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Kids Low Loft Bed with Chest – Merlot

Kids Low Loft Bed with Chest – Merlot

The value of these  low loft merlot beds with storage options is that they are both stylish, and visually striking, while maintaining an important functional quality that can help to keep a kids’ room tidy. The low loft design allows for storage or activities to take place below the sleeping surface, while not elevating the child so high that they might get nervous. The bundled kids storage chest is also on wheels, allowing you to get creative with your furniture placements.

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There will come a point in every young child’s life that he will be ready to make the transition from a toddler bed to a big kid bed. When that time comes for your child, there will be no better option than this kids low loft bed with chest in a merlot finish.

Exciting for Kids

It seems that every child wants to sleep in a bunk bed and it’s not hard to see why. A bunk bed is exciting and fun and provides so much scope for the imagination. This kids low loft bed with chest definitely fulfills all the expectations that a child might have for their first bunk bed.

Climbing up the pine wood ladder is an adventure in itself, and getting to sleep at an elevated space is just a joyous experience to have. It’s pretty much like sleeping in a tree house right inside their room. With this low loft bed, you probably won’t have any problems getting your child to bed, although getting them to actually sleep might be another matter.

Worry-Free for Parents

One of the reasons why parents are reluctant to get loft beds for their kids is the risk of falling from such a high space. With this particular low loft bed, you can put all your worries to rest. The height is actually very manageable and not scary at all, even for the most nervous parents. There is also a sturdy railing with adequate height along the sides of the bed frame so there will be no risk of falling at all.

To add to your assurance, this bed exceeds all ASTM standards for furniture safety. It is very durable and is fitted with metal-on-metal connectors to further increase the solidity of the structure. Furthermore, it comes with rounded corners to minimize injuries in case of inevitable bumps. You also don’t have to worry about toxic materials because the wood has been treated with a chemical-free finish.

Encourages Creativity and Imagination

The spacious area under the bed is one of the attractions of this low loft bed. You can help your child convert it to a play area, a reading nook, or any kind of make-believe place that they want it to be. It is a great place for your child to explore their imagination and creativity and spend valuable time away from electronic gadgets.

Promotes Independence

For a child, having this low loft bed with a chest is like having their own little home inside the family home. By encouraging them to take care of their own space, it would definitely promote independence and a sense of responsibility, which are very valuable values to instill in a child while they are still young.

The loft bed comes with a storage chest in the same merlot shade of pine wood. As the owner of the space, it will be the child’s responsibility to put away their things properly inside this chest every day. You might actually be surprised at how willingly they will take on this responsibility just so they can keep their little “home” clean and organized.

This kids low loft bed with chest makes for an ideal first bed for both boys and girls. They can even choose to keep it until they are teens because the size is big enough, and the material is actually made to last for many years.


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