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Sand Acacia Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

$1,099.00 $899.00


Sand Acacia Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

$1,099.00 $899.00

Lovely sand colored hues enhance the premium Acacia hardwood in these gorgeous twin over full bunk beds. Built to the highest standards of quality and elegance, these bunk beds are an excellent space saving solution, that feature an optional under bed three drawer storage unit or a handy pull out trundle.

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Our line of twin over full bunk beds allow you to make efficient use of even small spaces while looking great doing it. Featuring premium Acacia hardwood, joined in a classic tongue and groove pattern that is both stylish, and durable, they are treated to a 7-step finishing process that coats them in multiple layers of lovely, bright beige sandy colored hues, enhancing the natural features in the woods surface.

The twin over full design is a good choice when you have children of very different ages sharing a single bedroom. The smaller twin sized loft bed will be a comfy, cozy space for the younger kid, which will also make them feel taller than they are, with their great vertical vantage across the world. An older child or teen can then fit comfortably into the full sized bottom bunk, giving them a little space from the sibling they are sharing the room with.

Another use for these twin over full bunk beds is in a guest room. Often these spaces will just have a regular bed, forcing parents to sleep in the same space as their kids. But if you have a twin over full loft bed, adults can use the bottom bunk, and parents can put their kids in the top, allowing them to be close in case they get scared, but not so close that it’s stifling.

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed Safety

The safety of your kids is your top concern, and we build these bunk beds with that in mind. The structure of the bed is designed to be incredibly stable and durable, with premium hardwood materials joined in a tongue and groove pattern to maximize the integrity of the structure. The bed rails and guardrails are connected to their posts using real metal on metal joiners, and the corners of the wooden piece have been rounded off to help mitigate injuries from accidents. We also test the finish used to ensure it contains no toxins. Because of this, KFS Stores bunk beds actually exceed the ASTM standards set out by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

This Unit Includes:

  • A twin over full sized bunk bed.
  • Premium Acacia hardwood construction.
  • Metal on metal connectors.
  • A mattress support slat kit.
  • 7-step finished surfaces.
  • An optional under bed storage unit or trundle.
  • One year Discovery World Furniture limited warranty.
  • Matched sandy colored bunk ladder.
  • Built to meet and exceed Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations.

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed Options

Bunk Beds with Trundle: If you choose this option we will embed a whole extra bed underneath the frame of the bunk. This twin size trundle comes with a mattress support slat kit, and rolls in and out easily on smooth European gliders. That allows you to have guests over for the night without having to put someone on the couch or set up an uncomfortable cot for them.

Bunk Beds With Extra Storage: With this option, we will install a three drawer storage unit underneath the frame of the bunk bed. These drawers are extra large measuring 15” X 18” X 5” in size each, and pull out easily on smooth European gliders. This is a great option for increasing the organizational options  in a room without having to take up any space or purchase extra storage items. 


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