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BK 209 Multi Coloured Rugs


BK 209 Multi Coloured Rugs


There is a whimsical power that pervades the surface of these BK 209 multi coloured area rugs, which has the ability to add a sense of energy, joy, and playfulness to a space. However the deep earth toned hues that dominate these pieces ensure that they don’t get too frenetically fanciful, leaving you with lovely multi coloured rugs that are perfect for a variety of locations including living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and dens.

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Flooring is the largest surface area in any space, making it an important visual, tactile, and decorative element. With these multi coloured rugs you can dress up tile and hardwood materials with a powerful array of unique and exotic colors. This can help to enhance a space, infusing it with energy while also setting the stylistic tone for the environment. The colours found in its surface can then be used as a palette for patterning the rest of the area.

There are a variety of decorative styles where these beautiful and colourful rugs would be appropriate. The brooding earth tones make it a good candidate for rustic, and log cabin style spaces, while the array of designs and colors will make them at home in contemporary and modern style environments. These multi coloured area rugs would also be great in a nautical or jungle themed child’s bedroom setting.

These elegant area rugs can provide a space with a variety of functional benefits. Soft and plush, they will offset the stoic face of hard tile and other solid surface flooring materials. They are also able to provide a level of insulation, both against the noise of stomping feet, and the loss of cold or heat during extreme temperatures. Finally, the gentle quality of these multi coloured rugs makes them great for interior children’s play areas.

The BK 209 Multi coloured rugs come in four convenient sizes including 4’X6’, 5’X8’, 8’X10’, and a massive 9’X13’ model. Smaller area rugs are great for delineating different sections of a room, or protecting your floors from dirt and grime that can be dragged in by shoes from the outside. Larger pieces are more all inclusive, stretching out across the entirety of a space and dominating it with their colours and patterns.

Vacuum regularly. Professionally dry clean.

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