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Mason Grab-n-go Kid’s Foam Chair with handle & 2 pockets – Wildflower with Passion Pink Welt

$169.99 $129.99


Mason Grab-n-go Kid’s Foam Chair with handle & 2 pockets – Wildflower with Passion Pink Welt

$169.99 $129.99

100% polyurethane; 100% polyester microfiber; poly/cotton upholstery fabric; zipper

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Introducing the stylish, new Mason Kid’s Grab-n-go Folam Chair with pockets that is constructed with a 100% polyurethane foam core to offer a comfy, yet sturdy place to sit. It features slightly rounded corners on the outer backrest top edges as well as flattened tops on the armrests that have rounded corners on the fronts for added appeal. It is covered with 100% polyester microfiber with a multi-colored floral pattern in shades of white, pinks, navy and aqua. It has a coordinating Passion Pink welt cord trim surrounding the outer backrest, the inner and outer edges of the armrests as well as the front of the seat for added appeal. There are matching pockets on both outer sides that measure 15″W x 7.5″H. There is a matching handle sewn into the top center of the backrest for use in carrying from room to room. The bottom is covered with black poly/cotton upholstery fabric, and it has a zipper closure on the bottom. It’s the perfect chair for any young girl to spend time with her family or friends watching a movie, reading a book or working on her tablet. The colors would appeal to most girls and work well with many room decors. Easily cleaned by gently rubbing with a damp cloth and mild soap; air dry. Or, unzip the bottom and remove the cover for hand washing with cold water and mild soap. Air dry.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 25.5 × 23 in


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