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SM100 Cobalt Blue Area Rugs


SM100 Cobalt Blue Area Rugs


The cascading elegance of the blue hues that wash across the surface of these area rugs, gives them a calm and serene demeanor, that radiates from their plush surface, outwards throughout a room. This can help to gentle a space, both physically and aesthetically, creating a peaceful splendor that is subtle yet still pervading. Great for a variety of environments including bedrooms, guest rooms, living rooms, children’s play spaces and more.

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The spectrum SM100 blue area rugs feature a shifting haze of lovely ocean hues, that contrast gently from light to dark in a crescendo of colors which trace their way across the surface of these plush home accessories. This creates a decorative effect that has the warmth of carpet, and the cool of a beach breeze, combined in a single versatile piece. Perfect for nautical, tropical, and aquatic themed interior spaces.

One great trick that you can use with these area rugs is to treat them as a palette. The different shades of blue found in their surface all match and contrast attractively with one another, making this an elegant and lovely piece of home decor. If you have trouble picking the right colors in a room then you can simply use these blue area rugs as a guide, allowing you to instantly identify all of the different shades which work best together, and in the proportions that look best too.

Aside from the decorative beauty that these blue area rugs can lend to an environment, they are also able to provide a variety of functional benefits. Being soft and plush, they can protect against falls on hard flooring materials. They will also be warmer, and much more comfortable to both walk and sit on than more rigid surfaces. Another benefit is that they can help to insulate a space, protecting it against both ambient noise and loss of heat.

These stylish and functional blue area rugs are available in four sizes, ranging from a petite 3’6”X5’6” option, all the way up to an expansive 9’X13’ piece. Smaller rugs are great for dividing up large spaces into nooks, and sitting areas. The broader coverings are better for insulation and warmth, coating an entire rooms flooring surface in their soft protective care.

Vacuum regularly with straight suction vacuum. Do not use vacuum with beater bar. Spot clean with mild soap and water.

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