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Spectrum SM100 Black Area Rugs


Spectrum SM100 Black Area Rugs


These dark and powerful black area rugs possess a crackling energy, that seems to spark from the speckled hues that course and contrast across their surface. Predominantly a black charcoal night, the storm cloud facade of these pieces is broken in bands of hazy light, that shadow in the curling fibers of these eye catching accessories. The soft shaggy touch of the rugs’ bristling surface then provides a warm and gentle comfort that is perfect for a variety of interior decors.

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The darkness of these elegant black area rugs is a mysterious night of hazy shades, a work of wonder and shadows. This is contrasted in sparse and sparking bands by shades of lighter grey and white, which bristle forth from the rugs surface like clouds of illumination, contrasting with the backdrop of these stylish pieces. The resulting area rugs are eye catching and dominant, with the power to charge a space with a deep but subtle energy.

Soft and comforting, these black area rugs have the ability to dress a room in midnight shades, while also providing functional features that can improve the entire environment. The bristling plush of the rug itself is perfect for children’s bedrooms and playrooms, as it can protect against falls while also providing a place to comfortably play. These pieces can also soften the noise of stomping feet, and can even help to prevent heat from escaping through the floor during the winter.

These area rugs work well in a variety of spaces. They are quite serene in bedrooms, yet have the visual and aesthetic interest to be used in social spaces such as living rooms and dens. These dark black rugs also provide a great canvas against which a variety of our larger furniture and bedroom furniture pieces can be effectively used. The merlot collection with its deep red hues is particularly attractive against the evening blush of these pieces, while the espresso bunk beds and daybeds match well with the smoky look of these decorative accessories.

The Spectrum SM100 black area rugs are designed for use in a variety of areas and are available in four convenient sizes. There are the 3’6”X5’6” smaller area rugs for discrete spaces and entryways. Then you have the 5’X7’6” and the 8’X10’ area rugs that are great for centering a room around a single decorative source. Finally there are the expansive 9’X13’ black rugs which can cover an entire environment with comfort, contrast, and dynamic energy.

Vacuum regularly with straight suction vacuum. Do not use vacuum with beater bar. Spot clean with mild soap and water.

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