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Sand Acacia Loft Bed Twin Loft only

$1,199.00 $899.00


Sand Acacia Loft Bed Twin Loft only

$1,199.00 $899.00

This sand colored twin loft bed is an excellent option for spaces where room is limited. The raised surface sleeping design means that the bed itself doesn’t take up any floor space, allowing you to place a desk, dresser, or anything you like underneath. It also has a built in 6 drawer chest and bookshelf, making it even more efficient.

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These sand colored twin loft beds are made from natural Acacia hardwood, which is joined in a tongue and groove pattern to create a very solid, stable, and safe structure. This premium material is then finished in a 7-step process that adds the sand colored hues to the wood, enhancing its natural features while also highlighting them. That gives this loft bed a sophisticated look that is perfect for any number of decorative themes, from traditional to contemporary, coastal to rustic, and much more.

This style of loft bed is a good idea for anyone that is forced to live in a small bedroom area. In children’s rooms, floor space is often at a premium. With this loft bed you can use the space underneath for work or play, or put a desk or storage unit there. This is also a good option for college dorm rooms, small studio apartments, or anywhere that you want to maximize the efficiency of your space. This is increased by the clever built in six drawer storage unit and shelving feature.

Another option is to pair this sand colored twin loft bed with a second sleeping surface underneath. This has the advantage of adding an extra bed to the room, which can be used by a second child, room mate, or guest. Then, if circumstances change over time, the second bed can be removed and moved, and the two pieces can be placed in separate rooms.

Loft Bed Safety Information

All of the loft beds and bedroom furniture pieces that we sell are built to meet and exceed all ASTM standards put out by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. We do this by using only the best natural wood materials, which are joined in strong tongue and groove patterns to create a solid, safe structure. The bed guardrails are connected using metal bolts to increase stability, and the finish used is carefully tested to ensure that it contains no potentially harmful toxins. Our beds also feature sanded down and rounded edges, and the drawers have stoppers on them to prevent them from falling out. That ensures that our loft beds are the safest on the market.


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