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Bright Rugs – BG69 – Lime Rug


Bright Rugs – BG69 – Lime Rug


The right area rug can be a powerful decorative element, transforming a space using color, texture, and form, while also maintaining a subdued, below foot feel that doesn’t overwhelm the environment. With these bright light lime green rugs you have accent pieces that can illuminate a room, filling it with glowing neon colors that can make an area feel exciting, and inspirational. These are perfect for covering drab or outdated flooring installations, or completely changing the decorative nature of an interior location.

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Using a particularly bright rug such as this BG69 Lime Green area covering is a great way to make a dramatic statement in a space, without having to worry about complicated details or elaborate decorative schemes. Rather, these rugs speak for themselves, with a dominant burst of bright neon green colors, which roar forth from their surface to suffuse a space with a powerful and dynamic kinetic energy.

Soft, plush, and bristling with warmth, these bright rugs are able to add a sense of cozy comfort to a space, while still providing a powerful visual aspect. This is done through the thick shag surface of these pieces, which insulates against both sound and loss of heat. At the same time the bright bold neon green is an unmistakable feature that will draw the eye and lend interest to even the most mundane environment.

These bright lights lime green area rugs are great for a variety of decorative themes, including classic retro looks, modern contemporary styles, and cozy pastel palettes. They are also excellent children’s playroom rugs, which can provide a dynamic energy to their play spaces while also acting as a protective cushion against accidental trips, slips, and falls. In this way these dramatic and powerful area rugs also have a functional, practical side that makes them useful in a variety of applications.

The BG69 Bright Lights lime green rugs are available in three different sizes to match the needs of the space you have available. Smaller 3’6”X5’6” pieces are perfect for nooks, conversation areas, and as safeguards at doorways against tracking in outside dirt. The larger 5’X7’6” rectangular pieces work well as central themes to a space, while the 8’X10’ model is a pervasive piece, that can stretch out across a room with bright and luxurious neon green beauty.

Vacuum regularly with straight suction vacuum. Do not use vacuum with beater bar. Spot clean with mild soap and water.

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