which can lead to conflicts throughout the years. With our bunk beds each child will have their own distinct space. The upper tier is a tower of tranquility, which is isolated from the lower regions by its very nature. At the same time the lower bunk is like a secure cove, a cave that can be designed and refined however the child using it likes.

In some cases you can also purchase novelty loft or bunk beds for small spaces. With a raised design, even a single child in a cramped room can take advantage of the efficiency of design by placing a desk or dresser under the furniture piece. There are also whimsical slide shoot, and doll house bunk beds, which can turn the furniture piece into a living toy that will actually enhance their experience in the environment.

The important thing is to match the nature of the bunk bed that you are using in a small room to the kids that will be using it. This will be determined by age, preference, and function, as well as the personality they display. Luckily KFS Stores has a wide variety of furniture options which can let you choose exactly what you need to make the space great.

Colors For Boys Room Ideas

The colors that you choose to use in a child’s bedroom can have a subtle but profound effect on both the environment, and the experiences they have within them. This comes from a combination of architectural features such as walls and floors, as well as large furniture pieces such as beds, dressers, area rugs, and desks. Both of these are then accentuated by the artistic stylings and choices of decor, accent, and placement items.

The walls are the backdrop of a boy’s bedroom environment. The colors that you choose for these surfaces will be like a canvas, against which you can create any theme, effect, or look that you desire. In general you will want to avoid the instinct to choose bright, blaring colors for these areas. It is a much better idea to choose a more subdued hue that will then allow you to accentuate the space with whatever elements you select later on.

When choosing large furniture pieces you need to be careful. These items are expensive, so they have to fit both the form, and the function of the space. Often, choosing solid wood beds and dressers, or items made from chrome and or metal can give a boys room a timeless quality that can grow with them over time. That will allow these pieces to transition with them as they develop and age from children to teenagers.

With smaller accents you can afford to be a lot more imaginative. A child’s toys are already going to be multicolored and variegated, which means that the space will be a natural cacophony of colors. That gives you more freedom with less focal features such as clocks, lamps, and linens, where you can choose colors that are bright, emphatic, rowdy, or boisterous. Just remember that the more energy you put into the room, the harder it will be to get your little ones to quiet down when it’s time for sleep.

A common idea that parents employ when decorating a boys room is to make use of themes. These can be branded options such as those based on movies, books, and other media, though those styles will be more fleeting and less malleable to the weathering of time. However more general applications such as ocean, or desert, can become a common canvas against which many different specific fads can be played out. You can even purchase furniture in matched sets that will do the work for you, integrating every piece with one another before they even enter your home.

One of the best color changing ideas for a boys room is to use rugs to seasonally spice up the area. These underfoot accessories are great for catching dirt and dust, while engulfing an environment in a specific set of hues. These can then be rotated regularly, allowing you a chance to thoroughly clean the floor while also keeping the area exciting and different with the passing of month to month.

Low Loft Bed With Storage

When you purchase a low loft bed, especially one with storage, you are looking for a functional and attractive utility for your child’s bedroom. The raised sleeping surface is great for creating room, giving you a nook beneath where you can place a desk, or storage items. However you remove the added height of a bunk, making the situation more comfortable for children with fear issues. Storage can then improve things even further, adding organizational features to the piece.

With a low loft bed your first concern is space. You need a raised sleeping surface in order to maximize the area within the environment. Underneath a desk, a dresser, a chest, or even a media cabinet can be placed, which won’t take up extra room because it is using the cubby you have created. That allows you to fully furnish a child’s bedroom without having to worry about how small it might be.

Choosing a low loft bed with storage goes even further. Then you can not only add extra floor space function to the room, but you can use the very area in between the walls of the piece for your organizational efforts. There, drawers, and even shelves can be embedded letting you keep books, games, toys, and clothes in neat and tidy roles ready to be found whenever they are ready.

Of course a low loft bed doesn’t give you the full room that one of our bunk beds or loft beds would, but it does provide a sense of peace for children who have problems with heights. This can be particularly comforting to younger kids, who might not be used to climbing steps to sleep each night. But with the reduced height, you get the functionality you need, without any of the consternation that can come from raised sleeping surfaces.

There is of course a magical hint to low loft beds that only children can see. With a raised sleeping surface they get their own tower in the clouds, which can look out across the world with an eye to anyone who proceeds into the room. The space beneath can also be fun, acting as a fortress, castle, or even secret room where they can create adventures that will entertain them for days. That gives these products a hint of whimsy in the face of their functional features.

Creative Bunk Bed Ideas

Bunk beds are most often used in small children’s bedrooms that don’t have a lot of space. They allow you to fit two or more sleeping areas in the environment, while only taking up the area of a single piece. But that means that siblings have to learn to share, which can be a bit of a burden. However it is one that can teach them the value of respecting one another while also leading them to a more mature understanding of what it is to have personal boundaries. One of the best ways to complete that process is through the use of creative bunk bed ideas. That can take a trying experience and instead make it fun and exciting for everyone involved.

The first thing that you have to do is pick a good bunk bed. There are a number of different materials that are available, including both metal, and solid wood, as well as numerous colors that can be selected from. While you may not think that a small child will care about decor and decorative factors, the aesthetic quality of the space you are creating can have a subtle yet profound effect on their developing psychology.

You also need to choose the size of the bunk beds that you will use. In many cases you will be able to get standard twin over twin, or twin over full pieces, depending on the age of the children who will be using them. With smaller kids a more compact sleeping area will be comforting, while older siblings will prefer the room to stretch out and grow as they sprout in size from childhood to their teen years. You can also combine these elements with a smaller twin placed over a larger full, to accommodate the needs of individual personalities.

One of the best creative bunk bed ideas that you can employ is to view each vertical sleeping surface as a separate space, that can be personalized by the child using it. Existing at different heights, they allow the two kids to avoid one another visually, while also claiming their own level of the room. The top is like a towering crest that rises out over the space revealing everything in sight. By contrast the bottom is a hidden hidey hole of comforts that can allow for personal space and privacy.

There are many ways that you can allow the kids to personalize their own sleeping surfaces. Different sheets will let them choose their own themes and color schemes. Another creative bunk bed idea is to use a blanket, draped over the side, to create a kind of second room, within the environment, so that they each have their own personal and delineated areas. If shelves are built into the piece these can also be used to display personal items which will further distinguish the various spaces.

There are also a number of novelty bunk beds out there that can let you get really creative with the space. Things like the KFS Store doll house bunk bed, and the White Tent Bunk Bed with Slide are like giant toys, that can turn the entire environment into a play space. That makes the process of sharing the room easier, because their imaginations will take over and they’ll see themselves as toys, or characters, in a vision of adventure and excitement.

Teenage Bedroom Furniture

It can be difficult to find bedroom furniture for teenagers. These volatile youngsters are often capricious in their tastes, changing their minds time and again as they grow and develop into young adults. At the same time you have to balance a need to support their burgeoning maturity against the functional realities of the environment they inhabit. Doing this can be frustrating, but at the same time it is an exercise in personality which can help you to gain insight into the people they are becoming.

One thing that is common in all teenagers is that they are changing; growing from childhood into a stage that hovers on the edge of adulthood without yet reaching it. The bedroom furniture that you choose should therefore reflect this, maintaining an equilibrium between the fanciful freedom of youth and the emerging austerity of age. The best way to handle that is to choose pieces which have a timeless quality, built with a style that can work easily in a variety of environments.

Solid wood teenage bedroom furniture pieces are particularly good at striding the scope of ages. The natural materials used have a unique grain effect that is distinct and personal, while also maintaining a subdued style that can match nearly any decorative design. That allows them to flow easily with a childish themed environment, while also having the dignity and grace to match the more mature look that will be preferred by teens and young adults.

The bed is of course going to be the centerpiece of any teenager’s bedroom, and should be chosen with particular care. The use of a captains bed in these environments is often a good option, as it has numerous storage drawers and features built directly into the frame itself. In these pictures you can see the stylish hardwood surface that is available, and which can be stained in a number of different tinted hues to match whatever color palette is desired.

In some cases space will be at a premium, requiring you to find teenage bedroom furniture that is able to make particularly effective use of the room available. Loft beds can be a good option in those situations, as they elevate the sleeping surface vertically, allowing the area underneath to be used for storage, a desk, or even a second bed. Finding a piece that has efficient built in drawers can also be useful, eliminating the need for extra organizational furnishings.

If you’re looking to save time and money when shopping for teenage bedroom furnituremerlot_twin_twin_convertible_bunk_bed_2816_bunk then purchasing matched sets is a great option. These will often consist of a bed, along with dressers, mirrors, desks, chairs, and other essential items, all bundled together at a discounted price. Best of all, they will have already been pre-matched in color and design, which means that they will integrate perfectly into the environment hassle free.

Kids Bedroom Sets For Boys

Purchasing kids bedroom sets is a great way to completely outfit a child’s environment, while saving both time and money. When choosing furniture for a boy’s room you need to find pieces that will be able to withstand the rigorous rate of their play, while also lending a sense of inspiration and excitement to the area. Here at KFS Stores we have a variety of bedroom sets that are specifically designed to be durable, reliable, and perfect for a number of different spaces inhabited by boys of nearly any age.

In the featured image above you see the twin over twin honey stained mission staircase bunk bed set. This is one of the most efficient options you can choose, as it doubles the sleeping area available while only taking up half of the space. The collection comes with a desk, hutch, chair, and bookcase, all lacquered with the same golden honey color to create an integrated look. The bed is also equipped with several handy storage drawers built directly into the frame for extra functionality.

Another great kids bedroom set for boys that we offer is this twin over desk honey convertible bunk bed, which comes bundled with a chair, bookcase, double dresser, and mirror. This is a great option for a child with limited space, where it is difficult to fit all of the necessary furniture without taking up the entire room. The raised loft design allows the area below to be used for study and crafts, while the matched accessories give you everything you need to design a fully functional environment.

All of the boys bedroom sets that we offer are manufactured to be extremely durable and resistant to the ravages of age and use. We employ solid wood materials, which are coated in a protective lacquer to enhance the natural grain of the surface while protecting it from dents and scratches. Our pieces are also built using metal on metal connectors to ensure that the forms and lines are all solid and secure. When it comes to our bunk and loft beds they are so strong that they actually exceed the ASTM’s standards for safety and reliability.

Our captains bed furniture sets combine style and sophistication with a versatile array of storage functions. The centerpiece itself is manufactured with several drawers built directly into the frame. This is then paired with a desk, hutch, chair, and 5 drawer chest to provide all of the organizational options that a young boy could possibly need. These pieces are also matched in color to create a sense of integrated design that will give the room a finished feel.


The all in one twin espresso loft bed is a unique kids bedroom furniture set for boys, because it has all of the features needed for a functional room built into a single versatile piece. The raised sleeping surface creates a sense of elevated majesty, while also providing space below for a handy desk equipped with drawers and storage for study, crafting, and play. There is even an optional pull out trundle which can be embedded into the base of the product to provide a second sleeping area when guests decide to spend the night.

Our kids bedroom furniture sets are an affordable option for parents looking to decorate a bedroom where space is limited. Many of the product sets we sell are integrated, with clever storage features built directly into wasted frame space. They are also provided at a bundle discount, and are built using matched lacquer colors, which makes it easy to get the design right without having to worry about hue, tone, and contrasting looks.