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Wembley WB38 Red Area Rugs


Wembley WB38 Red Area Rugs


The rich luster and vibrant colors of the Wembley WB38 red area rugs gives them a dignity and grace which can elevate the essence of an interior space. Featuring a unique contrast of complex cascading hues, there is a trembling energy to the surface of these pieces which can subtly ignite the atmosphere of an area. At the same time the soft plush underfoot feel of these area rugs can give a room a gentled edge which is both soft and warm.

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The elegance and grace of these stylish red area rugs makes them appropriate for a variety of locations. The powerful contrasting hues create a sense of excitement, while the somber crimson and dignified golden bursts serve to ground them in a subtle power that is pervasive without being overwhelming. The result is a piece of red colored home decor that is perfect for a variety of decorative styles.

The gentle plush of these red area rugs can also provide a room with functional benefits, softening the space for comfort and play, while also insulating it against loss of heat and ambient noise. This can be great in family rooms, dens, and living rooms where you want to try and create a soft, inviting environment. These area rugs can also be inspirational decorative pieces in bedrooms, where the rich colors and gentle textures will help to evoke a dynamic sense of beauty.

These attractive red area rugs work well with our collection of merlot furniture pieces. The colors in the fibers blend well with the deep hue of the hardwood lacquer, which is found in our collection of captains beds, daybeds, bunk beds, and matched solid wood furnishings. This allows you to completely outfit a guest bedroom, child’s bedroom, living room, or dorm with both functional and decor based accessories.

For your convenience the Wembley WB38 red area rugs are available in a variety of sizes, so that you can find the perfect piece to match the space you have available. The 3’X5’ area rugs are great for front and rear door locations, as well as smaller spaces within larger rooms. Bigger options range upwards to 5’1”X7’5”, 8’X10’, and the expansive 9’6”X13’2” size that allows you to cover an entire environment with a wash of lovely red hues.

Vacuum regularly. Spot Clean with mild soap and water.

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