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Chestnut Acacia Bookcase Daybed Twin

$1,199.00 $809.00

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Chestnut Acacia Bookcase Daybed Twin

$1,199.00 $809.00

The chestnut Acacia twin bookcase daybed is an incredible piece of space saving, functional storage furniture. It is designed with a bookcase backboard that allows the display of various items, and then you can choose from one of three great under bed frame storage options at the time of purchase. An excellent choice for tiny bedroom spaces.

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The clever features built into this bookcase daybed give it a versatility that allows it to be employed in a wide variety of settings. Featuring a bookcase headboard, where items can be stored or displayed, it also has three different under bed frame options. You can choose to have three drawers and a pull out twin trundle bed, six drawers for even more storage, or a whopping twelve extra large drawers, allowing you to completely forgo purchasing an extra dresser for the space.

These twin daybeds are manufactured from Acacia, a hardwood material that is prized for its strength, durability, and resilience. That means that these beds have the ability to last through even generations of use. The natural features of the wood are then enhanced with a premium 7-step finish process, that coats the daybed in rich, chestnut colors. This is then protected with an acrylic seal that gives the bed a glistening sheen, and helps to prevent scratches and fading.

Because of the quality design and the elegant and sophisticated look, these daybeds can be employed in a variety of interior settings. The storage options this daybed has built directly into it makes it a good choice for a child’s bedroom, which is often the tiniest space in a home. They can also be employed in guest bedrooms, where you won’t have to buy extra dressers for storage. They can also double as a seating area in a living room, or can be employed in an office for extra storage and a place to stretch out in between meetings.

Bookcase Daybed Configuration Options
Daybed With Storage and Trundle: This option gives you three, extra large 15” X 18” X 55” drawers embedded into the base of the bed, as well as a handy twin sized pull out trundle bed. The trundle comes with a mattress ready slat kit so that it can accommodate thicker mattresses, and both the trundle and the drawers pull out on smooth European gliders. A great option for increasing the functionality and versatility of your daybed

Daybed With Six Storage Drawers: With this configuration, your bookcase daybed also has six, extra large, 15” X 18” X 5” drawers embedded into the base of the structure. These all pull out on European gliders for ease of use. With that much storage built right into the daybed, you won’t even have to worry about purchasing any extra furniture pieces, because you’ll already have plenty of organizational room for all of your bedroom possessions.


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