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Utopia UT100 White Area Rugs


Utopia UT100 White Area Rugs


These lovely snow white area rugs are a pure and pristine furnishing that can elevate the style and sophistication of your home. Whether you are looking to create a contemporary, modern, or shabby chic look, these will be perfect accessories to help support your decorative endeavors. At the same time they have an inherently eye catching nature that draws attention without overwhelming the visual environment.

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There are a variety of settings where these beautiful Utopia UT100 snow white area rugs would be the perfect piece of complementary decor. Subdued in their inherent simplicity, the purity of their white threaded faces allows them to slip easily into both rustic, and contemporary style settings. This gives these white area rugs a versatility that can be useful when beginning to contemplate the decorative stylings of a room.

One place where these white area rugs are particularly prized is in shabby chic decorative settings. There the soft bright colors assimilate perfectly into the distressed and often off white materials and features that are a mainstay of that style. These floor coverings can even be used as a subdued centerpiece, stretching across the center of a living room, bedroom, or hall to fill the environment with light and beauty, around which furniture pieces can be matched.

KFS Stores has a wide variety of white bedroom furniture pieces that would match well with these lovely snowy soft area rugs. Our painted white captains beds, day beds, and lofts are all space saving storage solutions that are manufactured specifically to pair with floor furnishings such as these. At the same time the blank canvas look of these white rugs lets you get color creative bringing other contrasting hues into the room without causing clashing chaos.

These fuzzy white area rugs are great for softening a space while also making it warm and comforting. They are available in four convenient sizes including a 3’6”X5’6” option that is great for small areas and doorways. You can also get larger 5X7’6” pieces and 8’X10’ pieces, as well as a massive 9’X13’ rug that can coat an entire room in perpetual snowy beauty.

Vacuum regularly with straight suction vacuum. Do not use vacuum with beater bar. Spot clean with mild soap and water.

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