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Sand Acacia Twin Over Full Staircase Bunk Bed

$1,399.00 $1,099.00

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Sand Acacia Twin Over Full Staircase Bunk Bed

$1,399.00 $1,099.00

Our line of sand colored twin over full staircase bunk beds are both elegant, and functional pieces of premium bedroom furniture. Featuring a twin sized upper bunk, a full size bottom bunk, and a staircase that has been cleverly designed with a four drawer chest built right into it, and the option to configure it on either side of the bed that you like.  

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Twin over full staircase bunk beds are the perfect option when you have younger and older kids sharing a bedroom. The twin sized upper mattress, and super safe staircase are ideal for smaller kids that might have trouble getting up a ladder. At the same time, the larger full size bottom bunk can give older kids and teens more room to stretch out and be comfortable when they sleep.

Another reason that twin over full bunk beds are a good choice for kids is that they give each child their own, somewhat separate space in a shared room, divided by vertical distance. The top bunk is elevated above the main visual focus of the area, letting the child almost feel as if they are upstairs in their very own room. Meanwhile the bottom bunk is a little more isolated, surrounded by posts, stairs, and drawers, an effect which can be increased through the use of pillow and blanket walls.

These bunk beds are manufactured using premium Acacia, which is an extremely strong and durable hardwood material that has lovely natural features. These are enhanced through a 7-step application finishing process, that coats the piece in glowing golden hues that bring out the unique patterns that can be found in the wood. All of this is combined in a mission style design that can easily be incorporated into any of a variety of decorative schemes and settings.

Safety Information About This Bed

Our twin over full staircase bunk beds are designed and built with safety first in mind. The hardwood materials used are of the highest quality, and are joined in a tongue and groove pattern for added stability. The bedrail is joined to the post using metal on metal connectors, and all of the edges have been rounded off. We also test our finishes to ensure that they contain no harmful toxins, and the drawers are equipped with safety stoppers. All of this allows our bunk beds to meet and exceed all ASTM standards and regulations for bunk bed safety.

Bunk Bed Configuration Options

Bunk Bed With Storage Drawers: This option will have us embed a three drawer storage unit directly into the under bed frame. These are all extra large, 15” X 18” X 5” drawers that pull out on smooth European gliders. Along with the four drawer unit in the staircase, that gives this bunk bed a total of seven extra storage space, that won’t take up any extra room. This can even save you the expense of having to buy a whole extra piece of furniture.

Bunk Bed With Trundle: The trundle bed option has us install a twin sized under frame pull out bed, that can provide a whole third sleeping area. The trundle pulls out on European gliders ensuring that it is easy to extract and remove, and comes with a mattress ready slat kit to accommodate thicker mattresses. An excellent option for sleepovers and unexpected guests.


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