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Twin Bed With Bookcase Headboard – Charcoal



Twin Bed With Bookcase Headboard – Charcoal

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Utility and function are married to design and form in this exquisite twin bed with a bookcase headboard attached. Made from real wood materials.  This piece features an understated construction that belies the inherent power of the piece. This is complimented by the numerous storage options built directly into its frame, making it incredibly functional in a variety of rooms, from kids’ bedrooms, to playrooms, guest bedrooms, spare rooms and even a parlor. An excellent and upscale piece of storage furniture for your home.

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The appeal of these twin bookcase headboard beds is the versatility that they provide. Their calm style allows them to easily slip into nearly any decorative setting, from shabby chic, or rustic primitive, to modern or even industrial decor spaces. The nature of these daybeds also makes it easy for them to blend in with most wall palettes, allowing them to subsume  into the room and provide function without dominating the visual space.

At the same time, the functionality of these furniture pieces makes them an excellent choice for a variety of interior spaces. Even if you don’t place them in a bedroom, the shelving is great for both storring, and displaying prized possessions. They also have several under frame bed storage options including various drawer configurations and an optional trundle pull out. That allows you to add a piece of storage furniture to your home, that incidentally provides a sleeping space for friends or relatives when they come to visit you.

The versatility of these daybeds is increased by the fact that they are purposely built and crafted to be highly durable, so that they can last through decades of use. This may start off as a piece of bedroom furniture for your kids, but as they grow it could evolve into a guest bed, a place for friends to spend the night on sleepovers, or just a storage item in a spare room.

The durability of these daybeds comes from a number of important steps that we take when manufacturing them. The wood is a solid pine and components   are all connected using real metal-on-metal connectors, ensuring a tight and reliable bond. These construction practices have resulted in our beds and furniture pieces exceeding the ASTM’s standards for safety.

Twin Bookcase Bed Options

Three Drawers Under The Bed: this is our base model, where the bed features three, extra large storage drawers, embedded into the wooden frame. These drawers measure 15” x 18” x 5” in capacity, giving you plenty of room to store your clothes, books, toiletries, or keepsakes. They also feature smooth European gliders and stoppers so that they don’t accidentally fall out.

Six Extra Large Storage Drawers: This doubles the storage that you get with your bed giving you six drawers embedded into the furniture frame. Each of these is extra large at 15” 18” x 5” and they allow you to basically replace an entire dresser in a room, while still maintaining a comfy twin sized sleeping surface.

Six Drawers and a Trundle Bed: This is our ultimate daybed package. With this option you get the six oversized drawers, giving you all of the storage that you need for keeping your home organized. On top of that, you can also eliminate a second guest bed because there is an under furniture frame trundle that pulls out, giving you a second twin sized sleeping surface for guests and friends.

This twin bookcase captain’s bed measures 77 inches long, 47 inches wide and 49 inches in height.

11 reviews for Twin Bed With Bookcase Headboard – Charcoal

  1. Joanna (verified owner)

    I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Finally, a bed that helps me stay organized! The captain bed with drawers is a godsend. Assembly was simple, and the drawers are spacious and well-built. No more clutter in my bedroom!

  3. Joan

    5 Stars! It arrived flawlessly and it is in perfect condition. Thank you!

  4. Mikki (verified owner)

    Good Customer service, very helpful and informative

  5. Vince (verified owner)

    Arrived in several boxes & on different days

  6. William (verified owner)

    Real wood!

  7. Kim (verified owner)

    Bed is Exactly what I was looking for with all the drawers underneath the bed, My kids room is rather small so we didn’t have room for a standard dresser. Assembly took a little while to build all the drawers but they seem very solid

  8. paul

    thank you!

  9. cxhase

    Thank you!!! 5 star.

  10. Evelyn

    Assembly was easy. My Girls Love their new bed

  11. Avery

    Customer service was Great, had an issue with Fed ex but They were able to figure it out for me and get it taken care of quickly. Thank you!

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