College Furniture Stores

Purchasing furniture for college requires you to balance the functional needs and constraints of the environment, against concerns about durability, comfort, and style. At KFS Stores we have a number of full over full bunk beds, loft beds, and full sized captain beds that are perfect for dorms, lofts, and apartments with limited floor space. These functional pieces are sophisticated enough to satisfy young adult standards, while having the strength and quality to handle youthful exuberance.

Many college dorms are equipped with bunk beds in order to maximize the limited space that is being offered to incoming students. Generally these should be full sized, to provide plenty of sleeping room for young adults of any size. They should also have an attractive, but subtle look, that allows many different occupants to create their own style around these central pieces.

College Furnishings

Discovery World Furniture Honey Full over Full Bunk Bed 2115

In the KFS college furniture store we have a wide variety of full over full bunk bed and loft bed options that are perfect for dorm rooms. These pieces are made from solid wood, and are available in a number of lovely lacquer hues which will easily blend in with almost any decorative environment. They are also extremely strong, with real metal on metal connectors holding them together, allowing them to actually exceed the ASTM’s standards for safety.

In addition to bunks, the KFS Furniture Store also offers a wide selection of captain beds, which can be the perfect choice for small loft and first time apartment settings. These functional pieces feature multiple storage drawers, which are built directly into the frame of the structure, allowing you to make organizational use of otherwise wasted space. In some cases that can completely eliminate the need for a dresser in the room.

College furniture

Donco Cappuccino Full Captains Bed with Trundle and Drawers 303FCP

All of the solid wood college living furniture pieces that we offer can be matched to a wide variety of complimentary hued accessories and furnishings. These include dressers, chests, mirrors, desks and chairs, all built from the same materials, and stained to the same colors as those used in our bunk and captain beds. That makes it easy to completely outfit a dorm or first apartment without having to mix and match a number of disparate pieces from different stores.

We are happy to offer bulk wholesale pricing to colleges and universities looking to purchase large numbers of bunk beds, or matched accessories. Depending on the size of your order we can offer significant discounts off of our already low prices. For more information about our wholesale college furniture program, contact us to speak with a representative.

Kids Decor For Bedrooms

When decorating a child’s room you have the ability to stretch the mundane shackles of normative style, and tip toe into flights of fancy, creating whimsical designs and explosive aesthetic features in order to develop an environment that will help them grow into young adults. Finding the right kids decor for bedrooms is a process of understanding the child’s personality, and then matching their aspirations and inclinations to inspirational pieces that will encourage them to reach their full potential.

Kids Home Decor

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Twin Espresso Staircase Bunk Beds 2914

When decorating any space you need to start with the larger pieces in order to give the room structure, and then work your way down to smaller, more personalized effects. In a child’s bedroom the main furniture item is going to be the bed, which will shape the layout of the rest of the space. Some fun options for kids include novelty pieces such as bunk beds, or captains beds, which can add both function and form to the environment.

Some of the best kids decor pieces for bedrooms are wall accents and decorative features. Stencils allow you to create beautiful, personalized patterns and images that can trail the lines in the room. More elaborate murals can also be attempted, but only by those with an artistic talent. Another option is to create a continuously shifting wall of images, by using chalkboard paint in discrete areas, or trailing it beneath a line of wainscotting to let your children create their own decor.

One fun way to make a kids bedroom interactive is to incorporate their favorite toys into the design. If they like soldiers then you can align their ranks in front of construction paper tanks, or have cardboard helicopters hanging from the sky with kite string. If they prefer their stuffed plush friends then you can create a tea party space where the bears and bunnies can engage in a perpetual celebration. This will help to inspire their imaginations and get them to think creatively.

Kids love personalized decor, and featuring their art work, and papers with good grades throughout the environment can reinforce positive self esteem. Cork board can be purchased in tiles or strips which are self adhesive backed, creating an easy pin place for display anywhere you like along walls and furniture pieces. Child friendly frames and digital albums can also be purchased for walls and furniture tops, to display a constantly updated stream of drawings.

kids bedroom decor ideas

Discovery World Furniture Twin Doll House Loft Beds with Stairs 0300

Many kids bedroom decorating endeavors employ a theme in order to draw different elements together. This can help to turn the space into a living story, that is constantly being retold in the child’s mind. A dollhouse bunk bed can be the centerpiece of a giant toy decor. There are also a number of educationally beneficial topics such as outer space, animals, underwater adventures, and famous literary subjects which can be followed, in order to encourage learning and exploration.

The important thing is to try and match the environment that you are creating to the particular personality of the child that will be living there. Professionals should conduct a brief interview in order to get an idea of his or her interests before starting to make plans. If it’s your own kids bedroom then you can use this opportunity to get to know more about them.

Are Bunk Beds Safe?

The question of whether bunk beds are safe for kids is a complex issue, that involves a number of factors. This includes the type of bed, the quality of its manufacture, the way the child uses it, the position of the piece, and the amount of instruction given before one is purchased. While some injuries do occur while using these pieces each year, most of those are due to shoddy craftsmanship and improper horse play with an item that is meant primarily to be a sleeping surface.

Ensuring the strength and durability of a bunk bed is the most important thing that a parent can do to protect their child from injuries and accidents. You need to purchase from a reputable retailer offering pieces manufactured by a quality design and production company. At KFS Stores all of our bunk beds are built with real metal on metal connectors, using solid wood materials, to ensure the greatest strength possible. This allows our products to exceed the ASTM’s requirements for loft safety.

Another vital factor when purchasing a bunk bed is the tensile strength of the rail that will hold the child in place on the upper surface. If possible, this should be a reinforced rod, that is solid, sturdy, and embedded strong within the frame of the overall piece. That can help to prevent falls while sleeping.

Staircase Bunk Safety

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Merlot Staircase Bunk Bed 2814FULL

You should also consider the difference between stair case and ladder bunk beds. With steps, your children will have a much safer, easier way to ascend and descend from the top bunk when desired. A ladder is a little more precarious for younger kids, although if sturdy and strong enough should be acceptable for normal use.

The basic positioning of a bunk bed can affect its level of safety. In general you want to try and position these pieces in the corner of a room, so that there are two full walls surrounding it. Those will act as barriers, shielding the child from falling, while giving them a surface other than the bed rail to lean against when sitting up and watching television or reading.

Education is another vital factor when it comes to kids bunk bed safety. Before you even purchase the piece you have to be sure that the children are mature enough to handle the responsibility of a raised bedding solution. Talk to them about it, and impress the importance of safety when climbing and ascending from the bunk. Make it clear that they should never just jump down, and enforce strict rules against horse play.

Bunk beds can be safe, if you purchase them from a quality retailer such as KFS Stores, which features a lovely collection of durable Discovery World Furniture pieces. You also have to reinforce bunk safety education, while taking precautions against horseplay, and accidents.

Spring Furniture Sale

The end of winter is a time when many people undergo a process known as spring cleaning. This involves airing out a home and performing basic maintenance such as removing stains, washing surfaces, and organizing. It also often includes redecorating, with new functional and aesthetic pieces being brought in to help change the feel and use of an environment. With our KFS Stores Spring Furniture Sale you can find a variety of bedroom, kids room, and guest room furnishings at low prices, to help revitalize the energy of your spaces.

Bunk Bed Sale

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Twin Honey Mission Staircase Bunk Beds with Desk, Hutch, Chair, and Bookcase 2114 – 2167 – 2167H – 2175 – 2186

One of the great things about our line of furniture is that it has a quality, and sophistication that makes it perfect for people of any age. Our stylish solid wood and metal furnishings can be a great choice for the room of a child who is transitioning into his or her teenage years. Many of our bunk beds and captain beds also have storage options built directly into their frame, adding to the inherent functionality of any space where they are used.

Our line of quality crafted bunk beds are some of our most popular spring furniture sale items. These consist of solid wood products that are lacquered with an enhancing color finish, to create pieces that are strong, reliable, and inherently space saving. With built in drawer and trundle options, they can completely transform the way you use a space. We also offer a sleek line of black and silver metal bunks for a more modern, reductionist style.

Furniture Sale

Discovery World Furniture Espresso Twin Captain Day Beds 2922

We have included several of our premium espresso products at discounted prices for our spring furniture sale. This includes captain beds, day beds, loft beds, dressers, chests, and matched accessories, all made from solid wood materials that have been carefully coated in a rich, smoky layer of protective finish. These are high end pieces that can elevate the look and feel of any environment.

There are a number of bundled sets which are also available in our spring furniture sale as well. These consist of matched items, all made from the same solid wood, and finished with the same lacquer color, to create integrated collections that can completely outfit a space with everything it needs to function. The best part is that the individual items are already discounted, which means that at sale prices they become very affordable for nearly any budget.

Matched Furniture Sale

Discovery World Furniture Merlot Twin Captain Bed with Desk, Hutch, Chair, and 5 drawer chest 2820-2867-2867H-2875-2855

While our everyday prices are hard to beat, this annual spring furniture sale has reduced them even further, to nearly impossible levels. As such these deals can’t last so you have to act fast in order to take advantage of the savings. Just click over to the KFS Store sales page to start shopping for a wide variety of bunk beds, captain beds, loft beds, and matched furnishings that are great for kids rooms, as well as any other space in the home.

Merlot Colored Furniture

The collection of merlot colored furniture that we have available at KFSStores represents one of our most distinguished lines of kids bedroom products. These are solid wood pieces that are designed to be durable, safe, and efficient, saving space while also adding a sense of style and decorative interest to a area. At the same time we have a number of beds, bunk beds, and complimentary accessories available in the merlot finish, allowing you to match various products to create an integrated look.

Merlot Loft Beds

Discovery World Furniture Merlot Full over Full Bunk Beds 2815

Our line of merlot colored bunk beds are attractive, durable pieces, that are great for shared children’s bedrooms. Available in twin over twin, twin over full, and full over full sizes, these eye catching furnishings are dominant visual structures that stand out in a room, giving the environment a tone against which all other colors and accessories can be matched. Many of these products also come with optional under frame storage or pull out trundle options that make them even more functional.

The merlot lacquer that we apply to the solid wood surface of our products helps to enhance the natural look of the wood, causing a bloom of color to erupt along the features of the material’s surface. At the same time it helps to protect these pieces from long term damage, acting as a coat of protection against stains, dings, scratches, and dents that can occur during rough play.

Merlot Colored Captains Bed

Discovery World Furniture Merlot Full Captain Day Beds 2823

We also have a lovely selection of merlot colored captains beds and day beds. These are versatile furniture pieces that feature a number of storage drawers which are built right into the frame of the structure itself. That allows you to reduce, or even eliminate the need for freestanding dressers, chests, and shelving. Great for children’s bedrooms, these beds are also useful accessories in play rooms, guest bedrooms, and studies.

All of our merlot colored beds can also be matched to a variety of merlot colored furniture pieces. This includes products such as desks, chairs, dressers, mirrors, night stands, and chests. These pieces are all crafted from the same solid pine wood, and are graced with a lovely, cherry kissed lacquer, that creates a sense of flushing warmth mixed with stately dignity. That allows you to mix and match different products to create the exact decorative environment that you want.

Merlot Colored Accessories

Discovery World Furniture Merlot Desk with Hutch 2867-2867H

Another option is to purchase one of our merlot colored furniture sets. These consist of a series of products, all matched in finish, bundled into a functional option that can completely outfit a room. They all include either a bunk bed or a captains bed, as well as several functional accessories that can complete the organizational needs of the environment. At the same time these are offered at reduced overall prices which can save you a lot of money, while making shopping for kids furniture easier than ever before.


Pictures Of Loft Beds

The best way to find the perfect bed for a child’s room is to look at pictures of a number of different options. That will give you an idea of what is available. At the same time it will allow you to creatively visualize what different models will look like in the space where they are being used. For this reason we are presenting a variety of loft bed pictures for your edification. The best way to use these is as a guide, to help you purchase the perfect furniture piece for the space where it will be utilized.

Pictures of loft beds

Discovery World Furniture Twin All In One Espresso Loft Bed 2903

This all in one loft bed is a complete furniture solution for tiny cramped spaces. It features a raised sleeping surface to free up room underneath, as well as a built in desk, and numerous storage options. The perfect solution for young students and crafters looking for more space to play their passions.


Pictures Of Loft Beds

Discovery World Furniture Twin Doll House Loft Beds 0301

This is a fun and whimsical loft bed option, that has been painted to look like a living doll house. The raised surface sits at the top of the structure, while below there is a hollow that can be used for a second mattress, storage, or even as a secret club house play area. This is a great way to inspire creativity and imagination in your children, while also saving space in cramped rooms.


wooden loft beds

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Desk Merlot Convertible Bunk Bed 2816 DESK

This is an elegant solution for children and student forced to handle small, cramped living quarters. It features a raised loft bed design, with a spacious area underneath for placing a desk, a dresser, or even a second bedding area if necessary. A great choice for dorms and first apartments, or any living area that is limited in space and storage options.


Loft Bed Pictures

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Honey Loft Bunk Beds 2105

Our twin over full loft beds are a great choice when you have kids of two different ages sharing a bedroom. The cozier twin bedding is great for younger siblings, while the larger bottom loft will help make an older child or teen feel special while giving them their own unique space.


Metal Loft Bed Pictures

Donco Silver Metal Bunk Beds with Desk and Stairs 4504-5-Silver

This is a sleek and sophisticated loft bed look, featuring a silver powder coat that is durable, yet elegant, making it appropriate for a variety of children’s, teen, and young adult locations.


Loft Bed Pictures

White Tent Bunk Bed with Slide 750TW

Our white tent loft beds with an attached slide are wonderful pieces of play furniture, that allow your kids to create an endless array of imaginative scenarios using the secret under bunk area, the raised bedding platform, and the active slide that can bring them speedily down back to the ground.

Presidents Day Furniture Sale

Presidents Day is here, and to celebrate our founding fathers KFS Stores is having a massive furniture sale, with great discounts on a variety of loft beds, bunk beds, captain beds, day beds, and matched furnishings. These are all high quality kids room products which are crafted with care, and made to last for years to come. Now with this huge sale our collection of already low priced products are even more accessible, making it easy for you to outfit your child’s room with style, class, and sophistication, without breaking the bank.

Presidents Day Sale

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Espresso Staircase Bunk Beds 2914 Full

This year our Presidents Day furniture sale is putting the spotlight on our great collection of kids bunk beds. This includes a variety of twin over twin, full over full, and even twin over full models to match the specific needs of your home. Many of these products are built using solid wood construction, that has a timeless quality which will mature with your child over time. We also have some great novelty painted MDF beds, that are designed to look like doll houses, or secret forts.

While the prices on our products are low and discounted for this Presidents Day sale, that doesn’t mean that we skimp on quality. All of our bunk beds, loft beds, and furniture pieces are designed to have a style and sophistication that is eye catching in its elegance. They are also manufactured to be extremely durable, with metal on metal connectors, and the highest quality materials employed in their construction.

Bunk Bed Sales

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Desk Honey Convertible Bunk Bed with chair, bookcase, double dresser, & Mirror 2116 Desk – 2150-2151-2175-2186

Another line that we are spotlighting in our Presidents Day furniture sale is our selection of children’s loft beds. These are comprised of solid wood, or metal designs, that are built to save space by elevating the sleeping area up off the ground. Some take advantage of this by placing a second mattress frame underneath, while others leave the area open for a desk, storage, or anything else that might be desired.

All of the solid wood bunk beds and loft beds that we are offering in our Presidents Day sale are finished with a lovely coloring agent that enhances the material surface while also giving it a coat of protection against damage. These pieces can also be matched with a variety of furniture products including desks, chairs, storage units, dressers, and mirrors, to completely outfit a kids bedroom with an integrated color look.

Furniture Sale

Twin Race Car Bed 004R

One of the most exciting items that we have discounted for our giant Presidents Day furniture sale are these fun and whimsical race car beds. Made from solid MDF and painted with loving care, these pieces are perfect for inspiring the imagination of your kids, and can help to actually make them enthusiastic about bed time. Right now the prices are slashed on these and many more items, but the savings won’t last, so zip over to our store catalog and take advantage before the sale ends!

Decorating a Tween Girls Room

It can be particularly challenging to decorate a tween girls bedroom. This age is a transition point that marks the uncertain flux between childhood, and the more adult state of being a teenager. That means that the child will be a mixture of complex developmental processes, that can change over time. Trying to create a space that accommodates them will require you to match their personality, choosing elements and colors that flow with the unique nature of who they are as a person. That will help to give them a greater sense of identity, which can be important in such uncertain times.

Tween Room Decorating

Discovery World Furniture Merlot Day Beds 2835

When choosing furnishings and accessories for a tween girls bedroom, you want to try and find items that have a timeless quality to them. At that age kids will often change their minds and their whole world view on a day to day basis. By selecting beds, furniture, and other pieces which work for both young, and older kids, you can avoid having them go obsolete. Often solid wood products are a good choice for this as they tend to work in almost any style or decorative setting.

You generally want to avoid childish themes when decorating a tweens room. A bright pink princess style may be desirable to them, but as they grow older and more mature it can end up being an embarrassment as they start making more complex forays into social interactions. Worse, it has the potential to stunt their psychological development, wrapping them in a swaddle of youthful expression that can hold them back from reaching their full potential.

At the same time, every tween girl is different, and it is important to choose decorative elements that match their distinct personality. The easiest way to do that is to get their feedback, and possibly even their help in the endeavor. Talk to them, brainstorm, plan, and come up with ideas that help to mark their individuality, supporting the burgeoning personality that they are developing. This can also be a great bonding experience where you get to learn a lot more about your daughter.

Tween Girls Decorating

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Twin Merlot Staircase Bunk Beds 2814

If you have a tween girl who has to share her room with a sibling, then you will have to balance the needs of the two kids against one another. One thing you can do to save floor space, while also giving each child their own distinct area is to make use of bunk beds. These dimensional pieces of furniture elevate one sleeping surface over the other. That allows the bottom bunk to be a separate, almost private space, that can even be walled off with hanging cloth. The top is also a semi private area, like a tower rising into the sky above everything.

One thing that is important when decorating a tween girls bedroom is to leave at least one big open space for them. This can be used for play, crafting, reading, or just hanging out with friends and family. You can wall the area off with chairs, or delineate it through the use of a central rug. It’s an important aspect of the room because it gives them a place of potential, which they can then use for any activity they like, even if their favorite past times change as they get older.

Children’s Loft Beds With Slide

Do you remember when you were a kid and everything was an exhilarating adventure filled with magic and fun? These children’s loft beds with an attached slide make use of that unchained imagination, acting both as functional sleeping surfaces, and as interactive toys that can actually be played with. At the same time they can also help to stimulate a child’s creativity, giving them the tools to create their own stories and worlds.

These children’s loft beds feature a raised sleeping surface design that elevates the mattress, leaving room beneath for play and fun. This is enhanced by the attached, custom color slide on tent, that turns the under area into a magical world where anything is possible. Using just a little bit of creativity this space can become a secret clubhouse, a spaceship, a submarine diving to the depths of the ocean, or the hold of a great towering castle.

loft beds for kids

White Tent Bunk Bed with Slide 750TW

Another use for the under tent area is as a second sleeping surface. While there isn’t a place for a bed built there, a sleeping bag can be rolled out when guests want to stay for the evening, giving them their own little room within your child’s room. It’s also possible to embed a second mattress or even a whole frame into that area for a more permanent solution.

These features are complemented by an attached slide, that makes for a fun descent from the top bunk down to the ground. That can help your children to start the morning off right, whooshing from their sleeping area in a flash of speed that will invigorate them with energy for the rest of the day. A sturdy ladder then aids their ascent back to their post each evening for bed.

Kids Loft Beds

Discovery World Furniture Twin Doll House Loft Beds 0301

Built using solid MDF materials, and metal on metal connectors, these children’s loft beds are sturdy, durable, and reliable, even after years of use. The white paint slide and rail are designed to resist fading, and the entire structure is constructed with quality, precision, and care, to ensure that these are the safest pieces of children’s bedroom furniture available anywhere.

When you purchase these loft beds with slide attached, you get to choose the custom color of the tent that you will receive. It can be pink, red, blue, camo or polka dot, letting you match the piece to the decor of the space. Another decorative idea is to combine this product with our twin dollhouse loft beds, to create a shared children’s room that is filled with magic. At the same time each kid will have their own special space to call their own.

Winter Time Decoration Ideas

The winter is a time of cold and chill, that can bring the hardship of unpleasant weather knocking at your door. However you can use some basic decorating techniques to insulate your home against these icy forces, creating a comfy cove of cozy warmth that will protect your family through the depths of the winter season. At the same time this is a holiday season, which also gives you a wealth of decorating options that you can employ.

winter decorating ideas

Spectrum SM100 Nickel Rug SM100NI

The first thing that you should do is directly work to combat the cold that will assail your home through the winter. This can be done by filling the space with warm items, blankets, pillows, and fuzzy rugs, that will affect both the look, and the tactile feel of the environment. These will also help to actually insulate the space, while providing your family with an innate sense of comfort that will offset the icy winds beyond your walls.

The holidays can also provide you with a wealth of winter time decoration ideas. Aside from the obvious, you can also dress up mundane furniture pieces with construction paper so they look like presents, or string Christmas lights across the ceiling and down the walls of a child’s bedroom. This can then transition into a more traditional winter time look after the holidays are over.

It gets dark earlier in the winter, making illumination especially important. If you have windows make sure they are uncovered throughout the day to draw in as much natural sunlight as possible, for both warmth and visual benefits. This can be increased through the clever use of mirrors in strategic places. At night there should be plenty of lamps and illumination sources in each room to make the environment feel warm and comfy.

winter time decorating

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Merlot Mission Bunk Beds 2818

When choosing colors, make use of warm tones such as reds, golds, ambers, and oranges. These can be spread through the space in wall art, decorative pieces, and coverings for furniture such as blankets and slipcovers. For the most part white should be avoided, though it can be employed in small, dramatic gestures and elements to make a matched look to the snowy environment outdoors.

One decorating idea for making a room feel cozier is to arrange furniture in small, intimate nooks. If you have a fire place then pull pieces in from around the room to center on that element. You can also create conversation coves by arranging seating pieces close in a circle, or carve a reading nook out of an unused corner of a room. This gives each space greater function, while also creating a sense of comfort throughout.