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Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Honey Ranch Staircase Bunk Bed

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Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Honey Ranch Staircase Bunk Bed

We’re Sorry the bed you are viewing has been discontinued. Please Click Here to view similar products.

The Discovery World Furniture honey ranch loft beds with stairs are a safe, convenient, and elegant way to save space in a bedroom without having to sacrifice looks and style. Made from real solid wood, the grain of the natural material is kissed with a deep and hue filled honey lacquer, which serves to both enhance and protect its surface. The loft bed stairs also serve double duty as a four drawer dresser is embedded in their frame, with more storage or bedding options available below.

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Ranch Loft Beds With Stairs

We’re Sorry the bed you are viewing has been discontinued. Please Click Here to view similar products.

These honey ranch loft beds are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. As you can see from the images above, these pieces are built using real, natural, solid wood materials which are stained with a glowing golden honey lacquer hue, to create bedroom furnishings which are distinct, and impressive.

The quality of these loft beds with stairs extends beyond the visual, with the design calling for metal on metal connectors to create an incredibly strong, sound, and solid construction in the final piece. This is combined with toxin free tested stains, rounded edges, and an easy access built in staircase, to allow these ranch loft beds to actually exceed all ASTM standards for bunk safety. This is bedroom furniture that is built to last.

The twin over full design of these honey ranch loft beds with stairs allows you to give a larger child, or even a young adult the more specious bottom bunk. The top can then be reserved for younger siblings, or can even be used for sleepovers as extra bedding space. The entire structural design of the bed can also be customized, allowing you to stack the staircase on the left or right, as the room requires.

While the loft bed design will inherently save you space, these beds also provide you with customizable storage options which can eliminate extra organizational furniture pieces which might otherwise clutter up the room. The loft bed’s staircase has a standard four drawer chest built into the frame, and then you can choose to supplement this with an additional three drawer under loft unit, or a pull out trundle.

This Unit Includes:

  • Honey twin over full ranch staircase bunk bed
  • Solid wood construction
  • Slat kit mattress support
  • Matching Staircase / stairstepper bunk ladder
  • Built-in four drawer chest
  • European drawer glides
  • Either a twin size pull out trundle bed  or three drawer under bed storage unit.
  • Complete metal on metal connections to ensure structural integrity and safety.
  • One year Discovery World Furniture limited warranty
  • Meets and exceeds all ASTM Safety Standards for bunk bed safety


  • 98.5″ long x 56.5″ wide ” x 63″ high

Ranch Loft Bed With Stairs Configuration Options:

Ranch Loft Bed With Stairs And Trundle: Choosing to have a twin sized trundle installed into the base of the bottom bunk gives you a functional third bed that can be employed when friends and family members decide to stay the night. As the same time you still get built in loft bed storage with the four drawer unit which is installed in the loft’s reversible staircase. The trundle has a sturdy wooden frame, rolls on smooth gliders, and comes equipped with a mattress ready slat kit.

Ranch Loft Bed With Stairs And Three Drawer Storage: This configuration provides you with the greatest built in storage options. You have the four drawer dresser already in the loft bed’s staircase, and with this option, you get a second three drawer set built into the frame of the bottom bunk for a total of seven, extra large, 15”x18”x8” drawers, that feature real European gliders, and inset handles for safe and efficient use.


Honey Twin over Full Ranch Staircase Bunk Bed Assembly Instructions – 2112 FULL


Note: The video below features the Mission style Honey Bunk Bed with stairs. The primary difference between the Mission & Ranch style is that in the Ranch style the headboard and footboard rails run horizontally versus vertically in the Mission style seen in the video.

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