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Studio SD5 Paprica Burgundy Rugs


Studio SD5 Paprica Burgundy Rugs


These beautiful and stylish burgundy rugs can provide a subdued, yet powerful sense of energy in a space. Featuring deep, rich red hued colors, contrasted by bursts of floral tans and grays, these pieces have an exciting sense of dynamic excitement that is eye catching, and enticing, without overwhelming the room that they are used in. Perfect for family spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and even finished basements where you want to make a statement while also softening the feel of the floor.

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An area rug can be a pervasive element in a room, and the colors found within its surface can have a dramatic effect on the atmosphere of the surrounding space. With these burgundy floor rugs you get the power that is inherent in this volatile, and passionate color, but in a darker, more subdued and brooding form that won’t dominate the visual landscape of a room. In this way you can attain an energetic essence without making it the focal point of the entire environment.

Our burgundy area rugs are particularly suited to living rooms, dens, family rooms, and finished basements. The beautiful flower splash motifs found in their surface are light, fun, and playful, creating a sense of open possibility, while the darker red hued tones that are its mainstay help to keep it grounded. This can make for a family room that is soft, safe, and attractive.

These beautiful area rugs are also popular in bedrooms, and can even be used as a subtle life hack for people who have trouble waking up in the morning. The reddish color has a potent psychological effect when used in an environment, that can slightly raise energy, metabolism, and vigor for those inhabiting the space. Thus the use of these burgundy rugs in a bedroom can serve as an instant flash of inspiration which will catch the eye of waking dreamers, helping to propel them into the day.

Available in four different convenient sizes, you will be able to find a burgundy rug to suit just about any space that you have available. The smaller 3’6”X5’6”, and 5’X7’9” options are great for area pieces, standing at the front of doorways to catch dirt, or helping to delineate different sections of a room. Then you have larger burgundy area rugs at 8’X10’ and 9’X13’ sizes that can cover a space, stretching out across its surface to completely wrap a room in comfort, color, and beautiful designs.

Vacuum regularly. Spot clean with mild soap and water.

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