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TI100 Southwestern Area Rugs


TI100 Southwestern Area Rugs


Rich with vibrant, luminous colors, these southwestern area rugs have a sense of subtle sophistication that makes them eye catching pieces in a variety of locations. The mix of hues, trailing from dark through light and back again, is a wave of contrast, that maintains a powerful aesthetic presence, without overwhelming a space. The perfect area rugs for country, rustic, southern, adobe, and southwestern home decor styles, as well as many others.

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The Torino TI100 line of southwestern area rugs are some of the most eye catching, and impressive pieces of decorative home decor available. The surface of these accessories seems to almost glow, as the gentle contrast of matched hues trail in tresses along their surface. The striated result is like a sunset, quiet and calm, yet still brilliant in its backdrop role, making these excellent area rugs for a variety of locations.

The soft shifting earth tones of the rugs surface makes these warm, inviting, and comforting pieces, that are quite popular in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and dens. They also fit well into several different decorative style treatments, including southwestern decor, country cottage, rustic, log cabin, adobe, and western looks.

The colors found in these rugs allow them to pair nicely with a variety of quality children’s bedroom furniture and guest room furnishings that we offer here at KFS Stores. Our deep merlot lacquered bunk beds and captains beds work particularly well with the glowing hues found in these pieces. The golden light of our honey line of daybeds and home furnishings would also match the softer tones found in these southwestern style area rugs.

In addition to the beautiful glow of colors that these area rugs bring to a space, they also have several functional benefits that they can lend to an environment. Being lush and plush, they make great play areas or reading nooks for children’s rooms. They also provide a certain amount of sound insulation, especially when used in second or upper story spaces.

These southwestern style area rugs are available in two sizes, a 5’X7’3” model, and a larger 7’9”X9’9” option. Vacuum regularly. Professionally dry clean.

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