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White Tent Bunk Bed with Slide


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White Tent Bunk Bed with Slide


You can transform your child’s bedroom into a magical realm with these great children’s loft beds with slide attached. Featuring a raised sleeping surface, an attached MDF slide for descent each morning, and a playful custom color tent, these loft beds are more than just pieces of bedroom furniture, they’re actually creativity inspiring toys that will become a part of your child’s play world in a variety of ways. Create a castle, a fortress, a dollhouse, or a secret underground base, all with the power of imagination fueled by clever design.

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Children’s Loft Beds With Slide

With these great children’s loft beds with slide attached, you are getting a piece of furniture that is also a fully functioning, life size toy that your kids can play and interact with in a variety of ways. From the top of the bed they can pretend to be a look out, scanning enemy lines, or staring into the depths of space. Then with the attached tent they can use the space under the loft bed as a secret hideaway, a club house, a hidden fortress, or even as the belly of a spaceship soaring through the air.

The slide attached to these children’s loft beds also provides a fast and fun way to get your kids out of bed each morning. Rather than grumbling about school they’ll be able to dive forth from the covers, soaring into the morning with an invigorating speed that will prepare them for the rest of the day. The tent is also easy to set up and remove, and is available in five different colors: red, blue, pink, polka dot, and even camo!.

These loft beds with slide attached are manufactured using real solid wood construction materials, to ensure that they are strong, durable, and reliable over time. The attached loft bed slide is made from MDF, which is painted white to match the rest of the piece. And of course all of our loft beds are built to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship in order to create safe sleeping surfaces for your children to enjoy.


Dimensions: 79″ X 42″ 44″

Reversible: No

Weight Limit: 160 lbs

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Weight 95 lbs
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