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Drawers & European Gliders

ll Discovery World Furniture chests, dressers, under bed storage units, lofts, and staircase bunk beds feature solid wood drawers on metal easy slide European gliders.

For your child’s safety these drawers include an automatic drawer stop, which is standard on all of our products. This mechanism prevents a child from unintentionally pulling a draw completely out of the unit, which could end up coming loose and falling on them. The design for these European Gliders is actually quite simple – a drawer will use a wheel and track system to slide in and out of place. At the outer end of the metal track, a small lip in the track will catch the wheels before the drawer rolls completely out of the unit. In order to completely remove the drawer from the unit the wheels need to be lifted up and over the lip.

Discovery World Furniture Drawer Glide          European Drawer Glide          Dresser Drawer Glide