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Discovery World Furniture White Night Stands



Discovery World Furniture White Night Stands


A lovely white facade night stand that is perfect for bedrooms, kids rooms, playrooms, living rooms, and any space where it would be handy to have a drawer and surface. Made from solid wood materials, it is built to last through years of use while still maintaining its stately style.

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Our elegant and stylish white night stands are the perfect accessory for any bedroom. Providing a functional flat top surface, as well as a drawer, and under unit shelf for storage, they allow for the placement of books, drinks, laptops, accessories, or even a lamp for reading in bed at night. They can also contain toys, keepsakes, or night lights, which can be employed in a child’s room if they are having trouble sleeping.

Built solid wood & MDF, these white night stands are manufactured to be sturdy, solid, and able to withstand years of use. At the same time they have a timeless quality in their design, that can seamlessly blend into nearly any style or decor that you would like, making them versatile enough for small children, teens, and even adults.

Often night stands are employed in bedrooms, but their inherent functionality can make them useful in a variety of spaces. In living rooms and dens they can be used as side tables with built in storage. They are also great pieces for playrooms, as they can provide both a working surface and a place to keep toys tidy.


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