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Grey Acacia Loft Bed Twin over Full Platform

$1,399.00 $1,199.00

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Grey Acacia Loft Bed Twin over Full Platform

$1,399.00 $1,199.00

This twin over full loft bed features real hardwood Acacia construction which is enhanced with a lovely light grey finish that adds a sense of subdued hue to the surrounding environment. A great space saving option, these loft beds are designed with a built in six drawer storage unit and matching shelves.

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Twin over full loft beds are the perfect choice for maximizing the efficiency of your space, which can be very important when you are working with a tiny bedroom. By placing one sleeping surface above the other you double the number of people who can rest and relax while leaving plenty of floor space open for work and play. This functionality is further enhanced by the six drawer storage dresser and accompanying shelving unit that is designed into the support structure for the upper bunk. You also have the option to include an under bunk trundle bed or even more storage.

One of the great things about bunk beds is that they create two, vertically separate spaces. When kids are sharing a bedroom they may sometimes get on one another’s nerves. By having a place of their own that they can retreat to, they don’t have to feel crowded or stifled, and can instead have their own area that is unique to them. On the top bunk you have a great towering perch that gives a view far and wide, while down below you have a bed space that is more isolated, surrounded by the structure of the bed itself.

The twin over full loft bed design can be great if you have two kids of different ages sharing a room, as the smaller bunk will be good for the younger, while the full sized bed will be able to fit the growing form of the older. These beds can also be employed in guest rooms, giving parents a place to put their kids that is separate, but still close.

Bunk Bed Safety

KFS Stores is committed to building safe and reliable bunk beds that will last through years of use. That is why we use the finest wood materials, employ real metal on metal connectors, sand the edges down to prevent bumps and bruises, and test our finishes to ensure they don’t contain any toxic materials. Because of this, our bunk beds meet and exceed all Consumer Product Safety Commission standards and regulations for furniture products.

This Unit Includes:

  • A twin over full loft bed.
  • Premium Acacia hardwood materials.
  • Real metal on metal rail connectors.
  • 6 easy open drawers.
  • 4 adjustable shelving units.
  • Matched bunk bed ladder.
  • A one year Discovery World Furniture limited warranty.
  • Mattress support slat kit.
  • All of our bunk beds are manufactured to meet and exceed ASTM safety standards.


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