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Kids Bedroom Furniture Quality

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Safety Standards:


About Our Wood Furniture

  •  All the wood used in manufacturing meets all current regulations set in place by the Department of Agriculture including those of the Lacey Act.. All of our furniture is built from plantation grown trees to protect the rain forests from further decimation. Our wood is grown in plantations in both Brazil and New Zealand.  Brazil is a world leader in quality pine furniture and our plantation-grown Elliotis Pine has a lovely finish and lasting quality. Elliotis pine is durable and perfect for use in juvenile furniture as Brazilian pine is second to none.
  •  All of our Honey, Merlot, & Ginger Products are constructed from solid pine.
  • Our White Products are primarily made of Solid pine constrcution however are reinforced in high wear areas with MDF.Discovery World Furniture utilizes a combination of solid wood and Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) for the construction of its white finish furniture and that’s a good thing! This blend of solid wood and MDF construction maintains the structural integrity of solid wood construction and combines it with the benefit of a paint friendly MDF surface.Though white finishes are beautiful and elegant any opaque white finish that is applied to solid wood furniture may be variable and rough. This finicky type of finish is prone to showing minor imperfections and blemishes that result from the solid wood construction itself. The natural expansion and contraction of the wood, sap, or knots are likely to cause these blemishes and are sometimes visible in the final product. Though Discovery World Furniture carefully selects lumber with the fewest number of knots for the manufacturing of its white product line, knots themselves are inevitable. With these knots, and their high sap resin content it can be expected that a discoloration of the white finish (typically a yellowing) may occur in conjunction with mild cracking or chips in these areas. Minor touch up should be expected.In using both MDF and solid wood construction for its white finish product line Discovery World Furniture reduces the number of these blemishes while still providing a high quality and beautiful product that you can enjoy for years to come. Just see our product reviews to hear what other satisfied customers have to say or contact us for more information.

The Different Finishes:

  • Merlot – This is beautiful rich lacquered finish that protects the wood and adds a rich character to any piece of furniture.
  • Honey – This is a lacquered finish that protects the wood while enhancing the woods natural beauty.
  • Ginger – Similar to the Discovery in that it is a dry oil finish, the only difference is that the color of the Ginger finish is lighter.
  • White  – The white painted finish addes a beauty and elegance to any bedroom furniture. (MDF and solid wood construction)
Configuration Options:
  • Trundle:  The twin size trundle bed is the perfect option for your child’s bedroom or guest bedroom.  The trundles sturdy wooden frame pulls out with ease on smooth rolling wheels to provide the additional sleeping space needed when guests arrive.  Trundles come complete with frame and mattress ready slat kit.
  • Three Drawer Storage:  Three drawer storage units convert space that is ordinarily wasted into prime storage.  Under bed storage cabinets feature metal European gliders and inset handles for safe, durable, and easy use.  Inside drawer dimensions: 15”x18”x5”
  • Six Drawer Storage Unit: Six Drawer Storage units add even more storage space by providing six under bed storage drawers.  Under bed storage cabinets feature metal European gliders and inset handles for safe, durable, and easy use.  Inside drawer dimensions: 15”x18”x5”
  • Twelve Drawer Storage Unit:  This storage option maximizes your beds storage potential with six drawers units on each side of the bed.  Under bed storage cabinets feature metal European gliders and inset handles for safe, durable, and easy use.  Inside drawer dimensions: 15”x18”x5”



  • Most of our products require at least some assembly.  Since the customer is responsible for assembly our products were designed with this in mind.
  • Key Structural elements such as headboards will arrive pre-assembled. Detailed instructions will be included, along with a complete set of hardware.  Most of our beds use a hex wrench for assembly, and is included.  The only tool that may be required and we do not provide is a screwdriver.
  • Typically our bunk beds take about 30 minutes to an hour to assemble. Typically our Loft beds take about 2 hours to assemble.
  • Most of the accessories such as dressers, chests, and nightstands come fully assembled. Bookcases and desks do require some assembly.

Metal on Metal Connections:

  • Even the structural integrity of solid wood furniture can benefit from metal bracket systems.  For the strongest and safest possible connects between load bearing components of your childs wood furniture look for metal on metal connections.  Now, this may sound a little odd looking for metal on metal connections on your new solid wood kids furniture.  However,these metal on metal connections are hidden after final assembly and prevent the weakening and widening of drill holes that can occur as the wood is used and ages. The metal on metal connections prevent this warping of the wood over time and helps ensure that these connection points remain tightly secure. Typically you would like to see these bracket systems connecting the side rails to the head and foot boards, since this is where the weight is being distributed.
Discovery World Furniture bunk bed side rail metal on metal connection          Discovery World Furniture bunk bed metal on metal connection          bunk bed side rails metal on metal connections

Drawers & European Gliders

  • All Discovery World Furniture chests, dressers, under bed storage units, lofts, and staircase bunk beds feature solid wood drawers on metal easy slide European gliders.
  • For your child’s safety these drawers include an automatic drawer stop, which is standard on all of our products. This mechanism prevents a child from unintentionally pulling a draw completely out of the unit, which could end up coming loose and falling on them. The design for these European Gliders is actually quite simple – a drawer will use a wheel and track system to slide in and out of place. At the outer end of the metal track, a small lip in the track will catch the wheels before the drawer rolls completely out of the unit. In order to completely remove the drawer from the unit the wheels need to be lifted up and over the lip.

Discovery World Furniture Drawer Glide          European Drawer Glide          Dresser Drawer Glide


All of our kids bedroom furniture and matched home accessories ship from our warehouse location in Orlando, Florida. We take great pride in the products we sell, and in the packing we use to ship them to you, in order to ensure that the furniture piece you receive looks beautiful and perfect in your kids bedroom.