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Grey Acacia Twin Loft Bed

$1,199.00 $899.00

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Grey Acacia Twin Loft Bed

$1,199.00 $899.00

This grey twin loft bed is an excellent space saving solution for smaller bedrooms. Made from Acacia hardwood materials and finished in a seven step process that enhances the natural beauty of the wood, this loft bed has an upscale look that can fit in any decorative setting.

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Our twin loft beds with storage are manufactured to help maximize your space while also providing built in storage features to improve the organization of a room. The raised sleeping surface means that the bed itself doesn’t take up any room, allowing you to use the area underneath it for a desk, play area, storage, or even a second bed of your choosing. At the same time it has a built in six drawer dresser chest that gives you plenty of space to keep toys, games, clothes, or anything you like.

Those features make the grey twin loft bed a great choice for small children’s bedrooms, where you might not have the space for a separate dresser or trunk. At the same time this bed can actually be a fun feature in a kids’ space, as the height of the bed can be like a tower or even an airplane soaring through the sky. At the same time draping a blanket down from the top can create a secret fortress below, perfect for hiding, playing, or having tea parties.

This twin loft bed is made from premium Acacia wood, and has a lovely light grey finish that gives it a neutral hue, perfect for nearly any decorative palette. While these are often used in kids’ rooms, the mission style and the quality of the craftsmanship mean that it is also an appropriate piece for older children or even adults, and these beds are often employed in dorms and smaller college apartments.

Wholesale bulk purchase pricing for schools, universities, and dorms is available upon request. Contact us if you are looking for wholesale loft bed prices.

Twin Loft Bed Safety Considerations

We take safety seriously, and that is why all of our loft beds are manufactured using premium solid wood materials which are joined in super strong tongue and groove patterns to create a piece that is stable, safe and secure. Our loft beds also feature real metal on metal connectors, with the guard rails connected using a bolt in nut system to ensure that the connection is as strong as possible. We also test the varnish used to finish these pieces to ensure that it is completely toxin free, and round the corners off on the piece to help prevent accidental injuries. All of these steps combine to ensure that our twin loft beds not only meet, but completely exceed the ASTM safety regulations put forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

This Unit Includes:

  • A twin sized loft bed ONLY.
  • Premium Acacia hardwood construction.
  • Metal on metal bed rail connectors.
    6 easy open drawers with European gliders.
  • A matched loft bed ladder.
  • A one year limited Discovery World Furniture warranty.
  • A mattress support slat kit for larger mattresses.
  • Our loft beds are built to meet and exceed ASTM safety standards.


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