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Discovery World Furniture Merlot 6 Drawer Dresser


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Discovery World Furniture Merlot 6 Drawer Dresser


The rustic merlot stained solid wood dresser is the perfect addition to your summer cabin or child’s bedroom. The three drawer double dressers provide unmatched storage capacity and beauty making this classic dresser a must have. NOTE: MIRROR NOT INCLUDED

Out of stock

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This solid wood dresser is constructed to last. Built from solid wood and coated with a durable, protective lacquer will keep these sturdy double dressers looking new for years to come. The merlot stain brings a soft, rustic feel to this classic dresser that will make it the perfect fit for your child’s room. 6 draw double dressers are not only for looks, however, and with the large drawers this set will offer you all of the storage space that you could want.

While these dressers are often used in children’s bedrooms, they are also perfect for teens and even adults, and are often purchased for guest room use. This functionality is enhanced by the solid construction, which ensures that they will last for years, letting you employ these dressers in any space you need, as your requirements shift over time.

Many people employ these six drawer dressers as television stands, or places to position a vanity mirror. They can also be a great pedestal for trophies, works of art, and other possessions. At the same time the extra large drawers give you lots of room to keep your clothes, books, or even toys organized, without having to worry about sorting items into dozens of smaller, less utilitarian containers.

Wholesale pricing is available, and these are great dressers for schools, dorms and hotels. The natural wood fits in with almost any style and decor, and can be a perfect complement to other components of a stylish bed space.

This Dresser Unit Includes:

  • Solid Wood Construction
  • Six Drawers with easy glide european glides
  • Comes Fully Assembled
  • Discovery World Furniture Limited Warranty

Dimensions: 58″ long x 17″ deep x 30″ high

* Mirror not included

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